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An event to remember the victims of the tragic events of January 20, 1990 was held on January 21, organized by the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Moldova. The participants observed a moment’s silence in memory of over 140 citizens of Azerbaijan who lost their lives that day, IPN reports.Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Moldova Gudsi Osmanov said that 30 years ago on the night of Ja
A new hotbed of African swine fever in wild boars was reported in the natural reserve “Domnească Forest” that is situated along the Prut in the western districts of Glodeni and Fălești. Specialists confirmed 35 cases of infection in wild boars found dead.Contacted by IPN for details, Vitalie Carauş, head of the Animal Health and Welfare Division of the National Food Safety
The necessity of adopting the package of laws to harmonize the regional legislation with the national one and the possibility of de-concentrating the national bodies of power at the level of autonomous unit, taking the wishes of this into account, were discussed by the leaders of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, Bashkan Irina Vlah and President of Moldova Igor Dodon in Comrat, I
The President should transmit to Parliament the bill to ratify the Istanbul Convention and the legislature should adopt this. The Republic of Moldova should ratify the Istanbul Convention as this is now the most efficient international instrument for preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, says a study conducted by Doina Dragomir, of the WatchDog.MD communi
The Ministry of the Interior will repeatedly request Interpol to put the former Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc on the wanted list after the U.S. Department of State a week ago publicly designated this, making him ineligible for visas to the U.S., President Igor Dodon announced after the meeting of the Supreme Security Council, IPN reports.“We are following two lines. The first
Informative brochures to contribute to financial education of populationThe citizens will be informed how they can protect themselves from over-indebtedness to banks and nonbank institutions, how the financial system in Moldova works and how they can increase their revenues by own investments. The National Bank of Moldova, together with the National Commission for Financial Markets, l
The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) considers Parliament should adopt the Magnitsky Law as a national security measure. “The Republic of Moldova must adopt the Magnitsky Law to provide one more proof that it has a legitimate Parliament and MPs who serve the law, not offenders,” the party’s vice president Igor Munteanu was quoted by IPN as saying
Members of the parliamentary group of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) called on President Igor Dodon to make the necessary approaches to the Transnistrian administration so that Alexandru Rjavitin is released from detention. In a press conference, the MPs said nothing is known about the young man for over a month, since his disappearance was reported, IPN reports.According to MP
Moldova’s champion Sheriff Tiraspol has already transferred seven foreign players this winter, IPN reports.These are: Nigerian fullback Faith Obilor (28), halfback Alec Mudimu from Zimbabwe (24), Columbian halfback William Parra Sinisterra (24), Swiss halfback Max Veloso (27), Finish halfback Sebastian Dalstrom (23), Liberian striker Peter Wilson (23) and Columbian striker Frank
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The Avia Invest Company that manages the Chisinau International Airport, in accordance with the contractual obligations, was to make investments of €160 million by the end of 2019. However, it so far invested only €94 million, €59 million of which is the proceeds deriving from the tax of €9 paid by passengers. According to the authorities, the non-fulfillment of the
Prime Minister Ion Chicu made a call for active and constructive participation in the process of discussing and finalizing the draft law on the justice sector reform. “We invite the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary political parties, representatives of civil society and professionals from the justice sector, all those interested, to take part in this process and to provide the
The annulment of the extradition of convicted businessman Veaceslav Platon and his transfer to Ukraine could be the goal of the inspections carried out by the Prosecutor General’s Office at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, considers former vice director of the National Anticorruption Center Cristin
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said Avia Invest Company that manages the Chisinau International Airport gives reasons for the concession contract to be terminated. The data concerning the investments made by the company are now analyzed and the process of ending the contract could be initiated in a month, IPN reports.“The concession contract signed in 2013 offers the state minimal chan
The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” suggested Mihai Druță as a candidate for MP in single-member constituency No. 38, but hasn’t yet decided to field him officially given that Ion Druță said he will accept run only if he is supported by a number of European and national forces, PPPDA vice president Alexandru Slusari posted on Facebook.“The news that Mihai Dru
Japan’s Ambassador in Chisinau Masanobu Yoshii was awarded the Order of Honor of the Republic of Moldova by President Igor Dodon, who said that owing to the ambassador’s contribution, Japan became the third largest assistance partner after the EU and the U.S., IPN reports, quoting a Facebook posting.President Dodon said that owing to the activity of Masanobu Yoshii, there
IPN flow synopsis for January 20, 2020Lyrical mantras from “technocrats”“The relations between Moldova and Romania do not depend on the choices made on the banks of the Dâmbovița and Bâc Rivers,” stated Premier Ion Chicu, speaking about the friendship relations between Moldova and Romania. He noted he thinks that those who use the subject of the bilateral rela
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Viorel Morari remains under arrestThe suspended chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morari remains in remand detention. The Chisinau City Appeals Court on January 20 rejected the lawyers’ request to release Morari. The information was confirmed for IPN by Viorel Morari’s lawyer Vasile Foltea.Also today, the Chisinau City Appeals Court rejected the
Vitalie Balinski, the Shor Party’s candidate for MP in single-member constituency No. 38, Hâncești, where new parliamentary elections will take place on March 15, said that he is ready to become the personal MP of each inhabitant of Hâncești. In a news conference, he announced that the Electoral Council of the Hânceșt Electoral District registered the initiative group that is to c
The parliamentary group of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) requested to immediately convene an extraordinary session of Parliament so as to formally question Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Anatol Usatyi and the managers of the National Agency for Energy Regulation and the Competition Council, IPN reports.In a press briefing, Deputy Parliament Speaker
The inspections carried out at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office during a month revealed serious violations committed by a number of prosecutors. According to Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, the ascertained facts can be classed as disciplinary deviations and will be examined as part of disciplinary
A group for monitoring the fuel prices will be set up under the auspices of the Deputy Prime Minister Sergiu Pușcuța, Minister of Finance. This will supervise the prices, but will also analyze the reasons on which the prices are based, Prime Minister Ion Chicu was quoted by IPN as saying in a news conference.The official said the fuel prices were anticipated to rise at the start of the
Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban demanded that Rodica Guțu should voluntarily resign as head of the General Division of Education, Youth and Sport given the multiple violations identified at the Division, of which the law enforcement agencies will be notified, IPN reports.Ion Ceban said Rodica Guțu took sick leave when she learned that her work was under examination. There is information th
The trial regime applied on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border for motor vehicles registered in the Transnistrian region was suspended on January 20, IPN has learned from the Reintegration Policies Bureau.In a press release, the Bureau said the data collected by the competent bodies during the past ten days will be analyzed to determine the demand for trips to Ukraine and for neutral-desig
“Will Igor Dodon manage again to gain the Gagauz voters’ confidence? Currently, Gagauzia is ready to accept guarantees, not promises. It will not put the cart before the horse. The region wants to see facts and then to give votes in elections...” ---Ultimatum reviewedOn January 21, President Dodon will make a working visit to the Autonomous Territorial Unit (ATU) o
“The relations between Moldova and Romania do not depend on the choices made on the banks of the Dâmbovița and Bâc Rivers,” Premier Ion Chicu stated in an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service.He spoke about the friendship relations between Moldova and Romania, noting he thinks that those who use the subject of the bilateral relations for selfish electoral goals and
A adolescent aged 14 from the municipality of Orhei was arrested by the police on suspicion that he murdered a 12-year-old boy from the same municipality.According to the General Police Inspectorate, on January 19 the police were informed that a body with signs of homicidal violence was found in the basement of an unfinished building in the municipality of Orhei. The police identified
The Civic Congress Common Action Party that was recently registered by the Public Services Agency calls on the politicians, civil activists, citizens who are not indifferent to promote a correct, open and consistent campaign in favor of snap parliamentary elections. A statement to this effect was adopted in a meeting of the party’s National Council last weekend, IPN reports.Accor
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