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Moldova’s new coalition government is more united by its desire to improve economic growth and battle corruption than it is divided by its foreign policy views, the country's top diplomat says.
16 June 2019
When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it ushered in a new era of liberal democracy in Europe, but brought some drawbacks as well, including inequality, argues the British historian Timothy Garton Ash in an interview with RFE/RL's Belarusian Service.
15 June 2019
Stronger ties with the European Union and bringing justice to those who abused power, including a controversial tycoon, are top priorities of Moldova’s new government.
14 June 2019
Moldova's Democratic Party says its government, led by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, is resigning.
As Moldova approaches its second week of dual power, the cabinet backed by parliament has called for a public show of support on June 16.
13 June 2019
Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will not give up support for Moldova's pro-Russian president, Igor Dodon, amid a complicated political dispute in which two rival governments in Chisinau are declaring legitimacy.
12 June 2019
Moldova's police chief has fired six officers for publicly backing a rival government amid a political standoff that has heightened tensions in one of Europe's poorest countries.
Chisinau-based political analyst Vladislav Kulminski explains why the path to resolving the current political standoff may lead through Venice.
11 June 2019
Moldova's Constitutional Court has condemned what it called "vehement attacks" from inside and outside the country against its decision to suspend Moscow-friendly President Igor Dodon amid a continuing standoff between two rival governments that each declare legitimacy.
10 June 2019
Two rival governments, each declaring itself legitimate, have held separate meetings in Moldova, as Russia threw its support behind a new ruling coalition between the Moscow-friendly Socialist Party and a pro-European Union bloc.
9 June 2019
Moldovan acting President Pavel Filip has dissolved parliament and called snap elections for September 6 as the former Soviet country faces a political crisis.
8 June 2019
Parliamentary leaders in Moldova have met in an extraordinary session in the latest attempt to form a government following inconclusive elections in February.
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