Igor Dodon announces gas and water supply projects

IPN, 15 January 2020 12:50

President Igor Dodon, after a meeting with the Premier and Parliament Speaker, announced a number of initiatives designed to improve the living conditions in localities. According to him, there will be implemented national programs to build gas and water supply systems, to light villages, to complete the gasification of communities and to cleanup villages and liquidate waste dumps there

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If the price of oil on the international market does not decrease during the next few weeks, the price of gasoline will be raised again, by at least 0.50 lei a liter, economist of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative “Viitorul” Veaceslav Ioniță posted on Facebook, answering why gasoline grows more expensive, IPN reports.According to the expert, particular cos
Representatives of the political movement Union submitted the documents to the Central Election Commission (CEC) for registering the electoral bloc Union, announcing thus the intention to run in the new parliamentary elections in single-member constituency No. 38, Hâncești.The political movement Union was founded by the Liberal Party, the Romanian People’s Party, the Save Bessar
The Ministry of the Interior has all the capacities to keep the situation under control and will manage to prevent the offenses with the assistance and involvement of civil society, Minister of the Interior Pavel Voicu said in reply to the statements of a group of MPs of the PPPDA, IPN reports.The minister noted he will provide detailed information about the crime situation and will b
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The responsible institutions of Chisinau and Tiraspol are to “immediately” find solutions to not allow the situation related to the movement of motor vehicles with Moldovan license plates to Ukraine to worsen and eventual difficulties for the citizens, President Igor Dodon stated as a result of a telephone conversation with the Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselskii, IPN re
Minister of Justice Fadei Nagachevski said the Public Property Agency last September filed a lawsuit against SRL Avia-Invest to have the contract for the concession of the Chisinau International Airport nullified. However, after the ministry managed by Olesea Stamate made procedural mistakes, the court offered 20 more days for removing these. As a result, four months were lost, IPN repo
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Ruben Atoyan will visit Chisinau during January 22 – February 5, 2020. The visit was announced by Volodymyr Tulin, IMF Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova, by a press statement, IPN reports.The mission will hold discussions with the authorities in preparation of the 2020 Article IV consultation and in the con
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A group of MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) request Minister of the Interior Pavel Voicu to present a detailed report on the crime situation in the country to the national commission on national security, defense and public order next week. They also call on the commission’s chairman Alexandru Jizdan to convoke the commission, IPN reports.Accordin
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Tiraspol as of January 24 will prevent all the types of motor vehicles registered in the Republic of Moldova, which are driven by citizens who reside in Moldova on a permanent basis and have Moldovan driver’s licenses, from crossing Transnistria’s border with Ukraine. The announcement was placed on the website of the de facto Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria, IPN
President Igor Dodon is in Moscow on a short visit today, January 17, “together with a number of colleagues”. The visit was made on the invitation of the Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Herman Gref, to the Sberbank Corporate University. The announcement was placed by President Dodon on his Facebook page, IPN reports.He said he will have meeting with personalitie
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The U.S. authorities’ decision to publicly designate former Democratic leader Vlad Palhotniuc and the members of his family and make them ineligible for visas to the United States sounds practically like a sentence in the case of Vlad Plahotniuc and predicts hard times for the former and yet current oligarch from Chisinau, historian and publicist Gheorghe Cojocaru stated for RFE/R
University professor Ana Guțu, the current vice president of the National Unity Party (PUN), was named secretary of state in the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova by the Prime Minister of Romania Ludovic Orban, MEP Eugen Tomac announced through his Facebook page.“It is a powerful message that our country transmits to the Romanians over the Prut. I must thank
The government coalition formed by the Party of Socialists and the Democratic Party could last until this April, considers former Prime Minister Ion Sturza. According to him, it’s time to act and form a new coalition consisting of the ACUM Bloc and the Democratic Party. This way, the Chicu Government could be removed in spring, IPN reports.“There is a unique chance to leave
Former Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Sturza said incumbent Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo will be unable to reform the justice sector himself if he does not enjoy political support. President Igor Dodon does not want the current justice system to be changed as he benefits from this himself.“A person will do nothing if those who are now in power do not transmit a clear pol
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A number of filling stations posted higher fuel prices. The prices of gasoline and diesel fuel rose by 0.7 lei on average, while the liquefied petroleum gas is now by 1.2 lei more expensive, IPN reports.Currently the gasoline of type “95” is sold for 19.20 lei a liter, as opposed to 18.50 lei a day ago. The gasoline of type “98” costs 19.80 lei a liter, while d
Former vice director of the National Anticorruption Center Cristina Țărnă considers the arresting of the former chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morari and what is happening to him represent revenge taken by the skeletons from the APO’s closet. All those involved in the examination of the criminal case started against him, beginning with those who carrie
Deputy Parliament Speaker Mihai Popșoi, of the Action and Solidarity Party, said that in fair and equal conditions, incumbent President Igor Dodon does not have chances of winning this year’s presidential elections. The opponent of Igor Dodon should be a person with real chances of defeating him and of winning office of President, IPN reports.The politician noted the opinion poll
IPN flow synopsis for January 16, 2020Notre only the fool and the many will be satiatedThe President of Romania Klaus Iohannis said his country will resume full cooperation with the Republic of Moldova when it ascertains that actions to continue the European course are taken at governmental level. “We are not at all sure that the current Government in Chisinau set this objectiv
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An important selection of 80 color Japanese prints is presented at an exhibition hosted by the National Museum of Arts of Moldova. The Museum’s entire collection includes about 200 works. Color woodblock printing is the most popular genre of Ukiyo-e art – pictures of the floating world – that flourished in Japan between the 17th and 19th centuries, presenting the custo
If presidential elections were held next Sunday, 35% of the Moldovans would vote for incumbent President Igor Dodon, 20% for PAS leader Maia Sandu, while 8% for Democratic leader Pavel Filip, shows a survey presented by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of Moldova in a news conference. According to the poll, 69% of those surveyed are sure they will go to vote, IPN reports
The works to build the Ungheni – Chisinau gas pipeline are performed according to plan and are to be completed in the first half of 2020, the National Natural Gas Transmission Society “Transgaz” of Romania has said, being quoted by IPN.In a press release, the company said that when the project to develop the national transmission system in northeastern Romania is impl
The President of Romania, in a meeting with resident ambassadors in Bucharest, said his country will resume full cooperation with the Republic of Moldova when it ascertains that actions to continue the European course and the reform process in such sectors as justice, administration and corruption fighting are taken at governmental level, IPN reports, quoting agerpres.ro.“As rega
President Igor Dodon has announced the organization of a large-scale program on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II under his aegis. He also said that the Memorial Complex “Eternity” in Chisinau will be reconstructed with the Government’s support, IPN reports.On January 16, Igor Dodon convened the first meeting of the working group respons
The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” said the export of Moldovan products to the Russian Federation was privatized by President Igor Dodon for evil purposes and is exploited by this to the detriment of producers. In a news conference, the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase stated the party he heads is concerned about the given situation and the lack of transparency in this
The Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) formulated a legislative proposal to amend the Election Code so that the Moldovan citizens from the diaspora are connected to the political life in the Republic of Moldova. More exactly, the PLDM suggests introducing the quota of 20% for the diaspora by respecting the minimum of two places per each ten persons on the lists of candidates for the parliam
People who knew pop music singer Ștefan Petrache and who appreciated his work on January 16 went to the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac” to render the last homage to the artist. In the morning, a service was held at the Saint Theodora of Sihla Church in Chisinau, where the body was laid. Later, the coffin was taken to the National Palace for several hours, IPN reports.Pop mu
A 51-year-old man was murdered, while his brother aged 47 was hurt in a village of Briceni district. The police arrested a suspect.Contacted by IPN for details, press officer of the Briceni Police Inspectorate Svetlana Talpă said the body of one of the brothers was discovered on the outskirts of the village by a woman, who called the police. A legal examination is to be carried out. Th
The opposition forces, especially those of the right, practically do not have chances of winning the presidential elections set for 2020, first of all because the forces of the right during the last few years have been in a crisis of country development ideas. Furthermore, “struggles” for leadership often occur inside the right and this is only to the disadvantage of the give
The parties of the center-right should get ready for eventual snap parliamentary elections as the current legislative body does not represent the people’s will. Sooner or later, President Igor Dodon and the Government will fail and the parties of the right should be permanently ready for this, stated the president of the Action and Solidarity Party Maia Sandu.“We know how t
The leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase said forces should be now combined and one candidate who will represent the democratic forces should be proposed so that Igor Dodon has no chance of winning. He noted that they took notice of the possibility of the Action and Solidarity Party fielding Maia Sandu as a candidate for President.“W
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