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Bots and trolls are poisoning social media in Montenegro, experts say, and there is no solution in sight.
30 November 2022
Fourth electricity price rise in a year – this time of about 25 per cent – will add to the difficuties facing Moldovans as winter closes in.
28 November 2022
Russian energy company on Monday said it will continue to supply gas to Moldova – backing away from earlier threat to reduce supplies, citing alleged pipeline theft.
24 November 2022
Moldovan President calls for defiance after Russian missile atacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure cut the electricity supply for several hours.
Moldova’s former president and his party are exploiting an awareness campaign against LGBT bullying in schools to whip up anger against the pro-European government, experts warn.
23 November 2022
Pro-government deputies are calling for the SIS to be given powers to undertake various actions without having to obtain court permission first.
Justice Ministers hails court order transferring ownership of international airport from a shadowy company run by fugitive oligarch to Moldovan state.
22 November 2022
The European Court of Human Rights ordered Moldova to pay compensation after a chief doctor at a psychiatric hospital in the town of Balti raped three female patients.
16 November 2022
Moldova’s foreign minister said the country’s energy security is at risk after blackouts were caused by Russian missile strikes on energy infrastructure targets in neighbouring Ukraine.
The recent Russian bombardment of neighbouring Ukraine has caused some officials in Moldova to argue that the country should abandon its neutral military stance to ensure that it is better defended.
10 November 2022
The Telegram accounts of the President, Deputy PM and other senior officials were hacked into on Wednesday, and fake messages placed on them, authorities have said.
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