President Igor Dodon plans an official visit to Turkey, 16 May 2019 12:00

The intention was announced today by the head of state, after a Chisinau meeting with Turkey’s ambassador to Moldova, Gürol Sökmensüer. Besides the election of the Bashkan in Gagauzia, according to a message posted on Facebook by the head of state, the strategic partnership relations established between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey were discussed […] The post President Igor Dodon plans an official visit to Turkey appeared first on

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More senior state leaders and senior officials were invited to the investiture ceremony of the new President of Ukraine. Among them were Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who wasn’t there, writes ZdG. According to a press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the PM was missing from the Kiev ceremony for “health reasons”, so the […] The post PM Pavel Filip wasn’t present at the investiture ceremony of the new Ukrainian President appeared first on
Today, March 19, the LGBT Community of Moldova organizes the "I'm OK" March, in a new edition of the Pride festival. On the other hand, the (traditional) Family Festival is organized under the patronage of Igor Dodon. The police formed a cordon along Bucuresti street thoroughfare, blocking the traffic of cars and pedestrians, as well as preventing any conflict between the two camps. The post Moldova Pride 2019: The LGBT community in Moldova organized the “I’m OK” march appeared first on
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President Igor Dodon believes that the election of the Parliament leadership is the only way to overcome the political crisis in the country. The statement was made for the Russian news agency TASS after the Constitutional Court’s decision that the President of the Republic of Moldova can not submit a candidate to the post of […] The post This is Igor Dodon’s reply after Constitutional Court’s decision that the president can not submit a candidate for the post of PM appeared first on
Until now, one person who has applied to the program has already obtained the passport of the Republic of Moldova, the announcement which was made today at a press conference by the Deputy Director of the Public Service Agency (ASP), Iulia Petuhov, an institution that implements Moldova's Citizenship Acquisition Program through investments. The post 23 foreign citizens registered files in order to obtain Moldovan citizenship through investments appeared first on
16 May 2019
The intention was announced today by the head of state, after a Chisinau meeting with Turkey’s ambassador to Moldova, Gürol Sökmensüer. Besides the election of the Bashkan in Gagauzia, according to a message posted on Facebook by the head of state, the strategic partnership relations established between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey were discussed […] The post President Igor Dodon plans an official visit to Turkey appeared first on
On March 15, the Constitutional Court has decided that President of the Republic of Moldova can not submit a candidate to the post of Prime Minister in the absence of the governing bodies of the Parliament. The Court stressed that, in order to submit a candidate to the post of PM, the President must have, […] The post CC: Moldovan president Igor Dodon can not submit a candidate to the post of PM in the absence of Parliament’s governing bodies appeared first on
14 May 2019
Doru is one of the most dynamic persons you could ever met. He is one of the few Moldovans who were mentioned in Forbes 30 under 30. Over the years, he participated in so many volunteering projects, that I would need some more space here to list them all. Doru is an HR expert, an […] The post Stories from diaspora// Doru Curoșu – from a volunteer to a successful trainer, speaker and entrepreneur appeared first on
The most recent survey conducted by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers shows that every 5th citizen of the Republic of Moldova doesn’t trust any politician. At least, the results of t. According to them, people have been tired of early elections and are not convinced that they will participate in any electoral ballot. “We […] The post Every 5th Moldovan doesn’t trust any politician appeared first on
On May 12th, deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Cristina Lesnic, and OSCE Special Representative for the Transnistrian settlement process, Franco Frattini, held a press briefing. The two asked for a visit to the Cobasna military deposit, they welcomed the Moldovan government’s involvement in canceling the embargo imposed by Ukraine on the Ribnita metallurgical plant and […] The post The Cobasna Warehouse, the Ribnita Metallurgical Plant and the vignette: Here’s what the Transnistrian leader says about the requirements of Chisinau and the OSCE appeared first on
13 May 2019
For 2 years already, the public opinion in the Republic of Moldova discusses what is more important: celebrating Victory Day or Europe Day on the 9th of May? In 2017, the Parliament of Moldova adopted a law to make Europe Day an official holiday in Moldova, along with Victory Day. Every political party, regardless of the […] The post East or West? Celebrating Victory Day and Europe Day at the same time appeared first on
12 May 2019
Tatiana Verega is famous for her successes in the dance world, especially in the US, where she lives for 5 years now. She has recorded a world record after staying in the plank position for 3 hours and 45 minutes. The record has not yet been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. At the […] The post Tatiana Verega, a Moldovan dancer, has achieved a world record for planking appeared first on
11 May 2019
The aim of the money is to increase electricity distribution capacity. According to a communiqué to the international institution mentioned above, the decision to grant the loan was approved yesterday by the World Bank Board of Directors. A new high-voltage 400 kV line will be built from the WB money between Vulcanesti, in the south […] The post Moldova will receive a $70,000,000 loan from the World Bank appeared first on
9 May 2019
The Democratic Party has yet again improvised a canteen in the center of the capital on the occasion of Europe Day and served some people with food. Lunch consisted of a portion of buckwheat with pickles and bread, with tea, juice, or water. The PM Pavel Filip, Andrian Candu, and Defense Minister Eugen Sturza were surprised […] The post Free buckwheat with pickles, from Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party // via Zdg appeared first on
It started from a childhood dream and a personal challenge. Natalia Ciobanu had been practicing as a speech therapist in Paris when she decided to sell a part of her personal belongings, save some money and go on a trip around the world. Some of us only dream about the Monument Valley from the USA, […] The post Stories from diaspora// Natalia Ciobanu – the traveller who left everything behind for a journey around the globe appeared first on
On May 9, the Republic of Moldova celebrates two celebrations - Victory Day and Europe Day. Budgets have a day off. On this occasion, all four parliamentary parties announced that they would hold more demonstrations. Meanwhile, president Dodon congratulated president Putin with... the Victory Day. The post President Dodon congratulated Vladimir Putin on the “Victory Day”: “Lessons of the Second World War have not been learned by all.” appeared first on
8 May 2019
However, although the authorities claim that Moldova has taken international recommendations and are taking action to prevent a demographic crisis, the statistical data show that the decrease of the birth rate persists over a long period of time, thus aggravating the deterioration of the age structure. The post Shocking statistics: Recent years Moldovans have generally been having a lot fewer children appeared first on
Turkey's electoral authority is convicted after deciding to repeat the local elections in Istanbul, won in March by Ekrem Imamoglu, who is now at risk of losing his mayoral chair at the new elections to be held on June 23rd. The post The #OccupyGuguta resistance movement will hold a protest at the Embassy of Turkey: “Solidarity against the sabotage of citizens” appeared first on
7 May 2019
I am an emigrant. Several years ago, I left my home country – Moldova and, after several changes, I ended up in Germany. No, I am not telling you my life story. You just would need some background information to understand why I decided to call your attention to this sensitive topic. Every year, I […] The post Why do Moldovans have fewer official holidays but still don’t work more than Germans? appeared first on
5 May 2019
Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip helped one of the budget-forming enterprises of self-proclaimed Transnistria, MMZ (Ribnita Metallurgical Plant), to come out from under the sanctions of Ukraine. A copy of the letter came to the disposal of the editorial offices of RISE Moldova and the Radio Svoboda, in which the head of the Moldovan government […] The post Prime Minister Filip helped Ribnita Metallurgical Plant to escape Ukraine’s sanctions // RISE Moldova appeared first on
4 May 2019
On World Press Freedom Day, journalists from Moldova refused to walk the 19 steps towards the Parliament and carried out a flash mob on the sidewalk of the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard. The Center for Independent Journalism in partnership with other media organizations in Moldova, launched the Press Freedom Days in Moldova. Journalists, civic activists […] The post The Center for Independent Journalism launched the Press Freedom Days in Moldova appeared first on
2 May 2019
“You should never forget your roots and be proud of where you are coming from. Be kind to people. Keep things simple and positive – don’t overthink. Dare to lead. Use your creativity and forget about fear – it can stop you from being brave.” This isn’t a quotation from a motivational text. These are […] The post Stories from diaspora// Dorina Calistru: “Just keep going and don’t give up, no matter what.” appeared first on
The Comrat electoral commission announced that the electoral campaign of the Bashkan of Autonomy in Gagauzia will take place on 30 June. The electoral campaign began several days ago, and the documents for registration of initiative groups will be submitted by May 25th. The election of 2015 for the Bashkan function was won by Irina […] The post The electoral campaign for the election of Gagauzia’s Bashkan has started appeared first on
1 May 2019
People become nowadays more and more aware of the environmental pollution and waste management problems, feeling the need to implement urgent solutions. In the European Union, the Single Use Plastics Directive was already approved. It aims restriction in consumption and production of certain plastic products, as well as their replacement with more sustainable ones. The […] The post Is it possible to be eco-friendly in Moldova? The facets of the plastic pollution problem and its possible solutions appeared first on
30 April 2019
On the occasion of the 20th founding anniversary, the Moldo-Russian company Moldovagaz meets with record debts to Gazprom. Thus, at the end of 2018, it reached the level of 431,660,000,000 ₽ or about $6,210,000,000 at the exchange rate. The post The debt of Moldovagaz to Gazprom has exceeded $6,200,000,000 appeared first on
The Israel Philharmonic has announced yesterday, March 29th, the appointment of 27-year-old Moldavian-born violinist Dumitru Pocitari as its new Concertmaster, noted The Violin Channel. Dumitru left Moldova when he was 18 years old. He is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University and has been serving as a member of the Israel Philharmonic  Orchestra’s 1st violin section […] The post A Moldovan violinist was appointed Concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic appeared first on
29 April 2019
Athlete Lilia Fisikovici officially became the first sportsman in the Republic of Moldova to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, writes ZdG. The 30-year-old athlete has met the qualification standard at the London Marathon – 2:27:26, which is a new national record. This result allowed Lily Fisikovici to rank 14th in one of […] The post Lilia Fisikovici is the first Moldovan athlete to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games appeared first on
Last year, Igor Dodon claimed that he didn’t spend a penny for the evening concert in the evening of May 8, organized under his patronage to celebrate “Victory Day” (Europe Day). Addressing the press during the demonstrations, he declared that Russian artists Oleg Gazmanov and Denis Maidanov sang for free in the Great National Assembly […] The post Dodon announced the May 9 holiday program, including yet another famous performer from Russia appeared first on
27 April 2019
On Thursday this week, Ukraine’s acting president, Petro Poroshenko, has dismissed Ukraine’s Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Moldova Ivan Gnatisin. “Ivan Gnatisin to be released from the position of Ukraine’s extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. This was his own decision, taking into account his personal circumstances and his age. I respect […] The post Petro Poroshenko dismissed Ukraine’s ambassador to Moldova appeared first on
26 April 2019
The Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IEPR) published recently an analytical note that describes the possible effects that the snap parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova could have. The main conclusion expressed in the note: the decline in the geopolitical character of the recent parliamentary elections, the delay in functioning of the institutional structures […] The post Expert: The possible effects of snap elections in the Republic of Moldova appeared first on
25 April 2019
Laura never dreamed of becoming a queen, or a famous singer, or a teacher, or of going to the Moon when she was a little child. Being caught in the present moment, she preferred to enjoy life and its usual little things. Laura is a poet. She managed to give poetry a new form by […] The post Stories from diaspora// Laura Muruzuc: “I learned to walk, write, read, and after that came poetry.” appeared first on
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