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The experts in the political science, electoral systems and sociology have said what might be the outcome of the parliamentary elections. The views were revealed during the press conference of IPN, TRIBUNA informs. According to Dora Petruti, the general manager of the sociological research company [imas], the Democrats managed to promote the social agenda in […]
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An independent candidate in the parliamentary elections in single-mandate constituency № 3 Edinet Marin Livadaru claims that he has 20 years of experience in the life and activities as an entrepreneur in Germany and Switzerland. As TRIBUNA reports, in one of the social networks of marine Livadaru noted that he considers himself a practitioner, not […]
The President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon claims that if he is again tried to be removed from office, he will take people to the streets.  He said during a “Straight line”, answering the question whether withdrawn the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation Andrey Negutsa. According to the […]
The centre for development partnership, today on the day of wage equality, made a report on income inequality between women and men, according to the TRIBUNA. Thus, according to the authors of the report, the wage gap between women and men is 13.5 per cent. According to the same report, most women earn income from […]
The company iData published the last pre-election public opinion barometer, regarding the vote in single-member districts and the national district. Thus, according to BOM, the unit ACUM wins in 13 districts, including two from the Diaspora, in six Metropolitan districts, and also in the districts of Ungheni-Prut, Straseni, Criuleni, Ialoveni-Ialoveni North and the South; the […]
During the election period, Chiril Gaburici, candidate for the parliamentary elections in the constituency no.31(Chisinau), had a series of meetings and discussions with the residents of the Ciocana and Riscani sectors. As TRIBUNA informs, in a post on her personal blog, Chiril Gaburici mentioned that people have reported more problems, consequently coming up with solutions […]
The Development Partnership Center (CPD) today on the Salary Equality Day came up with a report on income inequalities between women and men, TRIBUNA informs. Thus, according to the authors of the report, the gender pay gap is 13.5%. According to the same report, women earn more from their job, but men and from other legal sources […]
The ex-Liberal deputy, Boris Vieru, died. This was announced by the representatives of the Liberal Party (PL)  in a post on a social network, TRIBUNA informs. “With infinite sadness, we learned about the death of our fellow-fighter for the national ideal of the reunification of the Romanian nation – Boris Vieru. A very good man, a king of […]
The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CCRM) participated in the information session regarding the launch of the third call for proposals under the 2014-2020 Danube Transnational Program. As TRIBUNA informs, according to a press release, the event was organized by the State Chancellery in collaboration with the structures of the Program. The […]
The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (CALC) has today presented its fourth report on monitoring the behaviour of the media in the electoral campaign. According to TRIBUNA, during the monitoring period (9 January – 16 February 2019), the frequency and duration of the material at 12 TV stations was 1049 items of direct and indirect […]
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Interview with Sergiu Sirbu, the deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova from the Democratic Party Mr Sîrbu, how was the year 2018 for you from the political and legislative point of view? Personally, and from the point of view of PDM, 2018 was a year of progress. Our agenda, of the Parliament, […]
Interview with Ian Lisnevschi, Director of “Intellect Group” – Political Almanah 2018 How has the market of political consultancy services evolved in 2018? The internal political consultancy market has gone through a very interesting period, rich in events but also heavy, and is still going on. As a result, we can talk about a positive […]
It seems that Democrat Sergiu Sîrbu is the best in his dialogue with ladies from the village. He appears in a lot of pictures communicating specifically with this category of voters.Mr. Sirbu, maybe you should contribute to the appearance of a new party of ladies from the village? If this category of voters is close to your […]
The Central Electoral Commission (CEC)  today accredited new national and international observers for the parliamentary elections of 24 February 2019. As TRIBUNA informs, it is about the accreditation of a national observer from the Promo-LEX Public Association for polling stations set up outside the Republic of Moldova, 61 national observers from the Public Association of Children […]
Gagauz famous poet and playwright Tour Zaneta has dedicated a touching poem by former of the democratic party Nikolai Dudoglo. In his video message, Zanet noted that” he rarely dedicates a poem to anyone, but Nikolai Dudoglo-this is a special case.” The writer urged the residents of the Comrat district to vote for Nikolai Dudoglo […]
Interview with Minister of economy and infrastructure Chirill Gaburici In 2018, you became Minister of economy and infrastructure. What prompted you to accept this position? First, at that stage, the Ministry in this composition was a novelty for the Republic of Moldova. Here we are talking about the complex structure of the institution, which includes […]
The candidates of the electoral bloc NOW – The platform DA and PAS today, at a press conference, referred to illegal constructions in Chisinau, TRIBUNA informs. The candidate from the electoral bloc NOW in the constituency no. 27 – Buiucani, Vladimir Bolea, provided more details about the event. “The first time we were in this […]
On the basis of contracts for sale/purchase of planting material between Moldovan nurseries and Russian economic agents, a group of experts from Rosselihoznadzor organized a working visit to the agricultural farms in Orhei and Straseni districts, informs TRIBUNA. “The experts took samples, which will later be tested under laboratory conditions in the Russian Federation and […]
The phenomenon of violence against women in elections and in election campaign persists. The conclusion was made by the Association Women for Contemporary Society in partnership with the Gender Equality Platform in the presentation of the report “Violence against women in Elections – the first confessions,” TRIBUNA informs. According to the secretary of the Platform for Gender […]
The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, celebrated yesterday his birthday. As TRIBUNA informs, in a post on a social networking site, Igor Dodon, posted a video, made to the presidency, with guests visiting him throughout the day. “Thank you all for your congratulations and good wishes that you addressed to me today. […]
The largest energy interconnection project between Moldova and Romania continues through the construction of the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline, up to Chisinau. The construction works of the Ungheni – Chisinau pipeline started today, in the presence of Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the Vice-prime Minister of Romania for the implementation of strategic partnerships, Ana Birchall, TRIBUNA informs. The […]
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A survey conducted by Lake Research Partners and administered by IMAS, in collaboration with Lake Research Partners, on February 3-16, 2019, on a sample of 1521 respondents, shows that 52% of citizens decided which party will vote in parliament , 10% will decide in the next weeks of the electoral campaign, 21% – in the […]
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has announced several international organizations regarding the actions of the Russian Federation in the case of the two Moldovan pilots recently released from prison in Afghanistan and transported to Moscow, TRIBUNA informs. According to a press release, the Russian authorities refused to give to Moldovan delegation access […]
The deputy Inna Şupac, even if she is young, has done a great job as president of the parliamentary faction PCRM. And this leads us to think that she would also manage with the leadership of PCRM if Vladimir Voronin eventually decides to withdraw from politics. Mr Voronin, what do you think? Author: TRIBUNA Photo: […]
The electoral bloc NOW – The DA and PAS Platform today, at a press conference, came with an appeal to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova – to participate in the parliamentary elections on 24 February, TRIBUNA informs. The candidate on the constituency no. 33 from the electoral bloc NOW, the leader of the […]
The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, celebrates today his birthday. As TRIBUNA informs, in a post on a social network, the main consultant of the Press Service of the Presidency, Carmena Lupei, wrote that the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, as well as the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia, […]
In an interview for TRIBUNA, the candidate for the position of deputy in the uninominal constituency no. 37 Ion Sula, General Director of the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA), was asked about his electoral objectives after the first meetings with voters. I will continue to support all the electoral promises regarding the national goals, […]
17 February 2019
Interview with Renato Usatîi, the leader of ‘’Our Party’’ Mr Usatīi, at the beginning of the 2018 political year, you proposed a referendum to confirm the vote of the inhabitants of the Balti district for you as mayor. Why did you use this gesture? ’’Because the abuse and pressure on the part of the power […]
Interview with Pavel  Filip, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova What were the biggest challenges that the Moldovan Government faced in 2018? The main challenge for me, but also for the Cabinet of Ministers was and is to be able to solve the problems of our citizens.W e must offer a better life to the […]
16 February 2019
The Political Almanac 2018 and the Historical-Political Calendar 2019 were launched, on Friday-evening, 15 February, at a special event at the MOST Restaurant. The launch brought together politicians, business people, leaders of public institutions, journalists, analysts and others. Below, we present you a photo gallery from the event. Author: TRIBUNA Photo: Andrei Bogus Trainee translator:Mihaela Grosu
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