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Șor Party candidate for mayor of Chișinău, Valerii Klimenco, said that, given the number of Russian-speakers in Chișinău, there is a real chance to "dump to the trash bin of history those who hide behind pro-Russian rhetoric, in order to fulfill their own interest"."On Sunday, when you decide the fate of Chișinău, that is, the fate of all the residents of our city, you s
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Representatives of several youth organizations in Chisinau argue that the mayor does not have to be a politician who is concerned about the language that is spoken, about ideals or unifications, but a person dealing with the city's problems. They urge young people, but also the entire community of Chisinau to vote "a mayor with a pragmatic approach". According to them, some
The inclusion of people with disabilities and Rroma people in local elections continues to be problematic. The conclusion is part of "How inclusive are the general local elections of October 20, 2019?" monitoring report, developed by the East Europe Foundation.The report presented at a press conference at IPN, by Polina Panainte, secretary of the Civic Coalition for Free and
"On Sunday, we will decide together the fate of Chișinău for the next four years", said the Socialist Party candidate for the position of mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban. The mayoral hopeful said that he is the only candidate who has put forward real solutions for the issues that the residents of Chișinău face, as well as a vision for the development of the municipality, elabor
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Andrei Năstase, the candidate of ACUM Bloc for Chisinau City Hall, guarantees "serious, multiannual expertise and funding from Romania and Europe". To do this, says the candidate, everybody has to go to the polls and vote, and this vote should be a "pro-European one, that is to say pro-ACUM bloc ". Statements in this regard were made during a press briefing, IPN repor
Out of the 3 746 candidates registered for the mayoral position in the 896 1st level electoral councils, only 338 (10%) are independent, while the others run on behalf of parties or electoral blocs. The number of registration refusals is at least 12, of which 10 for potential independent candidates. The data was presented in the 4th Report of the Observation Mission of the general local
The independent candidate for MP seat in constituency no. 50, in the west of the Republic of Moldova, Vasile Calmațui, declares himself dissatisfied with the fact that the authorities have changed at the last moment the address of the polling station 50/16 in Montreuil, Paris, France.At an IPN press conference, Vasile Calmațui, has said that such a decision disadvantages him, because h
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The heads of the institutions under the control of the central public administration, who will not perform their duties properly, may be dismissed. The MP of the PAS group, ACUM Bloc, Sergiu Litvinenco, has presented today, during a press briefing, a legislative initiative proposing new grounds to hold accountable the executives who will not fulfil their duties, IPN reports.According t
The candidate of the National Unity Party for the mayoralty of the capital, Octavian Țîcu, calls for mobilization on the eve of the local elections on Sunday. "I urge you to show solidarity and understanding of the special political context, thus helping us create another image for politics and another image for Chisinau," said the electoral contender at a press conference, IPN
The Social-Political Movement "Forța Nouă" candidate for the position of mayor of Chișinău, Victor Chironda, urged the residents of Chișinău to vote for a "City Hall that works for the people" and to vote for a "Municipal Council that will really solve the issues of Chișinău". According to him, on October 20, citizens will have to make a choice "not bet
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The chairman of the Democratic Party, Pavel Filip, says he is absolutely confident that the party he represents will get good results in the October 20 elections. This is because "all PDM candidates are valuable people, good administrators, professionals, they know the problems of the people and, unlike others, they know the solutions to these problems". The statement was made
The chairman of the parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into banking fraud, PPDA MP, ACUM bloc, Alexandru Slusari, said that after the publishing the Commission's report he expects that within 30 days the Prosecutor's Office will issue a report on the institution's actions and inaction regarding the banking fraud. Additionally, the deputy expects that the Prosecutor's Off
IPN flow synopsis, for 17 October 2019Less from us, ...By 2020, the government will put forward a "solidarity budget". The document entails that the entire society will be in solidarity with people who have low incomes. More social programs: for beneficiaries of pensions under 1500 de lei – allowances from 350 lei to 500 lei per month, an increase in the number of ben
Border Police Chief Rosian Vasiloi says he is absolutely certain that Ilan Șor and Vladimir Plahotniuc have left the country through the Transnistrian segment. According to him, the families of these two politicians, as well as people close to them, left the country through the Chisinau International Airport. The statements were made on " Shadow Cabinet " program, Jurnal TV, IP
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The IPN news agency has identified some of the problems of Chisinau municipality and has asked the candidates for the position of mayor of the capital how they intend to solve them. Octavian Ţîcu, the candidate of the National Unity Party, argues that street lighting gives the first impression to travellers and citizens about the welfare and safety of the settlement. Unfortunate
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The IPN news agency has identified some of the problems of Chisinau municipality and has asked the candidates for the position of mayor of the capital how they intend to solve them. Octavian Ţîcu, the candidate of the National Unity Party, argues that street lighting gives the first impression to travellers and citizens about the welfare and safety of the settlement. Unfortunately, the
17 October 2019
The Romanian People's Party candidate for the position of mayor of Chișinău, Vladimir Țurcanu, claimed that the Socialist Party, through a surrogate, alleged that the PPR violated the electoral legislation through the campaign video ads that present good practices in five cities from Romania. The mayoral hopeful said that he upholds the rules that are invoked in a complaint filed in
In Stăuceni commune, Chisinau municipality, vote rigging could take place. At an IPN press conference, Nicolae Balaur, an independent candidate for mayor, has stated that it is possible that the "rigging process could extend to all the suburbs" of Chisinau."In February 2019, 7480 persons with voting rights were included on the lists. As of September 2019, according to th
The Socialist Party candidate for the mayoral seat of the capital, Ion Ceban, promised that, over the course of the next four years, he will repair 80 kindergartens and will put into operation 20 new kindergartens and a hundred new groups, including nursery groups.In a press conference, the candidate said that there are 159 kindergartens in Chișinău, most of which must be renovated. &q
Valeriu Munteanu, candidate of Save Bessarabia Union for the Chisinau City Hall, argues that misinformation and propaganda is a constant phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova, representing the main tool used against the pro-European, pro-Romanian parties and their candidates.At a press conference at IPN, Valeriu Munteanu said that propaganda and misinformation are specific elements tha
Five educational institutions and a district hospital will receive financial support from the government of Japan in order to improve working conditions. On Thursday, October 17, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Moldova, Masanobu Yoshii, together with the administrators of the six institutions, signed the grant contracts for the implementation of six new projects under the &quo
Lilian Carp, PAS, ACUM Bloc MP, said that there was no integral file for the investigation of the bank fraud. There were several fragmented files, which were intended to mislead the public opinion. According to him, "they all stole together and it is clear that an integral file did not exist, because all frauds were operated from a single command point and thieves can not put handcu
In his speech at the Parliament rostrum, after presenting the report on the bank fraud, MP Dumitru Alaiba,  member of the Commission of Inquiry, conveyed a message to the perpetrators of the billion theft to give up any hope of escaping, as they shall be brought to justice, IPN reports.Dumitru Alaiba urged the opposition MPs, who left the meeting room during the presentation of th
As we approach the day of general local elections and snap parliamentary elections, the number of politically partisan television stations that support political parties, favoring or disadvantaging certain electoral competitors, is increasing. These results were presented by Independent Journalism Center (CJI), part of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, in the third monitoring re
Non-performing loans are not related to the theft of the billion, says Socialist MP Vladimir Golovatiuc, a member of the Commission of Inquiry for the elucidation of the circumstances of the banking system looting and the investigation of bank fraud. "Non-performing loans represent the National Bank's mark given upon verification of the quality of the loan portfolio. These loans
Lawyer Ilie Rotaru requests an audience with the Prime Minister Maia Sandu in order to solve the problems related to the situation at JSC "Gemeni", where he is a shareholder. According to the lawyer, in July he received, as well as the Government and other defendants, a notification from the ECHR that they can negotiate a reconciliation on the issue regarding the commercial com
The process of the banking system looting was a well-prepared operation in time, coordinated with politicians and state dignitaries. It is one of the conclusions of the report for the elucidation of all circumstances of the banking system looting and investigation of the banking fraud, presented on October 17 at the plenary of the Parliament, by the MP Alexandru Slusari, IPN reports.Al
The Danube Transnational Program 2014-2020 launched the second stage of the third call for project proposals. The call is open until November 25. Institutions from the Republic of Moldova have the opportunity to align themselves with the projects selected as partners, IPN reportsThe Ministry of Finance mentioned in a press release that the package of documents, as well as the detailed
Underground platforms for waste collection are to be installed in Chișinău municipality, making it possible to avoid the unpleasant odor and the spread of filth. After the installation of the platforms, the separate collection of glass, paper, plastic and household waste will be promoted. The idea was put forward by Union Save Basarabia candidate for the position of mayor of the capital,
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