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The Moldova-Romania interministerial working group will meet in Bucharest on Tuesday to discuss progress on the mutual agreements reached during Prime Minister Maia Sandu’s visit to Romania earlier this month.According to a press release from the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, “the agenda of the meeting includes discussions to intensify Moldo
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An unidentified small plane that went off the radar somewhere over central Moldova on Friday has been looked for over the weekend.The Border Police said in a press release that on Friday, at 5:45 p.m. a small aircraft entered Moldova’s airspace from the side of the Transnistrian region, somewhere above Komarovka village. Some twenty minutes later, it vanished from the radar above
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Former ECHR judge Stanislav Pavlovski stated a part of the problems faced in the judicial system can be solved by very simple methods that include the amendment of the legislation. According to him, the first step should be the amendment of the Penal Procedure Code’s provisions that regulate the revision of cases and of definitive judgements by adding only one new element – v
The Political Council of the Democratic Party (PDM) that met last weekend discussed the return to an older practice of the PDM, when the candidates for the party’s leadership were chosen by primaries, with debates, including televised ones. In the program “Reply” on Prime TV channel, the suspended vice president of the PDM Andrian Candu said there are a number of issues
The acting president of the Superior Council of Magistracy Dorel Musteață said a part of the judicial system is struggling against the Council and among those involved in this struggle are judges featured in some of the decisions of the institutions or who are close to these. The issue was developed in the talk show “Black box” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.“A part of t
The former political party European Action Movement became the political party Save Bessarabia Union (USB) and former Liberal Valeriu Munteanu was elected president of the new party that focuses on Moldova’s reunion with Romania. The given decisions were taken in the extraordinary congress of the former European Action Movement that was held on July 21, IPN reports.Valeriu Muntea
"The support expressed by the leaders of Moldova to the re-elected Governor and the whole Gagauzia was for the first time in many years of such a consolidated character. How long this favourable background will last for the interaction of the region with the centre, will be shown in the near future".---Last Friday, Comrat became a meeting place for the entire political elite
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Irina Vlah took the oath of office as Governor of Gagauzia at a ceremony hosted by the autonomy’s legislature on Friday evening.In her inauguration speech, Vlah said bringing migrant Gagauz back home, implementing large-scale infrastructure projects, increasing people’s earnings, and extending and launching new social programs will be among her priorities.The re-elected g
The chairman of the commission of inquiry into the bank fraud Alexandru Slusari said the declaration on state captivity adopted by Parliament should have legal consequences. According to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, some of the legislative acts are adopted taking this declaration into account and if the state had been in a normal state, such acts wouldn’t have been probably ne
After being in remand detention for nine months, the activist of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Gheorghe Petic was set free after the judges of the Chisinau City Appeals Court sent the case against him back for retrial in the evening of July 19. The decision was also taken after the judges questioned the woman who asserts that she was raped by Gheorghe Petic, IPN repo
Public policy expert Ștefan Gligor said now that Parliament adopted a declaration on state captivity, the institutions should act more insistently. The MPs have fully-fledged mandates and the Constitution should not be amended for de-oligarchizing the state and clearing it of corrupt people. The issue was developed in the talk show “Key issue” on NTV Moldova channel, IPN repo
Sixteen amateur bicyclists took part in the 700 km cycling race between Chisinau and Brasov #HospiceBikeTour2019 during June 14-18, 2019. The collected proceeds of over €14,000 will be used to develop the National Network of Palliative Care Services in Moldova. The event was held the third consecutive year, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the organizers.The race had the fo
The National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) will suggest that the rates on the electricity supplied by Gas Natural Fenosa should be 1.85 lei/kWh, up 3.2%, as opposed to the rate of 1.94 lei/kWh requested by the supplier, which is by 0.15 lei or 8.6% higher than the current rate of 1.79 lei/kWh, the Agency’s director Octavian Calmîc informed on Facebook, being quoted by IPN.A
Prime Minister Maia Sandu on July 19 will take part in the inauguration of Irina Vlah as Governor of Gagauzia. “Regardless of the political or ideological divergences, it’s time to end the divisions between the people of our country,” Maia Sandu posed on Facebook, being quoted by IPN.“I wish the language, culture, ethnicity from now on to stop being used as reas
One of the seven Turkish citizens who were expelled from Moldova last year at the request of the official Ankara was sentenced to seven years and a half in jail for acts of terrorism on July 18, the electronic publication Balkan Insight reported, being quoted by the press in Moldova.RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service was quoted by IPN as saying that the convicted teacher is Riza Dogan, wh
Otilia Drăguțanu has announced she is leaving the Democratic group and Parliament altogether. “After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not made for politics, and politics is not made for me,” she posted to Facebook.“I’ve always known where I belong and where my contribution and abilities can be most useful. I believe an
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19 July 2019
The roof of a building under construction located on Alexandru Negru-Vodă Street in Chisinau’s Botanica district caught fire. Two fire engines were dispatched to put out the blaze.Liliana Puscasu, spokesperson of the General Emergencies Inspectorate, told IPN a 112 call came it at around 3:30 p.m.The surface area affected by the fire is unknown yet. A dense cloud of smoke can b
Today and tomorrow, Chisinau is hosting the 16th edition of the March of the Cross and Penance, in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Kazan, the Holy Protectress of Russia.The Moldovan Metropolitan Church said in a press release that the March, joined by both clergy and parishioners, started today from the Wooden Church, located near the City Gates, after a religious ceremony dedi
Physicians and patients don’t have enough information about access to subsidized prescription drugs, while the recommendations of specialist doctors and general practitioners are not always in agreement regarding the delivery of subsidized medicines to patients. These findings were unveiled during the presentation of the study "Accessibility of Medicines through the List of Co
University professor Dorin Cimil is the new chairperson of the Central Electoral Commission. He was elected by seven votes out of nine members of the Commission, with one vote against and one abstention. Dumitru Cimil was the sole candidate proposed for the position, IPN reports. Cimil told reporters after the meeting that he wants to make the whole electoral process function prop
Prosecutors and police detectives have carried out a series of raids today at Moldova Mail and Customs Service locations. The Prosecutor General’s Office said in a press release the operation is part of an investigation into alleged large-scale, transborder schemes of trafficking in anabolic drugs, amber, tobacco products and alcohol, as revealed by journalistic investigatio
Two groups in Parliament have new leaders, as formally announced at today’s meeting of the legislature. Dumitru Diacov takes over as leader of the Democratic Party group following Pavel Filip’s resignation. Vladimir Cebotari will serve as the group’s deputy leader.The ACUM/DA group will be headed by Alexandru Slusari, who is also Deputy Speaker.  
Pavel Filip vacated the post of chairman of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, informing about this through a social networking site, IPN reports.“Sometimes we should know when to withdraw and should ponder over the state of affairs so as to manage later to take decisions that would advantage the team of which you form part,” wrote the MP.Pavel Filip express
Chisinau councilor of the Party of Socialists Alexandr Odintsov said it is very strange that the residents of Țânțăreni village resumed the protests before the local elections. A similar situation was witnessed in June 2010, before the local elections. Then, the problem of the waste dump situated there was partially solved and significant financial resources were allocated to the local m
Former Prime Minister Iurie Leancă, who decided in favor of providing state guarantees for the National Bank to fill the financial gap at the three robbed banks - Banca de Economii, Banca Socială and Unibank – while heading the Government, said such a decision was taken because there was no other way out. He made reference to a report drawn up in concert with experts of the Interna
The boy who was diagnosed with rabies after being scratched by a stray dog died last night in hospital. The case is believed to have happened in Chisinau’s suburban village of Ciorescu, and sanitary authorities are scouring the area to locate potentially infected animals.Parliament’s Standing Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance examined a number of privatization and c
When a responsible acting prosecutor general comes to the PGO, this could make approaches to the states where the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc could be hiding, Prime Minister Maia Sandu was quoted by IPN as saying in a program on N4 TV channel. She noted this could happen after legal action is taken against Plahotniuc, IPN reports.“The first thing to
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