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The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) requested the Government and the Commission for Exceptional Situations to oblige stores that sell food products during the state of emergency to exhibit seasonal vegetables and berries on sale by ensuring the presence of at least 50% of national products on shelves, IPN reports.The party’s vice president Alexandru Slu
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The public sector employees resume work next Monday, April 6. According to Prime Minster Ion Chicu, the managers will have to organize work so as to avoid crowdedness in offices and in public transport, IPN reports.Also from next week, the education system employees resume work online. “From next Monday, the public sector employees return to work, but under the previous regime, f
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Eighty six new cases of Coronavirus recorded in Moldova in last 24 hours
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Maternity hospital from north Moldova city cease working
Moldova announced 82 new cases of coronavirus infection and a death within 24 hours, Minister of Health Viorica Dumbrăveanu said in a press briefing on April 2. This is the sixth death since the COVID-19 outbreak began in Moldova. According to her, 332 tests were processed today. Citește mai departe...
Moldova announced 86 new cases of coronavirus infection within 24 hours, Minister of Health Viorica Dumbrăveanu said in a press briefing on April 3.The total number of confirmed cases is 591.   Citește mai departe...
Bill Withers, influentul cântăreț american de soul care a scris melodiile “Lean on Me”, “Ain't No Sunshine” și “Lovely Day” a murit la vârsta de 81 de complicații cardiace, potrivit unei declarații a familiei sale. Citește mai departe...
As of today, April 3, in the Republic of Moldova, 86 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed, of which 79 are with local transmission and seven imported. • Thus, the total balance of infected persons in the Republic of Moldova is 591. The most confirmed cases were in Chisinau municipality - 33, in Stefan Vodă district - 26 and in Falesti - four. In the left-bank districts, four cases of infection were confirmed. Among the confirmed cases are 17 medical workers, seven of whom are from the district hospit...
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Distance education process to be resumed in Moldova as of 6 April
According to Igor Dodon, at present the authorities do not think about the presidential election, now they are worried about a way out of the crisis situation....
The President noted that providing the population with medicines, along with food security, is a vital issue, especially in a pandemic situation. Igor Dodon assured that the country's top leadership would provide all necessary assistance for the uninterrupted supply of medicines for the health system and the population....
The Ombudsman’s Office can be notified of human rights violations committed during the state of emergency that was declared because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. For the purpose, a new section titled “Respect for human rights in conditions of state of emergency. Stakeholders inform. Ombudspersons react” was created on the institution’s website, IPN reports.
The Stefan Voda hospital was quarantined and all coronavirus-infected patients were transferred to Chisinau, Minister of Health Viorica Dumbrăveanu announced on April 3. "The decision to isolate the Stefan Voda hospital was made last night. Citește mai departe...
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MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Igor Munteanu requests Prime Minister Ion Chicu to make public the name of the person who proposed the amendment that “destroys the state budget by tax evasion”. He referred to the amendment that enables to import cigarettes duty free, noting this is tax evasion of millions of lei and this money will fail to
The press in Comrat reported that the local mayor’s office is facing an acute shortage of funds for paying salaries to employees.  According to mayor Sergey Anastasov, such a state of affairs is due to the epidemiological situation and the quarantine measure that led to a serious decline in the amounts collected into the municipal budget.“We will put forward the de
The cases of infection with COVID-19 will rise significantly during the next two-three weeks in the Republic of Moldova. But the spread of the virus can be slowed down if the isolation rules are strictly obeyed. This way the doctors will be offered more time to appropriately manage the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19, IPN reports.“Judging by the experience of the
The state of emergency declared in Moldova in the middle of March and the travel restrictions  led to a halt in the activity of some of the state institution, not yet of the judicial system. According to Minister of Justice Fadei Nagachevski, the justice sector in Moldova continues to work as there are trials that cannot be put off and hearings are yet held, IPN reports.“
A number of filling stations posted lower fuel prices on April 3. A liter of diesel fuel costs by 0.55 lei on average less, while of gasoline by about 0.25 lei less. The price of liquefied petroleum gas was decreased by 0.10 lei a liter. The last time the fuel prices were diminished two weeks ago, IPN reports.A liter of diesel fuel costs 14.24 lei, as against 14.79 lei earlier. The
Moldovan president meets heads of pharmaceutical companies, importers of medicines
Anyone can report different problems or violations related to the state of emergency instituted owing to the COVID-19 pandemic through as of April 3. The platform was launched by the Promo-LEX Association in a move to contribute to informing society given the problems faced by this, IPN reports.In a press release, the Association says the platform enables to place an ale
National Bank of Moldova rules to diminish compulsory reserves rate to 34 per cent
Organizația DA vă așteaptă cu drag la Campionatul Ice and Fire, care vă ca ajuta să vă dezvoltați...
President Igor Dodon said the authorities are seriously examining the opportunity of stopping grain exports for a period. At the current stage, the grain reserves allow ensuring the food security of the state, IPN reports.“Evidently, we should restrict the export, if not fully, at least partially, until the new harvest. Most of the countries that are large grain exporters did so,
Foreign affairs ministry provides information on future repatriations of Moldovans by air
A female doctor of the Emergency Medical Substation based in Soroca town, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, died on April 3. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection confirmed the death, but said that details about this case will be provided after the meeting of the Single Command Center for managing the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, IPN reports.The local press r
President Igor Dodon said the presidential elections that are to take place this autumn can be postponed if a new state of emergency is declared given that health specialists anticipate that a new wave of infections with the novel coronavirus can be experienced in autumn, IPN reports.“First of all, we do not think about elections now. I believe our opponents that consider they ar
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A doctor working at the Emergency Medical Substation in Soroca, who tested positive for Covid-19, has died today, writes, the whole life of this 65-year-old woman was devoted to this field.She was the first coronavirus-infected victim in Soroca. Citește mai departe...
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