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În capitala SUA au loc manifestații împotriva președintelui ales Donald Trump. După ceremonia de inaugurare, la Washington, au continuat dezordinile în masă și confruntările dintre protestatari și polițiști.
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MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS of January 16-22, 2017 in retrospect
Official exchange rate for date 23.01.2017
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  FĂRĂ SUFLARE, PE MARGINEA DRUMULUI   Cadavrul unei tinere de 20 de ani a fost gasit intr-un
-On January 17th, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, met Russia President Vladimir Putin to discuss the Moldo-Russian relations. The Presidents reportedly talked on the Transnistrian conflict settlement, returning the Moldovan goods on the Russian market, situation of Moldovan working migrants in Russia, economic and commercial cooperation, but also that in the humanitarian and […] The post Moldova Weekly News Digest, 22 January 2017 appeared first on
După doi ani de muncă, echipa franceză de documentariști condusă de DEIMIAN a finalizat și lansat un film care, cu siguranță, va ajunge pe marile posturi internaționale de televiziune. Numit CELĂLALT PĂMÂNT AL ZEILOR, filmul dedică o oră și patruzeci de minute istoriei de pe meleagurile noastre, de la cultura...
The European Union will not accept a discussion in trilateral format- Moldova, EU and Russia- on the Association Agreement signed with the Republic of Moldova. The question regards only Chișinău and Brussels, says a response of the EU Delegation to Moldova to MoldNova. The statement of the EU delegation comes in the context of President […] The post EU will not accept trilateral discussion Chișinău-Brussels-Moscow on Association Agreement appeared first on
  CLUB DEVASTAT DE FLĂCĂRI   Un club de lux din Bucuresti a ars in totalitate in zori.
On January 17th, the leader of the so-called Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic, Vadim Krasnoselsky, ordered to fulfill his electoral promise to make the natural gas free for socially vulnerable groups of the breakaway Transnistria. Thus, veterans, defenders of Transnistria, distinct workers and pensioners will receive a quota of 1000 cubic meters of natural gas during the heating […] The post Pensioners and war veterans to receive free natural gas in Transnistria appeared first on
Prime Minister Pavel Filip addressed a message to farmers and growers in Moldova, at the beginning of today meeting of the Government.   The chief of the Cabinet stressed that the government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry were always open for dialogue in order to overcome existing problems, including the losses caused by frosts in 2016. "Year 2016 was not an easy year for farmers, but it was not easy for any government. We were in a position not only to pay 2016 subsidies in agriculture, but also to pay arrears in 2014 and 2015. We managed these difficult budgetary conditions, because we had a very constructive dialogue with farmers' associations," said the prime minister.   At the same time, the prime minister gave assurances that the government would fulfill the undertaken liabilities and approve in the near future the Regulation on granting financial support to farmers who had suffered from natural disasters in 2016.   "It is regrettable that some representatives of farmers who are concurrently and leaders of opposition political parties, trying to mislead the farmers in our country and to use them in their political games. I know you to know from the first source that the Government wants to support you and we will do our best the farmers to reach our support as soon as possible," said Pavel Filip.
The Cabinet of Ministers approved today the draft law of informing consumers on food products. The document enhances measures to protect consumers’ health and ensure respect for their rights.   According to the document, any food product, for individual consumers or catering establishments must necessarily be accompanied by information on product name, list of ingredients used, net quantity of its use by date, special storage conditions. The data should be indicated on the packaging and be easily visible.   At the same time, the document includes a list of food products that can cause allergies and list of goods which contain added specific ingredients. The market control on compliance of food labeling will be provided by the National Agency for Food Safety, and the new provisions will empower operators to ensure the quality of sold food goods. The document will be examined by Parliament.   Also today, the government approved a decision on the implementation of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed at the national scale. The measure provides immediate detection of direct or indirect risks to human health caused by food or feed.   According to new provisions, the authorities will ensure operative exchange of information on the risks identified and measures taken to combat them.   The Rapid Alert System will be managed by the National Agency for Food Safety, with the participation of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Customs Service and the Consumer Protection Agency.
Efficient implementation of the governmental reforms in Moldova and monitoring the progress recorded by the authorities to this end will be ensured by the Centre for Reforms’ Implementation. The cabinet of ministers today approved the setting up of the new public institution.         The Centre’s task is to ensure an efficient and coordinated implementation of reforms at the government’s level, by creating a modern and efficient administration system. At the same time, the new entity will assess the degree of reforms’ implementation by the public authorities, and if necessary, will intervene with systemic approaches to overcome problems emerged.      Also, the Centre for Reforms’ Implementation will cooperate with competent international institutions, in order to take over and transpose in Moldova the best practices of administration and attraction of foreign assistance. Such entities have been created in more countries, including Romania, Ukraine, Albania, Serbia, Indonesia and Malaysia.       The financial means needed for the Centre’s work will be earmarked from subsidies of the state budget and assistance provided by donor institutions. At the same time, financial resources for elaboration and implementation of reforms are seen in the 2017 state budget.      The new institution was set up to ensure a better implementation of the goals of the Moldovan government’s action programme for 2016-2018 and the strategy on public administration reform for 2016-2020.   
The Cabinet of Ministers approved at the meeting today, a number of decisions on increasing social payments for employees of education.   As such, single allowances payable to teachers in the first three years of activity increases by 50 per cent and for graduates of higher education institutions will be 45,000 lei, while for specialized education graduates 36,000 lei. The increase will benefit 1,299 young specialists.   There were also increased the unique benefits for young specialists for compensation of rental housing and consumption of heat and electricity. For that purpose, the State Budget provides 22.8 million lei for 2017.   Another measure to support young people to work in the educational field provides that the monthly salary of teachers in general education public institutions in the first three years, will establish the basis for calculation having 75 per cent of their teaching to the official salary. For this current year, it will be allocated over 18.3 million lei.   Also, the government approved a series of amendments to the Regulation on the organization of Republican Contest "Pedagogul anului" (The teacher of the year), which aims to stimulate the professional performance obtained by teachers within the academic year. According to the amendments, for the first prize, it will be awarded 50 thousand lei, for the second prize – 25 thousand lei, while those ranked the third position will receive 15 thousand lei.   Another decision which was approved by the Government provided the indexing of scholarships by 5 per cent.   During the meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip ordered the preparation by the Education Ministry and the State Chancellery of a plan with concrete terms of arrears liquidation on drafting regulations for the implementation of the Education Code.   Similarly, the new paying methodology to teachers based on performance, has to be presented for public discussion within one month.   "I should like to remind that it was created the cross-sectoral working group with the participation of trade unions, including those in education, which has the task to come up with a proposal for reform of the wage system quality in the public sector. We propose that this Working Group to develop a new draft law on salaries of civil servants and public sector, to be based on merit and performance," said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip today conveyed a congratulatory message to new President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.   The Prime Minister wished the European official much success in his work. Pavel Filip stressed his confidence that Mr. Tajani’s rich professional experience would significantly contribute to strengthening the key role of the European Parliament in the process of shaping a safe and united Europe.       “We appreciate especially the support provided by the European Parliament in the process of transforming and modernizing Moldova, as well as the institution’s firm stance on recognizing the European prospect of our country. Taking advantage of the occasion, I want to reiterate Moldova’s firm determination to advance in implementing our European integration goal,” reads the message signed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.   
The reform of state supervision of public healthcare system was examined today during a working meeting at government, chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.           The prime minister said that this year had to begin with a number of significant social reforms, including healthcare. There was created a unit for implementation of reforms at last meeting of the government, in order to monitor and conduct them. Among the priorities of the government, it is included the reform of the state supervision of public healthcare system.   At Prime Minister’s demands, the Health Ministry submitted several proposals to reform the domain. According to experts, the reform was necessary in this sector for a long time, since the current system outdated and did not meet the people's needs and international requirements. The essential problems were enumerated, like the following: extremely big structure, duplication of functions with the National Food Security, fragmentation of funds on public health centers, low salaries.   Over the years, there have been several attempts to restructure the public health system, including regionalization of laboratories that can serve as a model for reforming public healthcare centers.   The prime minister pointed out that "in all reforms, it is very important to manifest to people what we want, how the reformed system will look like and how it will operate. Firstly, we should establish the desired pattern and then come up with restructuring and make the necessary investments."   Pavel Filip said that we should not be afraid of radical measures if they bore a positive impact for beneficiaries of the system.   The participants of the discussion were unanimous on the urgent need to reform the public healthcare system focused on prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyles, countering public health risks. The World Health Organization representatives supported the idea of ​​reforming the public healthcare system and said they would support the policy development in that field.   As a result of discussions, Prime Minister Pavel Filip instructed the Health Ministry to acquire all the proposals to reform the system, to expand the circle of participants in consultations and, in short notice, to submit to the government the final concept of state supervision of public healthcare system for approval.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip today conveyed a congratulatory message to the 45th President of the United States of America Donald John Trump on his swearing in office.    The prime minister expressed confidence that his professional experience, as well as the leadership qualities would make sure that the USA remains a world leader. At the same time, Pavel Filip said the Moldovan authorities spoke out for maintaining the bilateral strategic partnership, just as it has occurred in the last 25 years.      “During the friendship between our countries, the United States of America have served as an example of freedom, justice, democracy and international solidarity for many of the Moldovan citizens. These are the values which our citizens, as well as the ruling coalition committed to promote in Moldova as well,” reads the message by the prime minister.   At the same time, Pavel Filip said that Moldova remained a stable and reliable partner of the United States and the Moldovan authorities were focused on the implementation of the reforms for the country’s modernization and development. “We particularly appreciate the support provided by the United States to ensure the country’s territorial integrity and the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. In 2017, we mark the 25 years of the Moldovan-American diplomatic relations and we believe that this is a good occasion to establish new ambitious goals of cooperation for the future,” the message also reads.      Also, the prime minister reiterated Moldova’s openness for continuing the strategic dialogue between the two states, including in order to enhance the commercial and economic ties and diversity the U.S. investments in Moldova, as well as to strengthen the bilateral cultural relations.
The concept of reforming the system of determining disability was examined today at a working meeting at Government, chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.   According to representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, the project was developed based on the survey conducted by the United Nations Development Programme and it is aimed at meeting the needs of people with special needs and adjusting the system to international standards.   The current system of determining disability is obsolete and cumbersome, with a one-sided examination of cases without electronic database of beneficiaries. Similarly, the local centres of establishing disability do not correspond to the minimum requirements: lack of access ramps for people with special needs or wheelchairs. There are no medical experts in determining disability.   In order to change the existing situation, it is required a reform of the foundation of the system, through the implementation of bio-psycho-social model, to ensure adequate service to people with special needs, their specialized consult and, not in the last turn, to provide people with disabilities the possibility to integrate into society and to benefit from social inclusion programs.   Prime Minister Pavel Filip pointed out that so that to establish order in this area and to develop policies for its development needed an urgent mode to implement an Automated data on people who had degree of disability. This electronic platform will contain data about the number of people with special needs, their integration into social life, but will offer them the possibility of on-line programming.   "We need original data to initiate something. Without this clarity, there can not be identified solutions. We must know what we have, which are internal developing resources and where is the greatest need for intervention of the state," said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.   The prime minister asked the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family to speed up the finalization of the Concept of reforming the system of determining disability and to develop an action plan on steps to implement it, so that in March this document to be proposed to the Government.
În capitala SUA au loc manifestații împotriva președintelui ales Donald Trump. După ceremonia de inaugurare, la Washington, au continuat dezordinile în masă și confruntările dintre protestatari și polițiști.
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