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About 540 hectares of dry vegetation burned this weekend. According to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), firefighters intervened in 45 cases of extinguishing fires.
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Five new ships are on their way to Ukrainian sea ports using a new corridor opened to resume predominantly agricultural exports, an alternative arrangement to the Black Sea grain deal blocked by Russia, the MarineTraffic database showed on Sunday, Reuters reports.
A blast was heard in the heart of the Turkish capital on Sunday, Turkish media reported, saying it was in the area that houses both the Parliament and the Interior Ministry, DW reports.
The bridge from Leova-Bumbăta, over the river Prut, built with great enthusiasm to reduce congestion at the Albița Customs, does not prove its effectiveness, and one of the explanations is that the customs officers at the new border point do not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out appropriate checks , informs Radio Romania News. However, the drivers claim that they bypass this border point, as the route is longer here.
At the beginning of 2023, almost 600 thousand people aged 60 and over lived in the Republic of Moldova, which constitutes 23.8% of the total population with usual residence. Among them, about 360 thousand were women, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
Meteorologists have issued a yellow code that is valid from October 1-15. According to the State Hydrometeorological Service, there will be an exceptional fire hazard (class V) on extended areas.
At least 11 people have died in a fire at a nightclub in the south-eastern city of Murcia, Spanish authorities say, BBC reports.
The tastiest and most beautiful apples were exhibited this year in Soroca within the Apple Festival. Fruit growers from several localities in the north of the country came to promote their products. Wine, apple cakes and folk music were part of the event.
The general mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban, accuses the Action and Solidarity Party of "ordering him criminal files and masked shows" before the elections. In a video on a social network, he mentioned that PAS passed a file against him, in which he was accused of illicit enrichment. The ruling party claims that this is a victimization of Ceban.
Two weeks before the parliamentary elections in Poland, about a million people demonstrated in Warsaw on Sunday against the policies of the right-wing nationalist ruling party PiS. This is the largest demonstration in the capital’s history, according to a spokeswoman for the city government, writes Today Times.
Today is the day of national mourning in the Republic of Moldova, in connection with the death of the prose writer, playwright and essayist Ion Druță. On this day, in all localities in the country, as well as in the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad, the State Flag of the Republic of Moldova is flown.
US President Joe Biden on Sunday pressed congressional Republicans to back a bill to provide more aid to Ukraine, saying he was "sick and tired" of the political brinkmanship that nearly led to a government shutdown, Reuters reports.
The French authorities want to contribute to the development and modernization of the infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova, said the French ambassador in Chisinau, Paul Graham.
Nine people are reported to have been killed and some 20 others trapped after a church roof collapsed in Mexico, BBC reports.
NATO on Sunday announced that it would be deploying some 600 additional troops to Kosovo to assist KFOR troops in the region after a recent deadly attack on a Kosovar police station amid rumors of a Serbian troop build-up, DW reports.
The European Union’s foreign policy chief called on US lawmakers Sunday to reconsider their decision to omit financial support for Ukraine from a stop-gap budget bill Congress passed to halt a federal government shutdown, AP reports.
Today, in the Republic of Moldova, first "National Ambulance Day" is marked, after the Government approved its establishment in order to increase the degree of responsibility of citizens, both for protecting their own lives and those around them.
The progress of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the nine recommendations of the European Commission was discussed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, with the director general of the General Directorate of EU Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, Gert Jan Koopman.
Russian shelling of Ukraine's southern region of Kherson overnight killed at least one person and injured six, including two children, the regional governor said on Monday, Reuters reports.
A party headed by a pro-Kremlin figure came out top after securing more votes than expected in an election in Slovakia, preliminary results show, in what will likely pose a challenge to NATO and EU unity on Ukraine, CNN reports.
A government shutdown was prevented after Congress passed a stopgap funding measure ahead of a critical midnight deadline in a whirlwind day on Capitol Hill, CNN reports.
30 September 2023
The Republican Contest "Teacher of the Year" has named its 9 winners. The teachers who placed first were awarded 50,000 lei each and were awarded the title "Teacher of the Year." Those in second place received 25,000 lei each and the Ministry of Education and Research's Honorary Diploma, while those in third place received 15,000 lei each and the Ministry's Honorary Diploma.
Moldovan Education and Research Minister Dan Perciuc has pledged to address the problems in the country's education system, but he said it will take time and resources.
Germany's Bundestag President Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann has called on the government to transfer cruise missiles to Ukraine as soon as possible.
The Central Election Commission (CEC) has accredited over 300 observers to monitor the local elections that will take place on November 5, 2023.
The European Union's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, visited Odessa on an unannounced visit on Saturday, according to Ukrainskaia Pravda. In a post on Twitter, Borrell said that Odessa is a beautiful historic city that should be in the news for its culture, not as a target of Putin's war.
In a sign that Russia is not backing down from its aggression against Ukraine, Vice President of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned on Saturday that Moscow intends to annex more Ukrainian regions. In a Telegram message, he wrote that "there will be more new regions in Russia."
Analysts say that Moldova's public opinion on NATO membership is generally unfavourable, influenced by both the Soviet legacy, in which NATO was seen as an enemy, and Russian propaganda.
The European Union will continue to support Moldova in its path to EU membership, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said on Friday after meeting with Moldovan President Maia Sandu.
Over 100,000 people have fled the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia since September 24, according to the Armenian government.
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Bulgaria has banned the import of sunflower seeds from Ukraine until the end of November, the Ministry of Agriculture in Sofia announced. The decision was made following a video conference between the agriculture ministers of the two countries.
The National Program for the Study of Educational Robotics, implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova, will be expanded to 50 more schools.
29 September 2023
Norway announced on Friday that it would close its border to vehicles registered in Russia, except in a few cases, as a further measure against Moscow in response to the war in Ukraine, according to AFP, cited by Agerpres.
Members of the Shor Party, the only party declared unconstitutional in Moldova, will be able to register for the upcoming elections, starting today and until a final ruling is issued.
The best teachers in Moldova will be honoured at the finals of the "Teacher of the Year" competition, which will be held tomorrow at the Chisinau Arena, according to Education Minister Dan Perciun.
Citizens of the Republic of Moldova will be able to donate 2% of their annual income tax to schools of their choice, according to a draft law presented by a group of lawmakers. The list of eligible schools will be determined annually by the State Service Agency.
Russia is actively and constantly jamming GPS communications of ships in Romanian territorial waters, posing a risk of collisions, and Romania and NATO must prepare for a long-term confrontation with the Russian regime, said Romanian Chief of Staff of the Army, General Daniel Petrescu, on Thursday, digi24/ro reported.
The number of young people in Moldova has fallen sharply due to declining demographics and migration. In 2022, for the first time in the country's history, the number of young people was lower than the number of elderly, according to an analysis by economic policy expert Veaceslav Ioniță.
A Russian citizen was denied entry to Moldova on September 28, 2023, after presenting a fake Ukrainian passport at the Chisinau International Airport.
Hungary's increasingly close ties to Russia are causing concern in Brussels, where the country is seen as a "black sheep" of the European Union.
Moldova has become a member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which will allow Moldovan rescuers and firefighters to receive assistance from their European colleagues in the event of disasters such as fires, earthquakes, or floods.
Moldova is now stronger and more resilient than it was a year and a half ago, said Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu, speaking at the European Conference of Presidents of Parliaments of the Council of Europe member states.
Romania's Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has expressed interest in buying the Giurgiulesti International Free Port, a major trade hub on the Black Sea coast of Moldova.
28 September 2023
The current mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, submitted today the documents for his registration as a candidate for a new mandate.
Another 20 international observers will monitor the local elections on November 5. They were accredited during today's meeting of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).
The Republic of Moldova is a destination of opportunities, and the Government is a reliable partner for those who decide to open a business in our country, said Prime Minister Dorin Recean at the opening of the Romanian-German Business Forum, organized in Berlin.
The Republic of Moldova, thanks to its Euro-Atlantic partners, manages to increase its resilience in the energy field, said the Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov, in a video message at the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum, held today in Bucharest.
The Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan, emphasized in a message that the authorities are in permanent contact with the bereaved relatives, and if the family decides that Ion Druta be buried at home, in the Republic of Moldova, he will be given all the support.
USR MEP Vlad Gheorghe announced, on Thursday, in a video broadcast on Facebook, that the elimination of roaming fees for the Republic of Moldova was approved in the Council of the European Union (Justice and Internal Affairs), reports
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced Thursday that Kiev is “closer than ever to NATO,” during a surprise visit to Ukraine, which has been confronting the Russian invasion since February 2022, AFP and Reuters report.
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