Valeriu Munteanu officially entered the race for Chisinau

IPN, 21 September 2019 15:40

Valeriu Munteanu, candidate of Save Bessarabia Union (USB) for the position of mayor of Chisinau municipality, together with the candidates for Chisinau city council, entered today, September 21, the election campaign, IPN reports.According to Valeriu Munteanu, Chisinau municipality, with a population of almost one million people, is in great danger. "Please make an effort and go

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While the members of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission reported 1020 incidents at the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019, the number of reported incidents was 743 at the local elections of October 20. The data is available in the election incident monitoring report, presented at an IPN press conference by the head of the Promo-LEX Election Observation Mission, Pavel Postica.A
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There are 85 fitness grounds that are being fitted out in the capital. They are to be put into operation by the end of October. The head of the General Directorate for -Communal Housing and Planning, Ion Burdiumov, announced that at the working meeting of the City Hall, reports IPN.The manager mentioned that the development of the playgrounds and fitness grounds in the municipality of
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Octavian Ţîcu, candidate of the National Unity Party (PUN), has given up on the municipal councillor mandate won on Sunday, October 20, and will continue to be MP. His place in the CMC will be taken by Corneliu Pântea, who is next on the list.Octavian Ţîcu also said that he would make every effort to prevent Ion Ceban and the Socialist Party from acceding to the Chisinau City Hall. He
On November 3, the second round of general local elections will be held in 380 settlements of the country. The chair of the Central Election Commission, Dorin Cimil, has announced this at a press briefing, IPN reports.In the second round the PSRM will have 175 candidates, ACUM DA PAS Electoral Bloc–167, the Liberal Party -44, while Şor Political Party – 38. 20 candidates wi
In Chisinau municipality, the heating season starts today, October 21. An order to this effect has been signed by the interim mayor of the capital, Adrian Talmaci, IPN reports.According to the order, JSC "Termoelectrica" and JSC "Apă-Canal Chisinau" are to ensure the connection of the municipal housing fund units to the centralized heating system, according to the c
Following the local elections of October 20, the Socialist Party has the absolute majority in four district councils and a majority of councilors in 11 districts. The statement was made by PSRM chairwoman Zinaida Greceanîi at a press conference held on October 21. She said that the Socialist Party party made a coalition offer to the ACUM bloc to form a coalition in 11 districts where the
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While the members of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission reported 1020 incidents at the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019, the number of reported incidents was 743 at the local elections of October 20. The data is available in the election incident monitoring report, presented at an IPN press conference by the head of the Promo-LEX Election Observation Mission, Pavel Postica.A
"Local elections have been held freely and democratically, which shows a return to normality, after many years in which the electoral competition was severely affected by incorrect methods practiced by certain parties or politicians, who were trying to decide instead of citizens ". The statement was made by President Igor Dodon, on his Facebook page, IPN reports.The head of s
Ion Ceban, the PSRM candidate for mayor of the capital, made an alliance offer on behalf of the Socialist CMC group to the newly elected ACUM councilors.As mayor, Ion Ceban said that he is willing to name two out of four deputy mayors and two out of five pretors on behalf of the ACUM bloc. Additionally, he said that he is willing to concede the CMC chairperson position to the ACUM bloc
Former mayor Dorin Chirtoaca says that neither Andrei Năstase nor Ion Ceban deserve to accede to Chisinau City Hall. He urged the capital's inhabitants to vote against the PSRM candidate, Ion Ceban, and as regards the candidacy of ACUM bloc, Andrei Năstase, to realize that the two are in an alliance, IPN reports.At a press conference, the PL leader has said that there are prerequis
Following the general local elections on October 20, the Socialist Party and the ACUM Electoral Bloc have the greatest number of mandates in the Chisinau Municipal Council. According to preliminary results, PSRM will have 22 councillor mandates, while ACUM - 19, reports IPN with reference to 22 Socialist councillors, according to the list, are: Ion Ceban, Vasili Chirto
Between October 21-27, under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the 19th edition of the Italian Language Week in the World is being held. On this occasion, the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Moldova carries out a series of activities in Chisinau, in collaboration with the schools and universities teaching the Italian language, IPN reports
Petrocub won 2-0 on Sfîntul Gheorghe's field, in the derby of the 25th round of the National Division. The goals were scored by Ilie Damașcan (40th minute) and Dan Taras (69th minute).Due to this victory, the team coached by Lilian Popescu secured its place in the Europa League preliminaries for the third consecutive year. "I am proud to be the coach of these wonderful boys&qu
The Ministry of Justice has received 20 files for the competition for Prosecutor General position, the institution announced in a press release, quoted by IPN.These are: Anatolie Istrate, Ilie Rotaru, Alexandr Stoianoglo, Maxim Gropa, Veaceslav Soltan, Eduard Bulat, Ruslan Cașu, Ruslan Popov, Alexandru Rața, Vsevolod Ivanov, Serghei Perju, Tudor Andronic, Ion Vicol, Artur Lupașco, Vlad
After the processing of all the minutes in four uninominal constituencies, where snap parliamentary elections were held, the four MP mandates were distributed as follows - one to the Democratic Party, one to the Socialist Party, and two to ACUM Electoral Bloc, reports IPN with reference to preliminary data presented by the Central Election Commission.In uninominal constituency no. 17 N
The vote in Chisinau follows the same pattern, regardless of whether geopolitics is exploited or not, says the political commentator Boris Șapovalov. This time again, he remarks, the election produced two leaders to clash in the runoff – a left-wing party candidate Ion Ceban (PSRM) and a right-wing party candidate Andrei Năstase (ACUM).Boris Șapovalov considers that Chisinau resi
MP of the Action and Solidarity Party group, the ACUM bloc, Mihai Popșoi, is of the opinion that the low turnout at the polls is due to the fact that people are tired of so many ballots. After the closure of the polling stations, the Central Election Commission announced that 41.68% of the voters had participated in the elections, IPN reports."I would put this low presence on acco
Candidates won the election race in the first round in seven municipalities, namely in Bălți, Comrat, Cahul, Ungheni, Orhei, Ceadâr-Lunga and Strășeni. In other four municipalities, the second round of elections will be organized in two weeks.According to preliminary data, the Political Party "Partidul Nostru" candidate, Renato Usatîi won in the city of Bălți by accumulating
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After the processing of 305 of 307 minutes, candidate of the Socialist Party, Ion Ceban has accumulated 40.30% of the votes, while candidate of ACUM bloc Andrei Năstase - 31.01%, IPN reports with reference to the data of the Central Election Commission, presented online.According to preliminary data, the Liberal Party candidate, former mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, who has accumulated 10.14%
Expert Veaceslav Berbeca argues that it has been expected that the mayor of Chisinau will not be elected from the first round, and in the second round the Socialist Ion Ceban and the candidate of the ACUM bloc, Andrei Năstase, will get through. According to him, this conclusion could be reached considering the voting trends of the electorate. The expert says that although the geopolitica
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According to the data presented by the Central Electoral Commission on their website, after processing two thirds of the procès-verbaux, the Socialist Party candidate, Ion Ceban, accumulated 43.52% of the votes, while the ACUM Electoral Bloc candidate, Andrei Năstase, gained 30.08%.According to preliminary data, the Liberal Party candidate, the former mayor Dorin Chirtoacă, accumulated
All 361 incidents in the October 20 elections, reported by Promo-LEX observers by 21:30, were processed by the Observation Mission team.The last report of the day, which covers the 18:30 - 21:20 time segment, shows that there were 6 cases of intimidation of Mission observers - three in the Florești district and one in each the Dubăsari district and in Chișinău and Bălți municipalities.
20 October 2019
The electoral process in all the polling stations organized for general local elections ended at 21:00. The management of the Central Electoral Commission qualified the electoral process as quiet and without major incidents that might influence election results.At 22:00, at a press conference, CEC chairman Dorin Cimil said that the election can be declared valid. "Based on the inf
Over the course of election day, Promo-LEX observers reported about 20 shortcomings regarding electoral lists. The observation involves errors regarding addresses, deceased voters, signing on behalf of other people, etc. The head of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission of the new parliamentary and general local elections of October 20, Pavel Postica, told during an IPN news conference that
Sunday’s local elections took place in better conditions than previously and haven’t seen any flagrant incidents, stated Andrei Năstase, ACUM’s candidate for Chisinau mayor, after the polls closed at 9:00 p.m. However, Năstase added, the elections were not without fake news and smear from both inside and outside the country.“I’m calling on all our represen
The local elections were conducted much better than before, without any flagrant incidents. The statement was made after polling stations have closed by Andrei Năstase, the ACUM bloc candidate for the position of mayor of the capital. The candidate said that fake news, denigration and dirty attacks from within or outside of Moldova were not present during this race."I appeal to al
Regardless of who will win in the October 20 race, the future mayor and council should remember what they promised during the campaign and should honor their commitments. This message was issued by the PSRM mayoral candidate, Ion Ceban. In a press briefing held after the polling stations have closed, Ion Ceban said that he intended to put forward solutions for the issues that the city fa
1 173 million voters participated in the general local elections of October 20, representing almost 42% of the number of eligible voters. According to the online data presented by the Central Electoral Commission at 21:00, voters aged between 56 and 70 years were the most active, having a share of 34.28% of the total number of votes.Voter turnout in Chișinău municipality was 36.05%, wh
Promo-LEX observers reported more than one hundred incidents that occurred between 13:30 and 18:30. In total, since the opening of polling stations, between 07:00 and 18:30, Promo-LEX observers have reported over three hundred electoral incidents. The data was presented at an IPN press conference by Pavel Postica, the head of the Promo-LEX Observation Mission of the October 20 snap parli
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