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The first national portal enabling users to make appointments for consular services provided by Moldova’s diplomatic missions abroad has been launched in pilot mode. The portal programari.gov.md offers the possibility for Moldovans in the diaspora to quickly and conveniently schedule an appointment at the nearest diplomatic mission, for any available service.The Ministry of Forei
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The Moldovan citizens are not nostalgic for the Soviet Union, but they are victims of propaganda, considers Valentin Dolganiuc, a member of Moldova’s first Parliament. In a public debate staged by IPN, he said that education, the media and the church are Russia’s key means of propaganda. Education plays an important role in changing collective mentality.“You will not
The union with Romania is the most plausible scenario for the Republic of Moldova’s future. According to the director of the Institute for Public Policy Arcadie Barbăroșie, the Republic of Moldova does not have own resources to survive in the long run and the union with Romania is the only solution. In a public debate staged by IPN, the IPP director said the war in Ukraine can last
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YMCA Moldova launches a national project in education and development of digital skills. Members of the organization will travel to national educational institutions and will distribute laptops. The equipment will be used in informatics classrooms, but could be also used outside lessons. The representatives of YMCA Moldova said that this way they aim to ensure the young people’s ac
The leader of the Shor Party, fugitive MP Ilan Shor said the UK’s decision to impose sanctions on him do not affect him somehow and even amuse him. The reaction comes after the UK announced that the assets owned by Shor and also by former Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc in the UK or in any other overseas territories of this country, such as the British Virgin Islands and the Caym
On a brief visit to Moldova on Thursday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk met with Prime Minister Natalia Gavriliță, national human rights institutions, and civil society representatives, following his four-day visit to Ukraine, IPN reports.The UN High Commissioner said that Moldova faces socio-economic and humanitarian challenges, arising from the COVID-19 pandemic an
The Ministry of Justice drafted a Magnitsky Moldova law that will enable to impose sanctions in Moldova on persons sanctioned in other states. The sanctions will be imposed on persons who were put on international sanctions lists and on those who have particular direct and indirect ties with these, Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco told a news conference.The minister said all thos
The Moldovans will be able to easier obtain particular identification papers as from December 25, when the new regulations on the issuance of IDs to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who are in the country or abroad take effect, IPN reports.According to a press release issued by the Public Services Agency, a part of the public services intended for the Moldovan citizens will be s
The Russian military invasion of Ukraine influenced the views of many people, from different corners of the world, not only about their present and future and the present and future of the world, but also about their past, including the view shared by the people who are nostalgic for the USSR. Why the war exerts this influence, to what extent it exerts it and what effects the given metam
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The phenomenon of subculture and division of prisoners by castes, according to influence groups, was noticed in most of the national penitentiaries, less in the women’s jail in Rusca. The analysis of the data of a study presented by Promo-LEX Association showed that these castes exist not without the tacit consent of the prison administration and even with their support.“We
Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor are among the designations by the UK government for its recent sanctions package. The individuals are subject to an asset freeze and travel ban, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița told a news conference.An asset freeze prevents any UK citizen, or any business in the UK, from dealing with any funds or economic resources which are owned, held or controlled
“The current administrative-territorial structure of the Republic of Moldova remains to be one of the most fragmented in Europe. For a population of less than 3 million, we have 898 town halls, 32 districts and an autonomous territorial unit. The local public administration continues to face the same problems: lack of financial resources, lack of human resources, insufficient capacity to achieve its own competences, etc. And the situation is getting wors
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To make themselves heard, some of the prisoners resort to self-mutilation or even suicide. In the course of 2021 alone, there were logged at least 800 cases of self-mutilation, 31 suicide attempts and 6 cases of suicide. This fact confirms once again the seriousness of the problem and the necessity of taking urgent measures to ensure the protection of the rights of convicts, says Promo-L
The bad detention conditions, precarious medical assistance, insufficiency of inspection bodies, criminal subculture are only some of the problems that obstruct the efficient functioning of the mechanism for identifying, registering and reporting alleged cases of ill-treatment in the penitentiary system of the Republic of Moldova, says Promo-LEX’s report “Assessment of Mechan
The consumers who incorrectly wrote the average monthly income and the number of persons living in the dwelling or erroneously indicated that they do not need subsidies for electricity, gas and heat can ask to be sent the application back for correcting the data, IPN reports, quoting the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.The consumers who registered on the platform and were put i
The decision to sign a contract for the purchase of power with MGRES (Kuchurgan power plant) is controversial and takes Moldova back under Transnistria’s energy control, said the chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Welfare (CUB) Igor Munteanu. According to him, when there is a separatist enclave, not only the economic price, but also eventual geopolitical implications matter. F
Ex-President Igor Dodon said the authorities’ decision to purchase electricity from the Kuchurgan power plant is correct. However, even if the purchase price is lower, the consumers pay a price that is four times higher. The official Chisinau’s decision to offer the gas supplied by Gazprom to the Transnistrian region and to buy gas from the market represents waste of money, I
The MPs of the ruling party, together with representatives of civil society, intend to design a bill to combat disinformation and to regulate the online sphere. Both MPs and representatives of NGOs said the document should ensure a balance between the securing of the information space and the freedom of expression, IPN reports.Given the war in Ukraine and the avalanche of disinformatio
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The state allocates additional sums for compensated medicines. Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco said that 1 billion lei will be allocated in 2023 for subsidizing medicines. Not only drugs will be subsidized but also some of the medical devices, like those intended for patients with diabetes and stomas. Even if the rate of inflation in 2022 exceeds 30%, the prices of medicines rose by onl
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8 December 2022
Households in central and southern Moldova powered by the utility Premier Energy will pay 4.62 lei/kWh, down from the current charge of 5.91 lei/kWh. In the northern regions, households powered by FEE Nord will pay 4.65 lei/kWh, down from 5.60 lei/kWh at present.The rate approved by the Energy Regulatory Agency ANRE for the Premier Energy clients coincides with what the utility asked,
Parliament today adopted an amendment allowing only public health care providers to perform organ transplantation, prohibiting such procedures in private hospitals.The bill was drafted by MPs Dan Perciun, Adrian Belîi, Maria Pancu and Ana Oglinda, members of the Social Protection and Health Care Committee, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the National Transplantation Agen
The train running of the Chisinau-Bucharest route will be available daily as from December 11. At present, it runs for three times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.Contacted by IPN for details, communication and information specialist of Moldova’s Railways Ana Prisyajnyuk said the decision to modify the schedule was taken following the larger demand for this route.
Premier Energy and Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord on Thursday requested the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) to review the regulated prices of electrical energy down following the signing of a contract for the purchase of electricity between Energocom and the Kuchurgan power plant (MGRES), IPN reports.Premier Energy, which powers households in central and southern Moldo
The section of Ismail St near the bridge (in both directions) will be inaccessible to vehicle traffic on Friday, between 10am and 4pm, IPN reports.The General Police Inspectorate said that geometric prospection measuring works will be performed in the area.The motorists are asked to obey the instructions of traffic inspectors and to avoid the area in the period. 
A mechanism for keeping records of vulnerable lots should be instituted and special conditions on the issuance of permissive documents in the construction sector with regard to these lots should be imposed. This is one of the recommendations of a study of the authorization and execution of building works in the municipality of Chisinau that was conducted by Transparency International Mol
Suspended prosecutor general Alexandr Stoianoglo said that for a year he has been trying to persuade the public that he hasn’t violated anything and the criminal cases started against him and his colleagues were fabricated and are politically motivated. Even if he disapproves of the leaking of alleged conversations involving Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco and considers that
SA Moldovagaz said there may be cases when the subsidy in bills will not match the energy vulnerability category into which the consumers were put through the platform www.compensatii.gov.md. In such cases, the company suggests paying the bills as they came as the bill for next month will be recalculated, IPN reports.“The financial discrepancies (errors) that will be identified t
The building works in the municipality of Chisinau generate problems at all the stages – from authorization up to inspection of the execution of permissive documents, ascertained experts of Transparency International Moldova, who carried out a study of the authorization and execution of building works in the municipality of Chisinau.In a news conference hosted by IPN, study autho
In the dramatic context caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine, Turkey plays an important role in regional negotiations, including for identifying peaceful solutions to stop this war, said Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. In a news conference held together with his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavușoğlu, Nicu Popescu also said
The Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova was the target of a bomb threat on Wednesday evening. The building was thoroughly examined and the bomb scare turned out to be a hoax, IPN reports.The General Police Inspectorate said the Embassy received an email message saying that a bomb had been planted in its building. The specialized services carried out checks and didn’t find any explosive
Half of the 35 actions stipulated in the plan for meeting the conditions proposed by the European Commission were fulfilled, said secretary of state of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Vladimir Cuc. According to him, most of the implemented actions implied the adoption of laws or regulations needed to ensure the proper functioning of institutions, IPN reports.To
The Government supports the citizens who were most seriously affected by the economic crisis by increasing the salaries of public sector employees by 1,300 lei, said the deputy head of the Parliament’s commission on economy, budget and finance Radu Marian. According to him, the raising of salaries by a fixed amount advantages those with small pays as their salaries will increase th
The discussions with the self-styled Transnistrian authorities centered exclusively on economic and commercial aspects, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu assured. The official noted that when the gas supplied by Gazprom is transferred to the left side of the Nistru, this becomes the responsibility of Tiraspol and Russia would not ask payments for this from Chisinau. The discussions about the
The right side of the Nistru River is better prepared in terms of energy than the left side that does not have any alternative, said secretary of state of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development Constantin Borosan. According to him, the conceding of the 5.7 million m3 of gas a day to the left side does not endanger the energy security of the right side. The right side of
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Public sector salaries will increase by 1,300 lei next year. At the same time, a minimum salary of 4,000 lei will be established for 2023, announced Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița in a press conference held after today’s Government meeting.“We decided to make this increase equal for everyone so that those with lower salaries receive more in percentage terms. In this crisi
The Government has approved the draft 2023 mandatory health insurance scheme, which comes with a higher price tag, of 12,636 lei, on the single-premium policy. Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco advised uninsured people to buy the policy by March 31 and qualify for large discounts, which would reduce the policy’s cost to that of the past years.Nemerenco said the premium had to be r
The Moldovan Government has approved the draft 2023 social insurance budget, providing for 38.7 billion lei in revenues, up about 7.5 billion lei on this year’s budget.Revenues and expenses of the 2023 state social insurance budget are estimated at 12.5% of GDP. Of its total revenues, transfers from the state budget will make up 44.3%, or 17.1 billion lei. Mandatory state social
Since the establishment of bilateral relations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1994, the Moldovan authorities have talked half-hearted about our country’s partnership with NATO, because of the political sensitivity of the issue and with the argument of neutrality brandished by opposing politicians. Now, with Russia’s war raging in Ukraine, it would be a good id
Five museums in Chisinau will use new technologies to present the cultural heritage. Museographers, together with creative teams consisting of digital artists, photographs, writers, specialists in virtual reality, will create joint projects using immersive technologies, IPN reports.The pilot project “Museums of the Future” covers the National Museum of History of Moldova,
The micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit from a three-year fiscal vacation on the payment of the income tax on entrepreneurial activity until the given incomes are distributed for paying dividends. The new taxation concept is stipulated in the draft budgetary-fiscal policy for 2023 that was approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday, IPN reports.Under the draft, the given
The deficit of the national public budget for 2023 was assessed at about 18.5 billion lei or 6% of the GDP. The state budget accounts for almost 99% of the deficit, while the local budgets for the rest. This is provided in the draft state budget law for next year that was approved by the Cabinet. The Ministry of Finance estimates 2023 will be difficult owing to the multiple crises experi
The consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have a powerful impact on the Republic of Moldova and the example of the neighboring country shows that a state, even if it’s neutral, needs to have defense capabilities, Igor Boțan, the permanent expert of IPN’s project, stated in a public debate entitled “Moldova for the first time at NATO Summit: motives and
A week ago, Bucharest hosted the meeting of NATO ministers of foreign affairs to which the Republic of Moldova was invited as a non-NATO member. Moreover, the Republic of Moldova is mentioned in the final document of the meeting – the Joint Declaration of NATO ministers of foreign affairs, which is also important news. The reasons and effects of this news for the Moldovan state and
The natural growth in the municipality of Chisinau in 2020-2021 was negative. The number of deaths was higher than the number of newborns. However, the size of the population remained almost the same as in 2014, shows the study “Demographic Profile of the municipality of Chisinau” that was carried out by the Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup”, IPN reports.&ldq
The Republic of Moldova needs other jurisdictions to work with its law enforcement bodies. It will progress in the fight against corruption when countries no longer harbor fugitive criminals and assets stolen from other states, President Maia Sandu stated in the International Anticorruption Conference 2022 that was held in Washington, IPN reports.According to the official, Moldova need
The contract for the purchase of electrical energy from the Kuchurgan power plant in exchange for the amount of gas supplied by Gazprom and the contracts for the purchase of power at market prices should be part of a criminal case, said Socialist MP Vasile Bolea. According to him, the energy crisis was crated artificially and the government form the start should have reached a consensus
Even if the Republic of Moldova faces a shortage of electrical energy, the local electricity producers are treated with indifference, said Vyacheslav Moldovan, of a local electricity company. According to the entrepreneur, the authorities prefer large contracts with MGRES, Ukraine or Romania to the detriment of local companies, IPN reports.Local entrepreneurs who produce and transmit e
The 2023 budget comes with a number of pay raises for public sector employees. Minister of Finance Dumitru Budianschi said the public sector employees will enjoy a fixed rise of 1,300 lei in salaries as from January 2023. This rise advantages primarily the salary earners with very low pays. As there are insufficient funds, the pensions in April 2023 will be indexed by 14.1% only, IPN rep
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