PSRM Republican Council rates highly change of government and sets tasks

IPN, 18 November 2019 9:10

The Republican Council of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) rates highly the results of the last local elections, as well as "the resignation of the Maia Sandu Government and the appointment of a new technocratic Government headed by Ion Chicu”, expressing full support for the actions of the country's leadership and, first of all, of the president of th

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Approximately 44,000 budget sector employees in 2020 will benefit from pay raises ranging from 8% to 63%. The bill to amend the law on the common salary system in the budget sector was given a first reading by Parliament, IPN reports.“The bill implies costs estimated at 372 million lei a year and the given expenses were planned in the 2020 state budget and in the medium term for
Last 8 hours
As many as 196 women were chosen mayors in this year’s local general elections, as opposed to 185 in the elections of 2015. Alina Andronache, programs coordinator at the Partnership for Development Center, in a news conference at IPN said that analyzing the tendencies of the last three polls, it can be anticipated that Moldova will reach the quota of 40% of female candidates for ma
Some 24.6% of the respondents of a poll conducted by Transparency International - Moldova think the institution where they work is affected by corruption. 27.2% of those surveyed answered negatively, while 48.2% avoided answering the question. Among those who answered positively, the greatest corruption is perceived by the employees of the Customs Service (48%), the Border Police (45.8%)
Last 12 hours
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said his agenda does not include a visit to the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM). As to the invitation issued by the Council’s acting chairman Dorel Musteață in a news conference, he noted he is ready to discuss, but hasn’t yet received an invitation and learned about this from press reports, IPN reports.“I didn’t receive an invitati
The ensuring of Moldova’s energy security through consistent high-quality service will be a strategic priority for Termoelectrica and Moldovagaz. The announcement was made in a working meeting of the managers of the two companies, Veaceslav Eni and Vadim Ceban, IPN reports.According to the public utility Termoelectrica, the discussions centered on the development of cooperation r
Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo instructed two groups of prosecutors to carry out complex inspections at the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases. Viorel Morari was suspended from the post of chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office.According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the pro
The Istanbul Convention is to be approved by the Cabinet later this week, Prime Minister Ion Chicu announced after the ordinary meeting with President Igor Dodon and Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi, IPN reports.“The Government will approve this Convention and will submit it to Parliament for ratification,” stated the Premier.According to him, an adviser to the Prime
A new party of the left appeared on the political arena of the Republic of Moldova. This is the Common Action Civic Congress Party whose constitution congress was held on December 8. The new party was founded by former Communist MPs Mark Tkachuk and Iurie Muntean. By its political program, the party aims to rapidly and radically change the whole system of public relations where the moder
Last 24 hours
The National Political Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) at a meeting on December 8 reiterated the party’s option to have a common agenda with all the pro-European parties so as to offer Moldova a democratic and European alternative. A statement adopted at the meeting says that after four years of intimidation and harassment, the PLDM is returning forcefully
Prime Minister Ion Chicu sent a message of condolences to his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Honcharuk in connection with the Odessa fire that claimed ten lives, including of a fireman, IPN reports.“I express my compassion over the loss of ten lives in the December 4 Odessa fire. I offer the sincerest condolences to the families and those close to them. In these hard moments, my s
The National Unity Party (PUN) has a new president. This is MP Octavian Țîcu, who was elected leader at the party’s second extraordinary congress on December 7, IPN reports.The congress also chose the party’s former president Anatol Șalaru as secretary general of the PUN and made changes to the party’s statutes and political program. One of the changes is the replacem
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A man aged 47 from Clococenii Vechi village of Glodeni district was found dead in his house that was destroyed by fire. The firefighters were called out in the morning of December 7 and the fire was extinguished during about half an hour. The body of the man didn’t have signs of carbonization.Contacted by IPN, press officer of the National Emergencies Inspectorate Liliana Pușcașu
Students of German schools based in Chisinau, children who represent German organizations from Bender, Tirapol, Cahul and Chisinau, on December 7 are taking part in a master-class where they learn to decorate the traditional German cookie Lebkuchen. The event is at its second edition and is organized by the public association German House “Hoffnung” in Moldova in the context
The official number of the unemployed in the third quarter of this year stood at 38,000. The unemployment affected mainly men and persons from rural areas. The unemployment rate at national level was 4%, IPN reports, with reference to the National Bureau of Statistics.Among young people, of the 15-24 age bracket, the jobless rate was 11.3%, while in the 15-29 age bracket – 8.4%.
The official reserve assets at the end of November were US$ 3.055,54 billion, an increase of US$ 41.51 million on October 31, when these were US$ 3.014,03 billion, IPN has learned from the National Bank of Moldova.The rise was due to the registration of US$ 38.62 million in budget support grants from the European Commission in the name of the EU in favor of the Ministry of Finance. Thi
The total revenues of the state budget during the first ten months of 2019 exceeded 32 billion lei and are by 7.6% higher than in the corresponding period last year owing to the 8.3% rise in the general and collected revenues, IPN reports, quoting the Ministry of Finance.The State Tax Service increased the collected amounts by 3.9% on the same period last year to over 14 billion lei. &
The United Nations in Moldova marked with awards outstanding achievements in human rights in Moldova in 2019. Organized since 2004, each year, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the UN Gala of Human Rights Awards highlights and awards the most valuable, innovative, effective and participatory initiatives and actions to protect and promote human rights in Moldova, IPN repo
The congress to constitute the Common Action Civic Congress Party was scheduled for December 8. This is to adopt the party’s program and statutes and to elect its collective administration.Contacted by IPN, Mark Tkachuk, one of the members of the initiative group, said the registration documents will be submitted to the Public Services Agency after the congress. The party will no
The leader of the Action and Solidarity Party Maia Sandu, ex-Prime Minister, would return to Parliament if she runs in the new elections in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, where new parliamentary elections will be held after Democratic MP Alexandru Botnari vacated the seat of MP, considers former Deputy Prime Minister Alexandru Muravski. According to him, Hâncești is one of the constituenc
The Constitutional Court judgment of 2016 concerning the direct election of the Head of State by the people is illegal as the judges had no right to interpret the supreme law this way. This mistake should be corrected now so that the President is elected by the MPs, as the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova provides, chairman of the Party of Communists (PCRM) Vladimir Voronin was qu
Former minister of the interior Andrei Năstase, chairman of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”, said that in the period during which he served at the Ministry of the Interior, a criminal case over the illegal financing of the Democratic Party (PDM) was started. He noted he expects that the new prosecutor general will deal with this case in accordance with the law, IPN rep
Key from December 6, 2019 IPN newscast In a trapThe new Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, who left the Prosecutor’s Office when Plahotniuc tried to make him a prosecutor of his, was imposed on President Igor Dodon by the development partners, considers former Premier Ion Sturza. He said that President Dodon is very vulnerable in the current situation, he being suspected o
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6 December 2019
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Key from December 5, 2019 IPN newscastIt started to be difficult and the end is expected to be even more difficult...The MPs adopted the general indicators of the 2020 state budget. The draft budgetary-fiscal and customs policy for 2020 and for a medium term was agreed after being given a first reading. “The wise” cannot take the stone outJurist Stanislav Pavlo
The persons who benefit from pensions and state social benefits will get lump sums of 700 lei in financial assistance. The money will be available starting with next January and could be collected until the yearend. A bill to this effect and other initiatives that increase the successor’s pension among others were given two readings by Parliament, IPN reports.The financial
At least three cases when legal entities or private individuals connected their wastewater and sewer pipes to surface water sewers or to rivulets that discharge into the Byk River were identified in Chisinau by a commission that inspected the area around Calea Basarabiei St, IPN reports.According to the Public Amenities Division, the commission examined the surface water sewers
Democratic MP Vladimir Cebotari said that if admitting that the phones of political opponents, journalists and civic activists were tapped during the rule of the Democratic Party, he can assure that the wiretapping goes on and things are much more profound than their political opponents assert, IPN reports.“The problems are much more serious and you try to politicize them,
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