Passengers and delivering parcels abroad transporters are ready to legalize their business and pay taxes

TRM, 19 March 2019 16:00

Passengers transporting people and delivering parcels abroad are ready to legalize their business and pay taxes in the state budget. But they need guarantees that the license issued in the Republic of Moldova will be recognized abroad. Carriers are dissatisfied with the actions of the National Auto Transport Agency and the Border Police, which, following the Sunday inspections, imposed fines and raised registration plates, Moldova 1 reports....

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So far, the patients purchased these products from pharmacies. The set of medical devices will be sent through the state enterprise Posta Moldovei (Moldova’s Post) to the domicile of the sick persons. This will facilitate the work of the family doctors.   "We want people sick with diabetes to keep strict control of blood sugar levels. If a deviation occurs, it is advisable to contact the family doctor or specialist", said Tamara Andruşca, director at CNAM. Tests will allow blood sugar to be meas...
Ecaterina Moga, a psychologist and expert in education is invited to the show. We will learn how to  mentally train chidlren for this new stage in life.   Another guest of the show is Oleg Serebrean. On Wednesday, April 24, the writer, launches his new novel "Woldemar", which is the continuation of another novel of his own - "Song of the Sea." A summary of the work and other details, you will find out in the show “Cine vine la noi?” The show "Cine vine la noi?" starts at 17:20 on Moldova 1 TV an...
The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the devastating string of suicide attacks against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that killed at least 321 people on Easter Sunday, AFP reports....
Viktoria Marinova, 30, was killed by Severin Krasimirov while jogging in the city of Ruse on 6 October last year. Prosecutors, however, found that her murder was a sexual assault apparently carried out at random, and was unconnected to her work. Krasimirov pleaded guilty to the crime, agreeing to an expedited procedure, and avoided a life sentence. He was arrested in Germany after fleeing Bulgaria following the attack. Some of Ms Marinova's belongings were missing when her body was found, some o...
The National Cancer Registry will be set in Moldova. The information system will collect data on cancer incidence and mortality, thus improving the policies for fighting the disease, Radio Moldova reports....
Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate, DNA, had accused Pricop of complicity in blackmail and of inciting false statements for a fictive loan.The DNA said that between December 2014 and March 2015 Lucinschi, benefiting from the complicity of Pricop, launched coercive actions against a businessman, Alexandru Horpos, to force him to pay a total of 4 million euros.For that sum of money, Lucinschi promised to get the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism, DIICOT...
Head of the Department of Debate, Documentation, Coproduction and Investigation, Vasile Mija, says that it has already become a tradition for the editorial staff to organize such events on the eve of Easter holidays. He says that by such events, we can contribute with food, clothes and financial resources. This year, the staff of the Department wants to help the family Hanganu in Calimanesti village, district Nisporeni. • Grigore Hanganu  takes care of 4 children- Victoriţa, Valentina, Gabriel a...
Today, April 23, in the show "Moldova Live" , we discuss and analyze the latest data provided by the CEC in the neighboring country. The guests of the show are:  Ion Tăbârţă, expert IDIS Viitorul, Valeriu Plesca, former Minister of Defense and Anatol Ţăranu, political analyst. Also, you will find out about the partnership relations between Moldova and the Ukraine. "Moldova  Live" is  moderated by Iurie Gologan and can be watched on Moldova 1 TV and online on TRM.MD, starting with 19:55....
The results of the elections in the neighboring country will be discussed this evening in a new edition of Radio Moldova «Loc de  Dialog". The guests of the journalist Cristina Popescu are: Viorel Cibotaru,  executive director of the European Institute of Political Studies of Moldova and Veaceslav Berbeca,  political expert of  IDIS Viitorul,. The relations of the Republic of Moldova with the neighboring country will be discussed  today at a new edition of  the show "Loc Dialog", starting with 1...
In the period from April 26 to May 15, 2019 inclusively, the fishing of sprat will not be allowed, due to the fact that according to the forecasts of the scientific institution in Moldova, the migration of this fish is expected during this period, Radio Moldova reports. Fishing will be allowed in the Nistru River in the sectors of the Dubasari Hydropower Dam to the Palanca village (km 28)....
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe tweeted early Tuesday morning, saying that the country grieved as one. "Today as a nation we mourn the senseless loss of innocent lives this past Easter Sunday," he tweeted, spelling out his gratitude for the emergency and security forces who responded to the multiple bombings that tore through three churches, three luxury hotels and two other locations. He added that it "is imperative that we remain unified as Sri Lankans in the face of this unspeakable trage...
According to the Organization for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, the average age of applicants is 31. The vast majority of homes purchased through the program are located in cities, the number of those who chose to buy a house in the villages is 132. 1572  beneficiaries bought  homes in Chisinau. Other 204 houses were purchased in Balti, 51 in Cahul, 28 in Gagauzia and 23 in Soroca. The amount of credits granted exceeded one billion lei and the amount of the active guarantees is 51...
"We should start immediately the process of establishing  working bodies of the Legislative - the commissions, the permanent office, at the election of the President of the Parliament. We must resume the legislative process in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the only legitimate institution of the state that can oppose dictatorship and oligarchy. Every day of delay of Parliament's activity brings us closer to the anticipated elections", reads a press release of the Bloc ACUM. Last week...
22 April 2019
The Mardari family in Iarova, Soroca, is growing up and educating four children. The head of the family can not work, and her wife Olesea breaks in ten to put something tasty on the table every night for those in the house. As long as Vitalie's wife is at work, he takes care of the children and the household. The family says that all children are growing up and money is not enough to buy them the required cloths and footwear. • Day work brings to Olesea a monthly income of only 2,000 lei during...
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