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The government of Bulgaria will continue to finance some socio-economical and educational projects in the Taraclia district. This was confirmed by the Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev and the Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov in a meeting with Iurie Leanca, the President of PPEM and the Parliamentary Council for European Integration
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On August 29th at 11pm, the businessman Veaceslav Platon was extradited by the authorities of Ukraine to the Moldovans prosecutors who immediately told him the allegations. On August 30th, he […] The post Businessman Veaceslav Platon extradited to Moldova: “Plahotniuc stole all the money!” appeared first on
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Quality of Romanian language improved considerably, but there is yet a lot to be done, opinions
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Peers teach peers how to avoid street dangers
Three athletes to represent Moldova at Rio Paralympics
Press Council recommends TV channel to protect identity of minors
I saw on Sunday, at that time I was in Chisinau, the interview of the U.S. Ambassador in Chisinau, James Pettit, given to the public TV channel Moldova 1, which provoked so many disputes and hurt the sentiments of so many Romanians in the Republic of Moldova and Romania also. I admit that I felt a concern, discomfort and I approached this subject with an extreme restraint, feeling very unpleasant to comment these affirmations. I approached in the first phase the strategy of not submitting these opinions which I am sure the Ambassador regrets profoundly today. However, the subject inflamed the public opinion from both shores of Prut, I think it is normal to analyze calmly and cold-blooded and have prompt clarifications all of us.
Iurie Leanca meets with President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria
After the Ambassador of the United States of America in Moldova, James Pettit, declared in an interview for the public TV channel M1 that “Moldova is not Romania” and that […] The post Eyebrows raised in Moldova and Romania after US Ambassador declares the union is “not a practical solution” appeared first on
Program of activities on Romanian Language Day
More Moldovan schools receive computers from Korea
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Platon pleads not guilty
Slowly but firmly, we enter the presidential election fever. Some parties already chosen the candidate, others have to do it in the near future. We also have an independent one: the parliamentarian Valeriu Ghilețchii made public his intention to run on its own for the president of the country.
Moldova is 80% Russia, if we refer to the television. These results from the official data that Nicolae Damaschin (vice president of the Audiovisual Coordination Council) presented in an interview for Free Europe: “80% of the audiovisual content on the market in the Republic of Moldova comes from the Russian Federation and is in Russian – 80%
As you all know, together with IMAS Chisinau and, Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning that I manage, conducted an opinion poll and a study at 25 years since the Independence of the Republic of Moldova. We wanted to see how the identity elements of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova look today, reports to the Independence, pride and reasons to be proud of the achievements of the past 25 years, what worked, what did not work, community spirit, societal cohesion and perspectives of the Republic of Moldova.
With the most important national holiday when we celebrate 25 years of independence approaching, the Prime Minister Pavel Filip gave an interview to the portal Deschide.MD. The interview’s author proposed to “filter” the notion of independence through both the vision of the citizen Pavel Filip and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.
PSRM deputies reffered the matter to the Constitutional Court to contest the decree of the President, Nicolae Timofti on granting the Moldovan citizenship to the former Romanian President, Traian Basescu.
To mark 25 years since Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union, here are a few things you probably didn't know about the country.
Moldovan police on Saturday fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters during a parade to mark the former Soviet republic's independence day.
PSRM leader, Igor Dodon and the honorary President of the Democratic Party, Dumitru Diacov launch the first messages of support towards the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova that said „Moldova is not Romania".
Mesajul ambasadorului american în Republica Moldova despre statalitate și prosperitate este ca și cum i-ai spune unui spânzurat că funia e de fapt o cravată mișto, chiar purtată și invers. Noi românii avem mult umor și acum putem râde de declarația lui, căci indiferent ce visează deștepții de la Washington, Republica Moldova este un stat eșuat, doar orbii (orbiții de putere) nu mai văd asta. Și cu asta nu mai e de glumă!
Amnesty International Moldova issued a declaration on August 29th concerning the “abusive and unmotivated use” of tear gas by police towards the protesters during the Independence Day. The actions are […] The post Amnesty International concerned about the police clashes with the protesters on Moldova Independence Day appeared first on
Election period to start
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