Lawyer of German citizen accuses authorities of unfairly treating her client

IPN, 15 November 2019 19:40

The lawyer of a German citizen alleges that her client, although he was conned and detained without grounds several times, is unfairly targeted in a criminal investigation in Moldova. In an IPN press conference, lawyer Angela Procopciuc said that her client, Friedrich Maier, is accused of falsifying an official document via his representative, of which he does not know. Additionally, the

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Political analyst Vladimir Socor said the “5+2” mechanism used in the Transnistrian settlement process since 2005 is completely inefficient. In reality, this plays the role of blocking eventual decisions imposed by Russia on the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.“The Republic of Moldova can use the “5+2” forum to block such decisions in the future. The situ
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The chairman of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase said the whole bloc ACUM should be making effort to prevent President Igor Dodon from winning the second term in office at the next year’s presidential elections. He noted he will do his best to stop Igor Dodon from holding office for another four years. He yet avoided saying if he intends to
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The Republic of Moldova is currently under magnifying glass in the European Union. The latest political developments in Chisinau have been followed in Brussels very attentively, Romanian MEP Corina Crețu stated, noting there is particular concern there about the political changes in Moldova.“Effectively, the Republic of Moldova is under magnifying glass at present. In Luxemburg,
The chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morari, who was delegated by Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo to serve at the Prosecutor General’s Office, suspects that the prosecutor general pursues a hidden goal and aims to remove him from the administration of the APO. He noted there is no conflict between him and Alexandr Stoianoglo, but they have differe
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Key from December 10, 2019 IPN newscastBarking up the wrong tree“This person, Viorel Morari, plays the key role in a number of really political cases. If we examine his biography since 2014, we will identify “the case of Antifa”, which is a purely political one. In 2014, Morari handled the case of the armored car of Banca de Economii that burned in Ialoveni together
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The authorities, institutions from the education, social assistance and healthcare sectors, parents and children, members of civil society undertook to cooperate to eliminate the barriers and create opportunities of access to education for all the children. A resolution to this effect was adopted in the fourth Annual National Conference on Inclusive Education, IPN reports.Secretary of
The Republic of Belarus is ready to offer Moldova preferential loans for building roads and for other mutually advantageous projects, Ambassador of Belarus Serghei Ciciuc announced in a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Pușcuța, Minister of Finance, IPN reports.In this connection, Serghei Ciciuc spoke about the rehabilitation of the road that bypasses Vulcănești town and a part
The group of the Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) on the Chisinau Municipal Council says a politically affiliated company was chosen to organize the Christmas Bazaar, IPN reports.The councilors demand that the mayor should present the documents used in the procedure for selecting “Maximus Grup” SRL to stage the cultural events in the central square of Chisina
More than 1,000 routes will be suspended and the units of transport will be parked in localities on December 11 in protest at the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure’s refusal to increase passenger transportation fares, IPN reports.According to an announcement by the president of the Board of the Employers Association of Road Transport Operators Oleg Alexa, 400 units of transp
Arbitration is a safe method of resolving disputes and the development of arbitration institutions in Moldova is only to the benefit of the state and the citizens. The founding of the Chisinau City Arbitration Court was announced in a news conference at IPN.According to the president of the Chisinau City Arbitration Court Alexandr Tselihov, arbitration offers the parties the possibilit
The public association “Arbitration Association of the Republic of Moldova” has announced the founding of the Arbitration Court of the municipality of Chisinau whose task is to resolve national and international disputes by amicable ways, avoiding the courts of law.In a news conference at IPN, Valentin Vizant, president of the Arbitration Association of the Republic of Mold
The examination of a dispute in common courts of law can last for several years, while in arbitration courts the procedure does not exceed several months. This and other advantages of arbitration were presented in a news conference at IPN in connection with the founding of the Arbitration Court of the municipality of Chisinau.The Arbitration Court’s president Alexandru Tselihov s
Private investigator Anatolie Postică, ex-chief of the Internal Protection and Anticorruption Division of the Ministry of the Interior, will inform the prosecutor general about the hushing up of dangerous real estate scams thought up by the former administrator of a Chisinau real estate firm. In his complaint, Anatolie Postică says there are unfinished cases featuring the former administ
The October 18 searches carried out at the homes of employees of a real estate company were conducted in a fake case and there were no legal reasons for those acts, considers private detective Anatolie Postică, ex-head of the Internal Protection and Anticorruption Division of the Ministry of the Interior.In a news conference at IPN, Anatolie Postică, who is an anticorruption expert, sa
Over 120 volunteers of the Youth Klinic (YK) Moldova network on December 7 came together for a meeting to assess the work done in 2019 and to plan the activities for 2020. This year the event was held under a special theme – “Disability as a Challenge” – so as to better sensitize the adolescents and specialists to the problems faced by the persons with disabilitie
The Edinet Town Court sentenced a 22-year-old man to 13 years in jail for burgling the homes of two women aged 62 and 73 from Burlănești village the same evening. He raped one of the two women, threatening her with a knife, and mistreated the other one. He aimed to steal money, but could not find some and left with several low-value items, IPN reports.The Procurator General’s Off
More than 3,700 homes have been purchased as part of the governmental program “First House” since its launch so far. According to the Ministry of Finance, the banks released loans totaling 1.8 billion lei and the guarantees came to 936.6 million lei, IPN reports.Most of the beneficiaries are families and slightly over 1,000 are unmarried young people. The average age of the
Former prosecutor of Chisinau municipality Ivan Diacov said the prosecutors who dealt with the case concerning the bank fraud will be replaced. This resonant case will be handled by people from outside the Prosecutor’s Office, which is by former prosecutors. Discussions are now held with former prospectors and solutions to reintegrate them into the system are being looked for, IPN
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the Government he heads cold leave much earlier or much later than the next year’s presidential elections and everything depends on the results delivered by the Cabinet. According to him, if the expectations of society are not met by the new Government until next April-May, any minister or even the Prime Minister can leave, IPN reports.“This is
MP of the PAS group Sergiu Litvinenko said the new Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo’s decision to name the chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) Viorel Morari as prosecutor at the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) is illegal. He noted the legislation clearly stipulates in what situations a person can be delegated to work for a period of up to a mon
The more important is the executive post, the higher is the number of people who prefer this post to be held by a man rather than a woman. According to a poll carried out by the Partnership for Development Center during October 25-31, the people in Moldova still believe that particular categories of persons should not become involved in the decision-making process or hold public posts.
Key from December 9, 2019 IPN newscastParts that form “matryoshka” no matter how they are placedA new party of the left appeared on the political arena of the Republic of Moldova. This is the Common Action Civic Congress Party whose constitution congress was held on December 8. The new party was founded by former Communist MPs Mark Tkachuk and Iurie Muntean. They also d
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9 December 2019
Approximately 44,000 budget sector employees in 2020 will benefit from pay raises ranging from 8% to 63%. The bill to amend the law on the common salary system in the budget sector was given a first reading by Parliament, IPN reports.“The bill implies costs estimated at 372 million lei a year and the given expenses were planned in the 2020 state budget and in the medium term for
As many as 196 women were chosen mayors in this year’s local general elections, as opposed to 185 in the elections of 2015. Alina Andronache, programs coordinator at the Partnership for Development Center, in a news conference at IPN said that analyzing the tendencies of the last three polls, it can be anticipated that Moldova will reach the quota of 40% of female candidates for ma
Some 24.6% of the respondents of a poll conducted by Transparency International - Moldova think the institution where they work is affected by corruption. 27.2% of those surveyed answered negatively, while 48.2% avoided answering the question. Among those who answered positively, the greatest corruption is perceived by the employees of the Customs Service (48%), the Border Police (45.8%)
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said his agenda does not include a visit to the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM). As to the invitation issued by the Council’s acting chairman Dorel Musteață in a news conference, he noted he is ready to discuss, but hasn’t yet received an invitation and learned about this from press reports, IPN reports.“I didn’t receive an invitati
The ensuring of Moldova’s energy security through consistent high-quality service will be a strategic priority for Termoelectrica and Moldovagaz. The announcement was made in a working meeting of the managers of the two companies, Veaceslav Eni and Vadim Ceban, IPN reports.According to the public utility Termoelectrica, the discussions centered on the development of cooperation r
Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo instructed two groups of prosecutors to carry out complex inspections at the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases. Viorel Morari was suspended from the post of chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office.According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the pro
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