About this site

Welcome to News.yam.md, a website which aims to provide you with the most recent news stories from many sources on Republic of Moldova. It helps you save valuable time by indexing the stories and prezenting them in an organized, easy to read manner.

Launched in 2004, News.yam.md is the first automatic news aggregator and processor in Moldova. Today, News.yam.md monitors stories from many popular websites in 3 languages (Romanian, Russian and English), including important national and regional media, news agencies, newspaper and magazines, press releases and exclusively online sources.

News.yam.md is recognized by many of his visitors as a dynamic and easy to use service. News.yam.md owes its success to a combination of sophisticated technology, constant development and monitoring by our team, as well as to its innovative information processing methods.

Who maintains News.yam.md?

For any suggestions or information requests feel free to contact us at info@yam.md.

How does it work?

News.yam.md is fully automated and works in real-time, 24/7. The software developed by our team constantly monitors and processes the information.

How do you select sources for your stories?

Our team validates and approves the sources manually, after a careful analysis against the acceptance criteria. We welcome new publishers; if you would like your site to be included in our system, please contact us using Feedback page.

I have a proposal, suggestion or a critique. How do I contact you?

We welcome any feedback and we strive to read every message which arrives into our inbox. Please do report any usability problems you might have with our website, as well as any suggestion or constructive critique. You can contact us at info@yam.mdor using Feedback page.

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