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The EU uses the tactics of general openness towards reforms, offering substantial political credit and financial assistance, writes political researcher Dionis Cenuşa in an analytical article for the IPN Agency.In fact, the political scientist believes that the European side could show more caution and critical evaluation already at this early stage.The behavior of Europeans denotes
"The excessive idealization of government by the natural partners of the democratic reforms in Moldova, EU or the US, is detrimental to the ACUM bloc ..."---Increased tolerance within the ruling coalition, confirmed by the recent extension of the political cohabitation agreement until the end of 2020 (TVRMoldova, September 16, 2019), strengthens several parallel proce
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21 September 2019
I urge you to choose work and respect, stop accepting half-measures and appropriation of public money. The address was given by Andrei Năstase, candidate for the position of mayor of the capital, in front of the supporters present at the launching of ACUM bloc electoral campaign for local elections."There are very rare moments in the history of a city when people stick together be
Valeriu Munteanu, candidate of Save Bessarabia Union (USB) for the position of mayor of Chisinau municipality, together with the candidates for Chisinau city council, entered today, September 21, the election campaign, IPN reports.According to Valeriu Munteanu, Chisinau municipality, with a population of almost one million people, is in great danger. "Please make an effort and go
The candidates of the Liberal Democratic Party/PLDM launched on Saturday, September 21, their election campaign for the local general elections on October 20. The management of the party maintains that it is their candidates that have solutions to the problems in each settlement, as they are trained in the local public administration and tested in terms of moral integrity, IPN reports.
Sfântul Gheorghe is getting closer to a qualification for the first time in the European Cups. The team coached by Serghei Cebotari outdistanced by 15 points the occupant of the 4thplace, Milsami, after defeating it with 3-0 at Suruceni, IPN reports. Suvorov opened the score in the 25th minute after converting a free kick, but in the 74th minute Milsami called for a penalty upon Dan Ci
A 53-year-old man burned alive after the house he was staying at was engulfed in flames. The owner of the house was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. The fire occurred last night in Cotelea settlement, Briceni district.The call to 112 was made after 03.00, the fire was reported by the neighbours. Two fire trucks were sent to the scene.The press officer of the Inspect
The United States gave assurances that they would analyse the request of the Republic of Moldova to investigate the bank fraud case and support the Chisinau authorities in bringing the guilty persons to justice. The statement was made by Prime Minister Maia Sandu at a press conference held on September 21, IPN reports.Presenting the results of her visit to the US, Maia Sandu mentioned
Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) is required to convene the General Assembly of Judges, at the initiative of at least 50 judges. The decision was issued on September 20 by the Court of Appeal, after a group of incumbent judges addressed the court with the proposed draft agenda, IPN reports.According to the decision, the CSM shall organize the process preceding the extraordinary mee
If the Socialists had wanted, they would have created themselves the parliamentary majority in a week according to the model that existed in the previous Parliament, but the Socialist Party does not want it. The statement belongs to the president Igor Dodon, informal leader of the PSRM, and was made on "Piatnița s Anatoliem Golea" program, RTR Moldova. According to him, sociali
"At present, the relaunch of relations between Moldova and Russia is fully underway, the dialogue at Government and Parliament level is being restored." The statement belongs to President Igor Dodon and was made at the Moldovan-Russian Economic Forum, which is being held these days in Chisinau, IPN reports.The head of state attended the event, together with the Speaker of Par
Prosecutors who did not carry out the necessary investigations in the case of the "theft of the billion" must be dismissed from office and held accountable. This is the opinion of the President of the Communist Party, Vladimir Voronin. In his opinion, not only those who directly stole the money, but also the prosecutors who did not do their job must be held accountable before t
The decisions to organize the 63rd General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were taken with the participation of Ambassador Victor Osipov in Austria and Slovakia, permanent representative of the Republic of Moldova to the UN office, IPN reports.A statement of the Embassy of Moldova shows that the conference was held from 16 to 19 September, and Victor Osipov
In the Kroll report, Vlad Plahotniuc' s name appears as the main beneficiary of the billion theft, says Alexandru Slusari, the chairman of the Bank Fraud Investigation Committee. Another beneficiary mentioned by the parliamentarian is the former prime minister Vlad Filat and his entourage, but also Ilan Șor, Marina Tauber, Reghina Apostolova, Iurie Fotescu, Petru Lucinschi, Gabriel S
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20 September 2019
Geopolitics will also be present at local elections spread in the form of all kinds of projects with economic and social focus. The opinion belongs to the political scientist Dionis Cenușă and was expressed at the public debates on the subject "Characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019", organized by IPN and Radio Moldova."Geopolitics will be present i
The result of the local elections will show the true potential of those parties that make up the ACUM bloc and, as a whole, it will show what the organized force of the pro-European, national parties in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova means. The opinion belongs to the political analyst Anatol Taranu and was expressed at the public debates on the subject "Characteristic fea
There will be no incisive political fight and this is the first time when we see such an anaemic election campaign. The opinion was expressed at "The characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019" public debates, organized by IPN and Radio Moldova and belongs to Igor Botan, the permanent expert of the project."We watch the campaign and see that it is a per
At local elections, people choose from the options they have, but they usually vote for those with whom they have contacted most. They vote for those who have succeeded in convincing them that they will be able to deal with the position they run for. However, the choices made available to voters are not so many, unfortunately, and people will have to choose from the existing options. Thi
The October 20 elections are an important test, perhaps more important than many others so far, for the Moldovan political class, but also for the Moldovan society as a whole. The future elections may be even doubly important, as they will shape for four years the fate of each settlement and each person or family that lives there, as well as the political class and the Moldovan society a
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In the next local elections that will be held on October 20, the Democratic Party, in the worst case, will come in second place throughout the country. The statement belongs to the chairman of the Democratic Party, Pavel Filip. According to him, the withdrawal of the immunity of the Democratic MP Vladimir Cebotari is a political payback and was made to tarnish the PDM image, IPN reports.
President Igor Dodon announced that today he will promulgate amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, which change the general prosecutor selection procedure. The announcement was made by the head of state within the "Moldova în direct" program at the public television station Moldova 1. The candidate for the position of general prosecutor will be selected by the S
US Vice President Mike Pence expressed his full support for the Chisinau Government and for its agenda of democratic reforms. During a meeting with Prime Minister Maia Sandu, on a visit to Washington, Mike Pence stressed that the US supported the peaceful transmission of power and would continue to be a staunch supporter of Moldova's democratic transformation, IPN reports.The US Vi
Patients in the southern region of the country have access to modern dialysis services within a high-performance center, inaugurated in Cahul. The Dialysis Center in Cahul is the fourth one opened within the public-private partnership project, thus ensuring access to high-quality dialysis service at national level, IPN reports.The medical services provided by "BB-Dialysis" Ce
The former deputy mayor of the capital, Nistor Grozavu, is investigated by prosecutors in a case related to the alienation of land lots belonging to the Chișinău City Hall. The information was communicated to IPN by Emil Gaitur, the spokesman of the General Prosecutor's Office."At this stage, criminal investigation is carried out in regard to Nistor Grozavu. The investigation
The progress made by JSC "Termoelectrica" in the Project for Improving the Efficiency of the Centralized Power Supply System has been evaluated positively by a team of World Bank experts.The country manager for the Republic of Moldova, Anna Akhalkatsi, the country program coordinator for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, Anthony Gaeta, the manager for efficient development in Eur
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