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The works to rehabilitate the water supply and sewerage networks in Chisinau, carried out in the framework of the project financed by the EBRD and EIB, continued during state of emergency. According to SA “Apă-Canal Chisinau”, the works went on by obeying the safety and security at work rules.The company’s spokeswoman Nadejda Fotescu has told IPN that the works to reh
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A contingent of the Company of the Guard of Honor will take part in the June 24 parade in Moscow’s Red Square, on the instruction of President Igor Dodon. The information was confirmed for IPN by press officer of the Ministry of Defense Ala Diaconu.“On the instruction of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon, a contingent
As many as 188 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Moldova on June 2. Only one is an import case, while the rest are local transmission cases. Seventeen of those infected are healthcare system employees and seven of them are doctors. Of the 1,421 tests done today, 1,093 were primary ones, IPN reports.A number of 4,738 infected persons have been cured by now. The death toll from COV
The local public authorities (LPAs) are forced to dance to the central public authorities’ tune and no one takes into account the legal provisions that stipulate the principle of local self-government and the right and capacity of the local authorities to solve by themselves the local problems, without the interference of those form the center. The accusations were made by members
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A quake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale happened in Romania’s Vrancea region at a depth of 100 km, according to the first localization, at 2:11pm. In Moldova, the tremor had an intensity of about 2 on the Richter scale and was felt mainly in the southeastern and central districts.Contacted by IPN for details, Ion Ilieş, the head of the Experimental Seismology Center of the Chi
More than 2,600 parents submitted a petition whereby they demand that the authorities should reopen the kindergartens or should adopt social protection measures for families with children of preschool age, IPN reports.The petition was filed to the National Extraordinary Commission for Public Health and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and will also be emailed to the Min
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The drought affected about 60% of the field winter crops, as the preliminary local data collected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment show. Even if the wheat harvest will be lower, the authorities assure the country’s food security is not in danger.Minister of Agriculture Ion Perju has told IPN that they continue to receive data from the local le
The Italian citizens on June 2 celebrate the national day of Italy, known as the Republic Day. The event commemorates the day in 1946 when Italy was proclaimed a Republic as a result of a referendum. Italy’s Ambassador to Moldova Valeria Biagiotti on this occasion transmitted a congratulatory message addressed to the compatriots and also to “the Moldovan friends”, IPN r
The Public Services Agency (PSA) restarts to provide services for the examination of applicants for a driver’s license, in both theory and practice, on June 3, INP reports, quoting an announcement published on the Agency’s website.The given services are offered only based on appointments scheduled beforehand through the module “Electronic Programming”. Emergenc
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The debates on the draft law concerning nongovernmental organizations have a political undertone, considers jurist Ștefan Gligor, the standing expert of IPN’s project. In a public debate entitled “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”, which was staged by IPN Agency, he said that some of the NGOs in Moldova are used
The current legislation does not clearly define the NGOs created by political parties and, consequently, there are many interpretations, director of the Oral History Institute Moldova Alexei Tulbure stated in IPN’s public debate “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”.According to him, the current law on nongovernme
The law on nongovernmental organizations on whose adoption the European Union insists frees the NGOs from state control, journalist Ilia Kiselev stated in IPN’s public debate “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”.According to him, the controversial law exempts the NGOs from the presentation of any reports to decla
Doctors were tested positive for COVID-19 in Moldova after they ignored the security measures. Besides, a part of them became infected in the community, not at the workplace and there is pertinent evidence, said the director of the National Food Safety Agency Nicolae Furtună.As to the death toll from COVID-19 in the country, the official said most of those who died suffered also from o
Op-Ed     Massive testing, detection and isolation of the infected is the only solution to increase the health credibility of Eastern neighbors among Europeans and revive the liberalized visa regime for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine...   Dionis Cenuşa, Senior Contributor   The
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1 June 2020
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The Buiucani Police Inspectorate at about 11:30pm on June 1 was informed that a bomb was planted at Russia’s Embassy in Chisinau situated on Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd, IPN reports.  Chisinau Police Division press officer Natalia Stati said that all the specialized services travelled to the scene and the area was fenced. While examining the precincts, the Bomb Squ
The Metropolitan Church of Chisinau and all Moldova objects to a point of the decision taken by the National Extraordinary Commission for Public Health on May 29, which demands to refrain from taking communion in order to diminish the risk of infection with COVID-19 following the reopening of churches, IPN reports.In a circular issued on June 1, the Church says that it took note
Even if the state must cover the costs associated with the treatment of children when these are medically insured, it does not always do this. Ombudswoman for children’s rights Maia Bănărescu said a problem in this regards is witnessed in the case of rare diseases.In an interview for IPN, the ombudswoman spoke about a recent case when the mother of a seven-year-old boy who
There are boys and girls for whom the street is their house, the place where they try to survive in the absence of appropriate supervision. This is a phenomenon that didn’t bypass the Republic of Moldova either. Ombudswoman for children’s rights Maia Bănărescu, in an interview for IPN, said that this is possibly one of the most serious problems related to the observance of
The social integration and integration into the education system of children with special educational needs take place. But there are reservations as to the integration of children with autism spectrum disorders and children with hearing and visual impairments. Many of the children with health problems are institutionalized and there is no clear legal framework concerning their deinstitu
The requirements imposed by the European Union on Moldova affect the undeclared agenda of the Moldovan political elite, jurist Ștefan Gligor, the standing expert of IPN’s project, stated in a public debate entitled “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”, which was held by IPN Agency.According to him, the involveme
The situation related to the EU macro-financial assistance generates dissentions in society and in Parliament and this makes the snap parliamentary elections become rather probable, journalist Ilia Kiselev stated in a public debate entitled “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”, which was staged by IPN Agency.He noted t
The implementation of the agreements with the EU, including those concerning the provision of macro-financial assistance to Moldova, is possible only when the democratic mechanisms are functional, the state intuitions are freed from capture, the fight against corruption produces visible results, while the human rights are respected, director of the Oral History Institute Moldova Alexei T
Moldova risks missing the chance of receiving macro-financial assistance from the European Union, said jurist Ștefan Gligor. He noted that there are primarily no disagreements on most of the points of the agreement on the provision of assistance between Moldova and the EU. “The EU understands that to do the reform of the Superior Council of Magistracy, the Constitution needs to be
The Ukrainian citizen who was extradited from Belgium last summer for murdering a compatriot in Moldova got 17 years. The Râşcani branch of the Chisinau City Prosecutor’s Office, which asked for life detention for the culprit, intends to challenge the sentence as too mild, IPN reports.Two years ago, in May 2018, the body of a man with signs of violence was discovered in a
The Central Market reopened at 8am on June 1 and will work until 6pm. The vehicles’ access to the market is allowed between 6pm and 8am.Some 70% of the traders resumed work and the main rules are maintaining of physical distance between trading places (at least 2 meters) and between visitors, buyers and business entities (at least 1 meter), the market’s acting direct
Even if Romania opens the beaches on June 1, the Moldovan tourists will have to wait until July to get to the Romanian seaside as the Romanian side allowed domestic tourism only, said representatives of travel agencies.Contacted by IPN for details, Irina Rotaru, director of the travel agency “Enjoy Travel”, noted that there are no clear travel protocols in different
The right to defense of the minors in the legal system is most often violated. According to a study carried out by the ombudswoman for children’s rights Maia Bănărescu, 28 minors of 38 said they saw the lawyer only on the court’s hall or in the courtroom already. The ombudswoman says any minor in the legal system should be treated like a child and should benefit from all the
The Zoological Garden of Chisinau reopens to visitors as of 1pm on June 1. While being closed to the visitors, the Zoo was repaired and new cages were built as more animals were born there.Contacted by IPN for details, chief-manager of the institution Olga Iuzvac said the Zoological Garden underwent changes. The playgrounds, ponds and cages were revamped. There were placed decor
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