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As EastFruit experts note, the quality of apples improved somewhat in Chisinau supermarket chains in May. Along with the varietals Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Gala, Braeburn, the quality of which has never been satisfactory before, even the variety labeled simply as “red apples” looks amazingly fresh for this time of... Сообщение High quality and low prices for the Moldovan apples at the end of the season появились сначала на EastFruit.
More than 2 days ago
This week, Ukrainian producers have started the sale of strawberries from open field, analysts of the EastFruit project report. However, according to the daily monitoring of the project, the season of open-field strawberries in most horticultural farms in the Western and Central regions of the country was somewhat delayed due... Сообщение Sales of open-field strawberries started in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
25 May 2022
EastFruit analysts emphasize that Georgia had to buy more cucumbers and tomatoes from abroad compared to the previous off-season. Import volumes in October-April are the highest for the observed period of 2014-2022 for cucumbers and the second largest for tomatoes. Turkey remains the main supplier of both cucumbers and tomatoes.... Сообщение Georgia’s dependence on imports of cucumbers and tomatoes in the off-season increased in 2021/2022 появились сначала на EastFruit.
24 May 2022
According to the head of the Hazelnut Producers Association, Levan Kardava, the price of hazelnuts has fallen to 4-5 GEL ($1.4-1.7) and no price increase is expected soon. In an interview with bm.ge, Kardava said that the price settled at this level due to the strengthening of the lari against... Сообщение New challenges for the hazelnut sector in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
23 May 2022
According to the daily monitoring of the EastFruit project, the established warm weather contributed to an increase in the cucumber harvest in Ukrainian greenhouses. The growth in their supply on the market is forcing producers to revise prices for cucumbers downward. Currently, Ukrainian greenhouse plants are forced to offer cucumbers at no more... Сообщение Cucumber prices are getting lower in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
20 May 2022
Specialists of the Union of Associations of Walnut Producers of Moldova note that spring frosts this year affected the development of walnut orchards. However, the problem appeared in the second half of last year. Due to severe drought in late summer – early autumn, and early autumn cooling, walnut orchards of... Сообщение The walnut harvest in Moldova in 2022 may be lower than last year появились сначала на EastFruit.
Ukrainian strawberry producers managed to increase selling prices this week, EastFruit project analysts report. Market operators say the primary reason for the price rise is unstable and low-volume deliveries of strawberries from local farms, which are explained by worsening weather conditions in the main production regions. At the same time, one should not... Сообщение Prices for strawberries are increasing in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
19 May 2022
Demand for local greenhouse strawberries in Georgia is growing, prompting businesses to invest more in their production. In 2022, Ma gemme built a second greenhouse with an investment of 350 000 GEL ($117,450). In an interview with BM.GE, company co-founder Keti Dolidze cited increased demand as the main reason for the expansion. To finance its... Сообщение Georgian Ma gemme expands greenhouse strawberry production появились сначала на EastFruit.
Moldovan berry farmers reported in social networks and messengers at the beginning of this week that they were harvesting and delivering the last strawberries grown in greenhouses. Pre-order price for 2-3 kg is 100 MDL/kg ($5.29/kg). At the very beginning of the season, small wholesale targeted deliveries of greenhouse strawberries cost... Сообщение The season of local field strawberries in Moldova will start with high prices появились сначала на EastFruit.
17 May 2022
Avocado imports to Georgia increased by 130% in volume in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. The main suppliers of valuable fruit are the Netherlands and Turkey. And if the Netherlands were the leader in supplies, then in the first quarter of 2022, more than 50%... Сообщение Avocado imports to Georgia are growing rapidly – is there an opportunity for import substitution for local producers? появились сначала на EastFruit.
16 May 2022
There were messages in specialized social media groups from export traders expressing their interest in purchasing “unlimited volumes of raspberries for freezing.” Raspberries will be harvested in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova and stored in an industrial refrigerator in the village of Pokrovka, Donduseni region. This and... Сообщение Polish producers showed interest in Moldovan raspberries for freezing появились сначала на EastFruit.
15 May 2022
Strawberries in Ukraine are rapidly becoming cheaper, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to growers, a sharp decrease in prices is facilitated by an increase in the supply of strawberries from local farms. The weather conditions in the main production regions were favorable for harvesting strawberries throughout the week, so the volume... Сообщение Prices for strawberries keep falling rapidly in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
13 May 2022
EastFruit analysts highlight the rapid growth of watermelon imports in 2021. Last year, large early imports resulted in low prices for local producers. Over the past 8 years, imports of watermelons to Georgia have increased annually by 1 200 tonnes average. A high volume of imported watermelons was recorded in May last year –... Сообщение Early watermelon imports are becoming popular in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
12 May 2022
The asparagus season in Georgia is in full swing, and only now prices have stabilized. The season started in mid-April with unusually high prices. According to local growers, the weather was harsh this spring, as it was last season, so supply was weak at the start of the season and prices were higher.... Сообщение Asparagus season in Georgia: review of prices and exports появились сначала на EastFruit.
Prices for cabbage of a new crop have risen sharply in Ukraine this week, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to the daily monitoring of the project, Ukrainian producers were forced to reduce the price of early cabbage last week due to the large supply on the market. According to the information... Сообщение Ukrainian growers increase the price of early cabbage появились сначала на EastFruit.
11 May 2022
According to EastFruit monitoring, the average wholesale price for last year’s potatoes on the Moldovan market has increased from $0.32/kg to $0.37/kg over the past two weeks. The price in the same period last year was lower by 45-50%. Participants of the country’s fruit and vegetable market claim that the dynamic growth... Сообщение Potato prices are increasing in Moldova появились сначала на EastFruit.
9 May 2022
Despite the low temperatures in April, the early strawberry harvest has already ripened in the Kakheti region. The local supply will reach its peak in the second half of May. The wholesale prices are 5-7 GEL/kg ($1,64-$2,3) now but, are expected to fall in a few weeks, at the peak... Сообщение Open field strawberries season has started in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
7 May 2022
The prices for local strawberries in Ukraine are decreasing again, analysts of the EastFruit project report. Experts claim the main reason for this to be the rapid increase in the supply of strawberries from the southern regions of the country. At the same time, growers say the demand is low. As a result,... Сообщение Prices for strawberries in Ukraine are decreasing for the second week in a row появились сначала на EastFruit.
6 May 2022
In mid-April 2022, EastFruit wrote about the start of the export season of beetroot from Uzbekistan. Exports from the southernmost region of the country, Surkhandarya region, started in the first days of April. A little more than a month has passed since the exports of beetroots of the new crop started, and... Сообщение Uzbekistan exported a record volume of beetroot in April 2022 появились сначала на EastFruit.
Prices for local and imported tomatoes in Ukraine remained at a fairly high level throughout April, EastFruit project analysts report. High selling prices for tomatoes this season are explained by a combination of several factors. The main reason was interruptions in the supply of imported tomatoes to Ukraine due to logistical problems. An... Сообщение Prices for both local and imported tomatoes are decreasing in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
5 May 2022
A few days ago, Uzbek exporters started shipping cherries to foreign markets. The exports of fresh cherries from Uzbekistan in 2022 started in the first days of May – 4-5 days earlier than last year, and according to EastFruit analysts, about 350-400 tonnes were exported from May 1 to May 4, 2022. According... Сообщение Cherry export season started in Uzbekistan (photo) появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to EastFruit trade sources from EU, prices for apples, pears and other fruits and vegetables in Poland and other EU countries suddenly began to grow at the end of last week. It was not easy to explain this trend, as the stocks of these goods were high, demand remained limited, and there... Сообщение Belarus lifted embargo on imports of European fruit & vegetables to feed itself and Russia появились сначала на EastFruit.
4 May 2022
The first batches of fresh apricots were exported about 10 days ago from the southernmost region of Uzbekistan – the Termez district of the Surkhandarya region, EastFruit experts report. According to the administration of the Surkhandarya region, the SPN Humo agro agricultural enterprise with plantations located in the Termez region,... Сообщение Exports of apricots from the southern regions of Uzbekistan has started (photo) появились сначала на EastFruit.
2 May 2022
According to the customs service of the Republic of Moldova, almost 25 thousand tons of apples were exported from the country in April this year, which is more than twice as much as their external supplies last March (11 thousand tons) and even significantly exceeds April exports (20.5 thousand tons).... Сообщение Moldova sharply increased the exports of apples in April появились сначала на EastFruit.
1 May 2022
A week ago, EastFruit wrote about the collapse in prices for strawberries in Uzbekistan –  their wholesale prices fell 4.5 times in just a week, which was an unprecedented decline in such a short period. However, the downward trend continued last week, and wholesale prices for strawberries fell by another... Сообщение Strawberry prices keep falling in Uzbekistan появились сначала на EastFruit.
The volume of exports of garlic from Uzbekistan has increased significantly over the past ten days. Market participants confirmed this to EastFruit specialists, which allows us to announce the start of peak exports of garlic of the new crop. According to preliminary data by the Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan,... Сообщение Garlic exports season starts in Uzbekistan появились сначала на EastFruit.
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