Anatol Taranu: The result of local elections will show the potential of the parties within ACUM bloc

IPN, 20 September 2019 18:20

The result of the local elections will show the true potential of those parties that make up the ACUM bloc and, as a whole, it will show what the organized force of the pro-European, national parties in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova means. The opinion belongs to the political analyst Anatol Taranu and was expressed at the public debates on the subject "Characteristic fea

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The Council of Europe issued a statement mentioning the high appreciation by the Venice Commission of the effort of the Moldovan executive in combating high-level corruption through justice reform. However, the draft laws must respect the Constitution in force, the Europeans said.In a joint presentation, along with the Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law, the Venice Commis
Only the massive participation in the polls can provide Chisinau with a representative mayor and Municipal Council. This is what the city needs. At the same time, the candidates should show solidarity, regardless of their political views, in solving the problems of the city. The opinion was expressed by Alexandru Fetescu, the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, in the p
Three years after the reform, the retirement system in the Republic of Moldova remains deprived of long-term financial sustainability. Due to the aging of the population and the migration of the workforce, over the next few years there is a risk that fewer people will contribute to the social insurance budget. The opinions were expressed in a public debate, in which a study was presented
The ACUM bloc candidates for councilor seats in the Trușeni commune claim that they are the target of a slander campaign started by other candidates. While they did not offer names, they said that the campaign is supported by the village parish priest.In an IPN press conference, Nicolae Strulea, ACUM candidate for the position of councilor in the Trușeni commune, said that defamation c
Boris Volosatîi, candidate of Democracy at Home Party, has submitted to the Electoral Council of the Chisinau constituency the request regarding his withdrawal from the electoral race, today, October 15, five days after the announcement of this decision.Asked by IPN, secretary of the Electoral Council Igor Moraru has said that the request was sent to a rapporteur member who, in three d
Dumitru Ţîra, the candidate of European People's Party of Moldova for the position of general mayor of Chisinau, urges the inhabitants of Chisinau not to choose between two evils and not to be afraid to vote against everyone on October 20. At an IPN press conference, the candidate mentioned that, following October 20, "Chisinau must become a city for the people, for their decent
Over the course of the last three electoral cycles, the percentage of women candidates for mayor has increased by 5%, while compared to the 2015 election cycle, a 4.6% increase was registered in the local elections set for October 20. The "Gender analysis of candidates for 2019 local elections” report results were presented at an IPN press conference by Alina Andronache, speci
Victor Chironda, Social-Political Movement "Forța Nouă" candidate, said that, along with his team, he intends to organize a City Hall that works for the people and does not engage in politics. Additionally, he aims to shape a Chișinău Municipal Council that is concerned with the problems of the citizens, not with the political and party interests. The candidate made the stateme
The deputy chair of the Șor Political Party, MP Marina Tauber, claims that "the parliamentary majority continues to put pressure and make attempts to destroy the opposition party - the Șor Party". The parliamentarian also says that "the authorities, through the courts, are trying to exclude from the electoral race the party candidate for the position of mayor of Jora de Mi
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Dumitru Țîra, candidate of "European People's Party of Moldova", believes that the position of mayor should not be politicized. He says that, unfortunately, this has been the case so far, "because the parties of the previously elected mayors have stolen from this city through tenders and relatives, who operated there." The opinion was expressed at the public debat
Dorin Chirtoaca, the candidate of the Liberal Party for the position of general mayor of Chisinau, says that the election campaign for the October 20 elections had a "bitter" taste, "just as the life of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the last 30 years". During a press conference, Dorin Chirtoaca stated that, if he had not had a sense of duty towards the fi
The national football team of Moldova suffered the fifth categorical defeat in the preliminaries for Euro 2020. The Moldovan team was also defeated by Albania, in Chișinău, with a 0-4 score.Cikalleshi (22), Bare (34), Trashi (40) and Manaj (90) scored the goals. Moldova employed the following players: Koşelev, Reabciuk, Mudrac (Rozgoniuc 31), Posmac, Ioniță (c), Cebotaru, Prepeliță, Su
The Political Party "Partidul Nostru" mayoral candidate for the capital, Ivan Diacov, said that he comes to the City Hall in order to fight organized crime and to provide a better, more honest and quiet life to Chișinău residents. According to him, we are all witnesses to "a mafia installing itself" in City Hall over the course of the last few years, who's concern
Out of the 3761 candidates for mayor position, 2742 are men, representing 73%, and 1019 - women or 27%. According to the data of the Central Election Commission, 50 410 persons are candidates for the councillor position, of which 27 597 are men, and 22 813 - women, IPN reports.A CEC press release, quoted by IPN, says that of the total of 3 732 candidates for the position of mayor in th
Termoelectrica offered three season tickets for heating and hot water for the winners of the "Termoelectrica gifts heat" event, held at the Chișinău birthday festival. The winners of the tombola got free subscriptions for heating and hot water for periods of one, two and three months.In a Termoelectrica press release, it is said that Olga Harbuz won the 1st Prize - a three mo
Circumscription no 33 of the municipality of Chișinău territorially includes the suburbs Codru, Durlești, Sângera, Revaca, Dobrogea, Băcioi, Brăila and Trușeni. Citizens can cast their vote at polling stations 33 / 1-33 / 27. The candidate who accumulates the largest number of votes, regardless of the voter turnout, will be declared winner of the uninominal constituency.Svetlana Popa,
The IPN news agency has identified some of the problems of Chisinau municipality and asked the candidates for the position of capital’s mayor how they intend to solve them. Lilia Ranogaeț, candidate of the National Liberal Party, says that the main cause of the dirt and clutter in Chisinau is the way of applying the general legislative framework, which has not undergone changes i
The chairman of Save Bessarabia Union, Valeriu Munteanu, asks the Prime Minister Maia Sandu to hand over the Ministry of Internal Affairs to those who know the area and can come up with solutions that could offer citizens feelings of security. At an IPN press conference, Valeriu Munteanu has specified that the vast majority of citizens feel growing insecurity due to the crime increase.&
IPN flow synopsis, for 14 October 2019If…If tomorrow there were elections for the general mayor of Chisinau, 26.5% of Chisinau dwellers would vote for the PSRM candidate, Ion Ceban, and another 21.4% will support Andrei Năstase, the candidate of ACUM Electoral Bloc. As regards the vote for Chisinau Municipal Council, 29.8% of Chisinau inhabitants would vote for the PSRM team.
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The article is part of the information campaign launched by IPN, in which it presents biographical data, information regarding income and possessions, as well as professional background of the contenders for the capital's mayoralty. The candidate of National Unity Party, Octavian Țîcu, is 47 years old and was born in Costuleni village, Ungheni district. He graduated from "Al.
14 October 2019
The IPN news agency identified some issues that affect the Chișinău municipality and asked the candidates who run for mayor of the capital to present solutions.Octavian Țîcu, the National Unity Party candidate, said that the issue of homeless animals is due to lack of concern on behalf of the municipality. The candidate recalled that euthanasia of animals, the most primitive and barbar
If tomorrow there were elections for the general mayor of Chisinau, 26.5% of Chisinau dwellers would vote for the PSRM candidate, Ion Ceban, and another 21.4% will support Andrei Năstase, the candidate of ACUM Electoral Bloc. The PL candidate Dorin Chirtoaca, former mayor, would accumulate 5.2% of the votes of the municipality inhabitants.According to an opinion poll presented by WatcD
Electoral district № 17: Nisporeni territorially includes the city of Nisporeni and 22 other settlements, as well as three other settlements from the Strășeni district. Voters may cast their vote at polling stations 17 / 1-17 / 50. The candidate who accumulates the largest number of votes, regardless of the voter turnout, will be declared winner of the uninominal constituency.--The De
Today, October 14, road traffic is suspended on Stefan cel Mare si Sfant boulevard, in the perimeter of Ismail - Mihai Viteazul streets, in connection with the organization of events dedicated to Chisinau Annual Fete on the central boulevard of the capital, IPN reports.According to a City Hall statement, until October 15, at 06:00, the traffic of the public transport that crosses the c
Vitalie Voznoi, candidate of the "European Left" Political Party, argues that his team, which is a civic one, joins the race for the capital's City Hall with a five-chapter program - free Chisinau, modern Chisinau, comfortable Chisinau, green Chisinau and social Chisinau. According to him, the implementation of objectives and programs will be possible only if the Transparen
October 14 is an occasion for joy and celebration with loved ones. It is a day of spiritual and cultural solidarity. The statement has been made by the interim mayor general, Adrian Talmaci, at the ceremony dedicated to the inauguration of the Chisinau City Annual Fete, organized in the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral "Nativity of the Lord", immediately after the religious
The historical centre of the capital is of primary concern to me, as it is being destroyed on monthly basis. The statements have been made by the candidate of the National Unity Party (PUN) for the position of mayor of the capital, Octavian Țîcu, at the public debates "Only one from many: who and why?", organized by the IPN Press Agency."Almost 100 monuments have been de
It is time for change in Chișinău and voters should decide who the next mayor will be. The statement was made by Lilia Ranogaeț, the National Liberal Party Chișinău mayoral hopeful, at the "Only one out of many: who and why?" public debates, organized by the IPN Press Agency.Lilia Ranogaeț said that nothing has been done in Chișinău so far, due to blame shifting - "the m
The program of cultural and artistic manifestations organized by Chisinau City Hall on the occasion of "Chisinau City Annual Fete" has started at 08.00, with the laying of flowers at the monument of the ruler Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt in the centre of the capital. A liturgy has been conducted at "Nativity of Lord" Metropolitan Cathedral, IPN reports.Residents and gue
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