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Former Moldovan Prime Minister Maia Sandu sat down with Transitions a few weeks before her government collapsed – a big blow to reformers not only at home but across the region.
Amintim că, luni, Procuratura Generală a anunțat că procurorul-șef al PA, Viorel Morari, va fi delegat pe termen de o lună la PG, iar procurorul-șef interimar al PCCOCS, Dorin Compan, va reveni în funcția sa de procuror în Procuratura Anticorupție. Totodată, procurorul general, Alexandr Stoianoglo, a dispus efectuarea de către...
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The investments of the Austrian company Gebauer & ...
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Corruption in public institutions is a negative phenomenon that is still encountered by a lot of civil servants and officials in power in the Republic of Moldova. According to a survey conducted by Transparency International – Moldova, a quarter (24.6%) of civil servants who work in public institutions and answered the survey consider that their workplace is […]
Twenty two fine arts works to complete collection of Moldova's National Art Museum
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Moldovan government approves its Action Plan for 2020-2023
Moldovan PM chairs meeting of Commission for European Integration
The persons with disabilities meet with difficulties in finding employment. According to statistics, the employment rate among persons with disabilities in 2018 was of only 26%. In a news conference at IPN, Ion Ciubotărică, programs director at the Center for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, said the National Employment Strategy is implemented at a slow pace in the case of person
A financial arrangement to the value of US$50 million that will enable to purchase natural gas for supplying Moldova with natural gas if need be was signed by Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the EBRD Managing Director for Eastern Europe and Caucasus Matteo Patrone on December 11, IPN reports.Premier Chicu told a news conference that the commitment was signed in the eventuality that the su
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Top European bank to provide Moldova with 50 million dollars in emergency situation as to gas supply
FinComBank announced the beginning of the 2nd month ...
Italian investor Carlo Arturo Garuzzo, specializing ...
The investments of the Austrian company Gebauer & ...
The NBM reduced the base rate applicable to the main ...
Czech Republic, Moldova to boost bilateral cooperation
Most of the medial institutions remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities. The authorities didn’t approve a rehabilitation program for these and the number of persons who benefit from rehabilitation and spa treatment is low. Consequently, there are no preconditions for reducing the number of persons with severe disabilities, says a monitoring report on the implementation of
  The member of the Supervisory Board (SB) of Teleradio-Moldova Larisa Calugaru believes that the current SB president Nicolae Spataru and secretary of this monitoring structure Tatiana Munteanu, should resign because they do several jobs simultaneously. On the other hand, both Spataru and Munteanu claim that they fulfill the second job at Teleradio-Moldova and they do not violate the law, because they do not hold public dignity positions.
Euro, U.S. dollar to cheapen against Moldovan leu
First performance of play by William Shakespeare to be staged at Chisinau-based national theatre
Twenty children from south-eastern Moldova district hospitalized after intoxication with tear spray
Moldovan cabinet approves new appointments, dismissals
Italian investor set to extend business in Moldova
Moldovan truckers organized a protest rally in front ...
In Moldova, sales in the fixed broadband Internet access ...
Belarus is ready to provide preferential loans to Moldova ...
The Czech investor group, which had previously acquired ...
Moldova will be represented at two events at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Switzerland’s Lausanne during January 9-22, 2020, IPN reports.The five athletes who will represent Moldova are: Antonia Cebotari, Victor Sendrea (both biathlon), Aliona Busuioc, Adriana Adam and Marius Goncear (all sledding). The vice president of the National Olympic and Spor
The people could anonymously and safety report abuses and wrongdoings committed by the authorities or witnessed in society on the website The platform was launched by the public association “Jurists for Human Rights“ on December 11, IPN reports.According to project coordinator Olga Cebanu, through the agency of the platform the senders can choose the addressee fr
The chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of Road Transport Operators Oleg Alexa said the carriers are ready to improve the travel conditions for passengers if they are assured that their investments will be refunded. Making statements for the press amid the protest staged by interurban route drivers, Oleg Alexa said some of the villages remained today without public transpo
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