Unpleasant smell, a topic for discussion in the Government

IPN, 11 September 2019 18:40

Large quantities of sludge have accumulated at the treatment plant. They were stored in five deep lakes. At the same time, liquid waste from factories and carwashes flow into the sewerage system. And the bacteria used for the fermentation of these wastes have died. Re-cultivating them takes time, said "Apa-Canal Chisinau"director Valeriu Meșca during the Government meeting.Ac

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The candidate for the position of Prosecutor General shall be selected by the Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) based on a list proposed by the Ministry of Justice. The Parliament voted today, September 16, in the first reading, the amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, IPN reports.The candidate for the position of prosecutor general is chosen through public competi
MPs voted to lift the immunity of Marina Tauber and Reghina Apostolova, MPs of Șor Political Party, at the request of the interim prosecutor general Dumitru Robu. “For” voted 56 MPs, IPN reports.The lifting of immunity is required for the purpose of their detention, arrest, search and criminal prosecution. In the opinion of prosecutor general Dumitru Robu, there is conclusi
In the Tyumen Oblast, the Russian Federation, there are still many Basarabian Romanians whose predecessors were deported in 1949. They represent the 14th nationality of the region, with a population of about 16 000 people. These data has been presented at a press conference held at IPN by the historian Octavian Țîcu, following the VI edition of the project "Memory Expeditions".
ACUM bloc, consisting of Action and Solidarity Party and Dignity and Truth Platform Political Party, presented its candidates to the position of mayor for five suburbs of Chisinau. A post on PAS's Facebook page mentions that it concerns Budești, Condrița, Cruzești, Vadul lui Vodă and Ghidighici settlements, IPN reports.In Budești, Sergiu Brînză, a local dweller, runs for mayor posi
The United States supports the real reformers of the justice system, those who are ready to put aside small differences and take up the task. The statement belongs to the US Ambassador to Chisinau, Dereck J. Hogan and was made on September 16 at the meeting with Law Department students from the State University of Moldova, IPN reports.In his speech on the justice reform given in front
In the Republic of Moldova, each hour, a person has a stroke, and each hour and a half, a person dies from a stroke. Experts say that about 80% of strokes could be prevented. In an event organized by the Stroke Association of Moldova, national and international experts will discuss the topic of cerebrovascular accidents. The event will be held between September 16-18, in Chișinău."
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Petrocub asked for a penalty in the duel with Sheriff, which ended indecisively, 1-1 score. In the 38th minute, defender Andrej Lukic touched the ball with his hand, but the referee Gabriel Tupicica did not signal VAR, IPN reports. "A similar episode occurred at the Tiraspol match and the referee gave the penalty. After such phases at our goalpost, penalty is due”, Lilian Po
"The Socialist Party, as a member of the ruling coalition and a former beneficiary of the alliance with the başkan during the last parliamentary elections, as well as a more than likely beneficiary of the forthcoming local elections, can become Irina Vlah's political conduit for propelling the Gagauz agenda at the national level…"---At the beginning of her second
Petrocub a cerut penalty în duelul cu Sheriff, care s-a încheiat nedecis, scor 1-1. În minutul 38, fundașul Andrej Lukic a atins balonul cu mâna, dar arbitrul Gabriel Tupicica nu a arătat la punctul cu var, transmite IPN.„Un episod asemănător s-a produs la meciul de la Tiraspol și arbitrul a dictat penalty. După asemenea faze în poarta noastră se dictează penalty”, a declar
The Socialist Party officially entered the electoral campaign for the general local elections to be held on October 20, 2019. Thus, on the part of PSRM, 729 candidates were nominated for mayor, 1108 candidates for district councillors and over 9000 candidates for local councillors, IPN reports.Attending the event that took place on Sunday, September 15, at the National Palace of the ca
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Moldovan judoka Victor Sterpu took Junior European title. In Finland, the 20-year-old athlete won five victories in the 73 kg weight category.Sterpu defeated Cypriot Dato Matsoukatov, Czech Adam Bydzovsky, Portuguese Joao Fernando, Russian Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov and Russian David Gamosov.Earlier, Adil Osmanov won the silver medal in the 66 kg weight category. Cătălin Marian and Petr
The eighteenth edition of the Republican Festival of Ethnic Minorities will be held on Sunday, September 15, in "Stefan cel Mare si Sfant" Public Garden. According to the authorities, the Festival comes to boost interethnic communication and contribute to facilitating civic and socio-cultural integration of national minorities in society, IPN reports.“Over the years, th
Road traffic on Doina Street, between Socoleni Street and the "Sfântul Lazăr" Cemetery in the capital, will be suspended until October 5.The traffic is restricted due to repair works on Doina Street.Due to repair works, road closing will also occur on G. Coșbuc street, between Coșbuc and A. Hâjdeu streets, during September 16-18.
The latest news in the field of cerebrovascular diseases is to be presented by reputable specialists from abroad, but also from the Republic of Moldova, during a conference to be held in Chisinau between September 16-18, IPN reports.The event is organized by the Stroke Association of Moldova. According to a press release, stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading caus
Border guards could wear a new type of nominal badge during service. The proposal was put forward by the head of the Border Police, Rosian Vasiloi, who said that employees are currently obliged to wear service cards in sight in order to be identified by citizens, as stipulated by internal regulations. The IDs hold personal data, which could be used against the border police officers.Ro
A new "I Love Chișinău" urban installation was set up in the square of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet "Maria Bieșu", in the capital.The project was carried out by the General Housing-Communal and Land Management Department and was funded from the municipal budget, at the initiative of a Chișinău Municipal Council group.Asked by IPN, the head of the DGLCA
The gas tariff could have been one of the economic bombs that would have exploded, if the leadership of the Russian Federation had not met the requirements of President Igor Dodon to reduce the price for gas delivered to our country. The statement was made during "Glavnîi vopros" show on NTV Moldova by Ernest Vardanean, member of the Commission for mass-media and communication
First of the eight public toilets, to be built in the capital’s parks, was put into operation in "Alunelul" Park. According to the head of Planning and Sanitation Section of the Directorate-General for Housing and Communal Services (DGLCA), Vasile Efros, for now, the toilet can be used free of charge, between 08.00 and 22.00, IPN reports.The toilet has four cabins for w
The OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger will visit the Republic of Moldova from September 17 to 19. He will engage in talks with senior officials from Moldova and with Tiraspol’s political leadership regarding the Transnistrian settlement process.According to an OSCE press release, during his visit to Moldova, Thomas Greminger will focus on advancing the Transnistrian settlem
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13 September 2019
"Compared to Plahotniuc' s time, we have democratic processes now, which implies that discussions and compromises are required in order to achieve certain things". The statement was made by MP Dinu Plîngău, DA Platform, ACUM Bloc, at the public debates on "Relations between governance components: experience, expectations, challenges" subject, part of the 116th edi
The commitments, which were stipulated in the temporary agreement between the Socialist Party and the ACUM bloc, were 95% achieved, claimed the Socialist MP Vasile Bolea. According to him, PSRM pleads for this coalition to work over the course of a full four-year term, because there are many issues to deal with in the country. The parliamentarian believes that an executive, legislative a
If the alliance between ACUM bloc and PSRM breaks down, early parliamentary elections, based on the mixed system, would ensue and at the rating that it has, the PSRM will win in the uninominal constituencies. The statement was made by expert Igor Botan in the public debates on "Relations between governance components: practice, expectations, challenges" subject, 116th edition o
France's Secretary of State for European Affairs, Amelie de Montchalin, encourages the Moldovan authorities to implement the intentions to fight corruption, to strengthen the rule of law and the independence of justice, so that it brings concrete changes for the country. Statements in this regard were made during a joint press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Europ
The Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the Law of the Prosecutor's Office. The amendments refer to the election of the Prosecutor General. Namely, the Ministry of Justice will set up a commission that will pre-select candidates, IPN reports.The Commission will select two or three candidates to be proposed to Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) for determining which of th
The ACUM bloc does not regret collaborating with PSRM, yet some people regret certain decisions made afterwards. The statement was made by Dan Perciun, PAS MP, ACUM bloc, at the debate regarding "Relations between government components: experience, expectations, challenges", during the 116th edition of the cycle "Development of political culture in public debates", or
25 polling stations will open for voters from the uninominal constituency no.48, Slobozia, Tiraspol and Bender, for the snap parliamentary elections set for October 20.A decision in this regard was approved by the members of the Central Electoral Commission, at today's meeting, September 13.According to the CEC, the Electoral Council of the uninominal Electoral District no.48 wil
Society is increasingly interested in the current relation between the components of the government. Both supporters and opponents of the current government are interested in it, both have expectations in this regard. Supporters hope that the relations will be good facilitating the achievement of the previously announced goals. While opponents are hoping for a speedy and complete deterio
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