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Local greenhouse cucumbers (short, with spines) in sufficient quantity arrived on the Moldovan market relatively late in 2021 – only in the third decade of March. Until then, imported cucumbers were predominant, and the wholesale prices for fresh imported cucumbers in March were relatively low – 27-29 MDL/kg ($1.50-1.62/kg). Moldovan suppliers started... Сообщение Not a good start for greenhouse cucumber in Moldova появились сначала на EastFruit.
There is a trend of decreasing prices for greenhouse cucumbers in the Ukrainian market, analysts of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project report. The main reason is the start of the supply of cucumbers from the greenhouses in the southern regions and the first batches arrived on the market last week. Greenhouses are... Сообщение Greenhouse cucumber is getting cheaper in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
Russian vegetable producers are not only disappointed with the current situation in the onion market, but now they are also concerned by the trends in the cabbage segment, EastFruit reports. Most producers today are still unable to sell off last year’s cabbage stocks, and the price of 2020 harvest has remained consistently low... Сообщение Another disappointment for Russian vegetable producers появились сначала на EastFruit.
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One of the leading Ukrainian apple growers and exporters Sady Dnipra (UApple brand) got a testimonial on the website of Wageningen University & Research about mutually successful partnership. UApple is well-known for its produce of premium quality, which they export to many countries worldwide, focusing on the EU, Middle East,... Сообщение UApple: “To be the best, work with the best!” появились сначала на EastFruit.
Avocado production in Turkey has tripled over the past five years – up to 18 thousand tons. The export of avocados increased 17 times during this period. As the Anadolu agency reported with reference to the Institute of Statistics of Turkey (TÜİK), the volume of production of avocado increased by 40.5% in 2020 compared... Сообщение Russia and Ukraine are top destinations for Turkish avocado появились сначала на EastFruit.
ABB Growers B.V., the Netherlands, represented by CEO Fred Douven, and Blue Berry LLC, Ukraine, represented by CEO Natalia Pukshyn, are announcing a joint project “Blueberry-52”. The project involves the provision of high-quality fresh blueberries to the Ukrainian consumer throughout the 2021 year. Compilation of the experience of companies that... Сообщение “Blueberry-52” – a unique berry project from leading blueberry producers has started in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
Farmer Igor Popov from Ocnita region (Moldova) gives his onions for free – the farmer did this out of despair. He simply has no market for 15 tons of onions, and therefore he is ready to give out all his stock. The high quality of onions is proved by the fact that... Сообщение Free onions from a Moldovan producer – due to no demand появились сначала на EastFruit.
The management of the largest supermarket chain of Uzbekistan MAKRO, held a series of meetings with producers of food and other goods in Nur-Sultan and Almaty (Kazakhstan) in early April. More than 50 Kazakhstani producers took part in the meetings, including Maslodel, Bizhan, Tsesna, RG Brands, Kamerton, Raimbek, MPS and... Сообщение Uzbek chain MAKRO is ready to purchase goods from Kazakhstan появились сначала на EastFruit.
14 April 2021
The surface cultivated with onion in Ukraine, according to EastFruit analysts, may decrease in 2021 due to their critically low prices since last summer. The average prices for onion on the Ukrainian market continue to vary within the range of $0.10-0.11/kg since the end of July 2020 and it reached $0.13/kg only... Сообщение The surface cultivated with onion might be reduced in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to the Fruit and Vegetable Union of Russia, the country’s self-sufficiency ratio for apples was around 65% last year, but the year was low-yielding due to recurrent frosts in the South. “If the weather is normal, the gross harvest in the Krasnodar Territory, the main region of apple production,... Сообщение Apple harvest in Russia may reach 1.5 million tons in 2021 появились сначала на EastFruit.
Potential markets for fruit and vegetables in Central Asia are the Baltic countries, as well as Ukraine and Belarus. The dynamics of recent years shows that the growth of imports from Central Asia to Ukraine is in double digits. Greenhouse vegtable such as tomato and cucumber are important for Ukraine and peppers... Сообщение Greenhouse vegetables from Central Asia – which and were to export? появились сначала на EastFruit.
13 April 2021
The yield of blueberries in Central Asian countries, given the climate of the region, will most likely exceed those of Ukraine, provided that the varieties are correctly selected and the technology is observed. In addition, blueberries can be harvested here in a very favorable period for exports. This opinion was expressed... Сообщение Blueberry cultivation is the most promising berry business in Central Asia – Andriy Yarmak появились сначала на EastFruit.
The ordeal continues for the French farmers after more than one week of fighting with the frost wave. A frost wave that according to “Julien Denormandie” the French Minister of Agriculture and Food, is “Probably the biggest agronomic disaster of the 21st century” as reported by Le Figaro. According to... Сообщение Probably the biggest agronomic disaster of the century in France появились сначала на EastFruit.
In Georgia, potato prices hit historic lows, stocks at are record levels, and imports are increasing The Georgian team of EastFruit analysts draws attention to the unusual situation in the Georgian potato market this season. The first lots of early potatoes from greenhouses have already appeared on the market, prices... Сообщение In Georgia, potato prices hit historic lows, stocks at are record levels, and imports are increasing появились сначала на EastFruit.
Fresh vegetables are available all year round. The greenhouse business is actively developing in Tajikistan. Agrarians produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and export them. MIR 24 explains. You can set your watch based on the schedules of greenhouse workers: they are ready at eight in the morning sharp, with no exceptions for holidays and weekends.... Сообщение Greenhouse production of vegetables and lemons is increasing in Tajikistan появились сначала на EastFruit.
12 April 2021
For several weeks now, consumers in Uzbekistan have been able to buy early potatoes, which is almost three weeks ahead of a multi-year average. As of April 11, the retail price for it is 10-11 thousand som/kg ($0.95-1.05). The wholesale price for potatoes at the wholesale market “Kuylyuk” in Tashkent three... Сообщение Uzbekistan: early potatoes hit the market three weeks earlier and the price is rapidly falling появились сначала на EastFruit.
The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has proposed increasing the import quota for Turkish tomatoes from 250 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons. The draft of the corresponding order of the Ministry of Agriculture has been published on the official portal of draft regulatory legal acts and is now undergoing a... Сообщение Russia may increase the quota for the imports of Turkish tomatoes появились сначала на EastFruit.
10 April 2021
Greenhouse vegetable growing is one of the most dynamically developing areas of plant growing in Russia. The area of modern ​​greenhouse complexes in Russia has grown by more than 1.5 times, to about 3 thousand hectares since 2016. The volume of production increased by more than 80% during the same period and... Сообщение Russian greenhouses have increased vegetable production by 80% in five years появились сначала на EastFruit.
Marneuli Almond will establish a 125-hectare of almons orchard in Marneuli. The project is being implemented through private investment. As the representative of the company Levan Diasamidze said, the payback period of the investment is around 6-7 years. Almonds grown here will be fully exported. Business Georgia wrote. “100% of... Сообщение An orchard of 125 hectares is being established in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
An official statement was published on the Rosselkhoznadzor website. It says that given the information by the State Plants Quarantine Inspection of Uzbekistan on strengthening control over phytosanitary certification when exporting quarantined products to Russia, the department deems it possible to allow the import of all plant products from Fergana since April... Сообщение Russia lifts temporary restrictions on the imports of plant products from the Fergana region of Uzbekistan, except for tomatoes and peppers появились сначала на EastFruit.
9 April 2021
A presentation of one of the first pilot AKIS Agricultural Service Centers (National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture) took place in Yukori Chirchik district of Tashkent region (Uzbekistan) on April 2, 2021. This center, as well as other similar AKIS centers, which will be established and opened in 2021... Сообщение One of the first centers of agricultural services launched in Uzbekistan появились сначала на EastFruit.
One of the most important stages in preparing fruit and vegetables for sale is optical sorting. High-quality sorting procedure is the ability to sort products by various characteristics: weight, size, color, etc. It helps ensure that the packaging of vegetables, fruit and berries is in accordance with the selected characteristics, which is... Сообщение Smart sorting is the key to successful berry sales появились сначала на EastFruit.
In February EastFruit experts identified the main reasons for the sharp rise in potatos prices in Uzbekistan over the past few years, having analyzed trends in the production, import and consumption of potatoes for the period from 2000 to 2020. A government document was signed in March – “On the effective use... Сообщение Uzbekistan could sharply reduce the imports of potatoes in 2021 появились сначала на EastFruit.
8 April 2021
One of the main components of the berry business is berry varieties, which are the result of plant breeding programs either in Ukraine or abroad. Ukrainian plant breeding program is one of the components of the country’s food security. This was emphasized by Oleksandr Yareshchenko, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute... Сообщение Berry business: modern global trends and advantages of Ukrainian varieties появились сначала на EastFruit.
Uzbekistan plans to join the countries that produce their own olive oil in the coming years. At the end of March 2021, the National News Agency of Uzbekistan announced plans to establish olive plantations on 530 hectares in the south of the country in the same year. What motivated this plan... Сообщение Uzbekistan is planning to become a major producer of olive oil появились сначала на EastFruit.
Sea buckthorns is a new and relatively easy culture for the commercial production. The demand for it is growing from year to year. Thus, Ukrainian companies are actively expanding the cultivated area SEEDS writes. Fedir Prima, chief agronomist of the agricultural company Ecopark (Chernihiv region), spoke about this during the... Сообщение The demand for sea buckthorns is constantly growing according to the Ukrainian producers появились сначала на EastFruit.
7 April 2021
According to EastFruit analysts, despite the continuing decline in the strawberry production in Georgia, its prices may be lower this year than usual. At first it seems completely illogical, so we will try to understand the reasons for this phenomenon in this article. Usually, strawberries appear on the Georgian market... Сообщение Why are the prices and production of strawberries falling in Georgia? появились сначала на EastFruit.
A video conference of the Rosselkhoznadzor and the State Plants Quarantine Inspection under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place in the beginning of April. The Uzbek side spoke about the measures taken after the discovery of a khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium Ev.), a quarantine pest... Сообщение Uzbekistan strengthens phytosanitary control of agricultural products in warehouses появились сначала на EastFruit.
The experts of the Moldovan table grapes associations hope that weather in 2021 will be more favourable than in the previous two years. This will impact positively the quality of products, the volume and structure of their exports. There are reasons for optimism: the situation in the fields (moisture reserves... Сообщение Will Moldova become less dependent on table grapes exports to Russia in the new season? появились сначала на EastFruit.
6 April 2021
EastFruit analysts draw attention to an interesting trend in the Russian vegetable market – while prices for potatoes grown in Russia are record low in the recent seasons and Russia even became a large exporter of these tubers, Russian consumers are taking keen interest in alternative products – yams and... Сообщение Sweet potatoes and yams are Russia’s fastest growing vegetable import categories появились сначала на EastFruit.
Seed companies report a very weak demand for onion seeds this year. As a result, according to their estimates, the sowing of this important crop for the “borsch set” will decrease by about 40%. In the previous few years, the total area of ​​onion plantations in Moldova was about 3.0-3.5... Сообщение Sowing of onion in Moldova will sharply decrease in 2021 появились сначала на EastFruit.
Georgia`s Natural, a major Georgian producer of organic fruit , vegetable juices and canned food, plans to launch a new line by the end of spring – organic kombucha made from berries and root vegetables. Georgia`s Natural is a subsidiary of the diversified Aromaproduct LLC, focused on the production of... Сообщение Georgia`s Natural will introduce organic rosehip and ginger kombucha появились сначала на EastFruit.
5 April 2021
EastFruit analysts draw attention to interesting changes in the East European apple market. The cancellation of tax incentives for the supply of apples from Moldova to Russia from April 1, 2021 led to a sharp increase in the interest of Russian fruit importers in the Serbian apple. Serbian suppliers were... Сообщение Apples from Serbia are replacing apples from Moldova on the Russian market появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to EastFruit analysts, Ukrainian traders have stepped up export shipments of onions to Belarus in addition to continuous large exports to Romania, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The reason for the intensification of exports to Belarus was the increased supply of high-quality onions on the Ukrainian market as many vegetable growers... Сообщение Ukraine increased onion exports to Belarus in addition to Romania and Turkey появились сначала на EastFruit.
The Rosselkhoznadzor warned the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan about the possible suspension of the imports of Turkmen tomatoes due to repeated cases of infection of these products with the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) According to the correspondent of “KazakhZerno.kz”, the discussion of this aspect took place during... Сообщение Russia strengthens control on the imports of tomatoes from Turkmenistan появились сначала на EastFruit.
3 April 2021
In the second decade of April tomatoes from AgroHub’s own greenhouse will be available in the Georgian hypermarket chain AgroHub, which is known for a wide range of farm products. As the director of AgroHub George Dzhashiashvili told EastFruit, the first harvest of tomatoes begins in 7-10 days in the... Сообщение AgroHub hypermarket is selling tomatoes from its own greenhouse появились сначала на EastFruit.
2 April 2021
The National Agency of State Property of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia has put up for sale 50 agricultural plots with a total surface of ​​706 hectares within the framework of the “100 Investment Proposals for Business” campaign. Of the total number of land plots, 4... Сообщение 50 state-owned agricultural plots of land for sale in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
Farmers in Uzbekistan have been actively expanding the area cultivated with pomegranate in recent years. At the same time, the cultivation of pomegranates in Uzbekistan seems to be promising for both its farmers and officials. Appetite for pomegranate is increasing – especially on paper In September last year, EastFruit wrote... Сообщение Is pomegranate a new strategic priority for the fruit sector in Uzbekistan? появились сначала на EastFruit.
EastFruit analysts made an in-depth analysis of the quality of hazelnuts in Georgia and its impact on exports, exporters’ revenue and even the country’s reputation. Although this material is devoted to Georgia and hazelnuts, many countries, exporters of fruit and vegetables in our region will be able to find analogies... Сообщение Georgia risks losing more than $80 million on the export of hazelnuts появились сначала на EastFruit.
1 April 2021
The season of duties exemption for several groups of food products, including fresh fruit supplied from Moldova to the Russian market, expired on March 31, 2021. As a result, according to preliminary estimates of Moldovan traders, they will have to subtract from the current prices for exported apples, depending on... Сообщение New problems in sight for the Moldovan apples on the Russian market появились сначала на EastFruit.
The asparagus season in Europe will start two weeks later than usual The asparagus season in Germany, a country with the highest consumption of asparagus, is 14 days late compared to last year as reported by AgroTimes with reference to FreshPlaza. “The asparagus season in the west started about 14... Сообщение The asparagus season in Europe will start two weeks later than usual появились сначала на EastFruit.
EastFruit analysts point out the fact that fruit imports in January 2021 remained virtually unchanged compared to the same month in 2020, but changes in the import structure were significant. First of all, attention is drawn to the decrease in the volume of imports of two key items – bananas... Сообщение Fruit imports to Russia in January 2021 were marked by a drop in supplies of bananas and apples появились сначала на EastFruit.
31 March 2021
The construction of an export-oriented wholesale distribution center (DC) for storage and processing of agricultural products has begun in the city of Elektrostal, Moscow Region (Russia This is reported by the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, Sergei Voskresensky on the website of Ministry of Agriculture of... Сообщение A new wholesale distribution center (DC) will be built in the Moscow region (Russia) появились сначала на EastFruit.
The Russian market is witnessing another wave of price reduction for onions, according to APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruit analysts. As previously reported, many farmers hoped that prices for onions would begin to rise in early spring, as a significant volume of products that had become unusable after the severe February... Сообщение Onion’s price down by 10% in a week in Russia появились сначала на EastFruit.
In 2020, Russia increased its purchases of cherries and wild cherries by $ 18 million, according to the study of the marketing agency ROIF Expert “Cherry and sweet cherry market in Russia: research and forecast until 2025”, delivered in 2021. Read also: Russian imports surge for plums, cherries, persimmons, and... Сообщение Russia significantly increased imports of cherries in 2020 появились сначала на EastFruit.
30 March 2021
According to EastFruit analysts, in the first two months of 2021, China increased fruit imports by 34% over the same period in 2020 to a record $ 3.2 billion. Thus, in just two years, fruit imports to China in January-February grew by $ 1 billion, or 45%, and in four... Сообщение Fruit imports to China breaking records in early 2021. What’s trending? появились сначала на EastFruit.
29 March 2021
Chile’s blueberry export season is almost over. At the end of the 11th week of 2021, the exports of Chilean blueberries since the beginning of the season amounted to 118,225 tons, which is 8.2% more than in the same period in 2020, and 6% higher than the preliminary export forecast... Сообщение Chilean blueberry exports are up 8.2% this season появились сначала на EastFruit.
In 2020 Ukraine imported around 1 million tons of various fruit according to the UCAB (Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club) as reported by SEEDS.org.ua. This is a historical maximum in terms of fruit imports, which exceeds the same indicator of last year by 8% and one and a half times the... Сообщение Ukraine imported a record amount of fruit in 2020 появились сначала на EastFruit.
EastFruit experts completed a preliminary assessment of damage to stone fruit (cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums), as well as almonds in Uzbekistan from the second wave of frosts that swept across the country in mid-March. As we expected, damage to stone fruit increased dramatically. Since Uzbekistan is the second largest... Сообщение Prices of Uzbek apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines and almonds are expected to soar due to frost loses появились сначала на EastFruit.
28 March 2021
Highlights of the analytical report: Turkey bypassing Ecuador to become #1 exporter of fresh produce to Russia; Growing importance of Iran, which became #3 exporter of fruits & vegetables to Russia; Consumption of fruits & vegetables in Russia in 2020 increased sharply despite declining consumers’ incomes; China continues to be... Сообщение Fruit imports to Russia in 2020 – detailed analysis of the trends, suppliers and structure появились сначала на EastFruit.
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