A 5-rules guide on how to recognize a corrupt politician that doesn’t deserve the people’s vote

Moldova.org, 12 February 2019 20:30

When one asks himself why the politicians in the Republic of Moldova became lately more empathic, tolerant, helpful in different social causes, one shouldn’t ignore that Moldova is currently in the electoral period and all politicians’ actions could represent not more than a measure of improving their image in the eyes of their voters. Moldova.org […] The post A 5-rules guide on how to recognize a corrupt politician that doesn’t deserve the people’s vote appeared first on Moldova.org.

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Laura never dreamed of becoming a queen, or a famous singer, or a teacher, or of going to the Moon when she was a little child. Being caught in the present moment, she preferred to enjoy life and its usual little things. Laura is a poet. She managed to give poetry a new form by […] The post Stories from diaspora// Laura Muruzuc: “I learned to walk, write, read, and after that came poetry.” appeared first on Moldova.org.
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Former Parliament Speaker, Democratic Party Vice-President Andrian Candu argues that in the event of early parliamentary elections, the ballot will be conducted according to the mixed electoral system. According to him, early elections organized under another system is “impossible.” “If anyone thinks that the anticipated elections will be organized on a mixed system, they are […] The post Andrian Candu: “The early parliamentary elections will be held in the mixed electoral system” appeared first on Moldova.org.
The General Prosecutor’s Office draws attention to the alarming level of sexual abuse in the Republic of Moldova, of which cases complete the operative agenda daily, writes Adevarul. According to statistics, during the last year, 611 sexual offenses were committed in the country, during which 115 defendants were sentenced to execution punishments. At present, 1189 […] The post The Prosecutor General’s Office draws attention to the alarming level of sexual abuse cases in the Republic of Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Socialist Party member, Ion Ceban, mentioned that today’s appeal of the ‘ACUM’ bloc does not bring clarity about accepting or not accepting the socialists’ proposals to form a functional coalition. According to him, the Socialists are willing to form working parties at the Socialist Party’s so-called leadership level. At the same time, the party claims […] The post “They are not yet capable for serious negotiations.” is what the Socialist Party says on ‘ACUM’ bloc’s invitation to negotiate appeared first on Moldova.org.
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Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the newly elected President of Ukraine, who became a phenomenon overnight declared during the first minutes of his victory: “I am still not officially a president, and I can say as a citizen of Ukraine to all the post-Soviet states: look at us — everything is possible!” Is that really so? Are the […] The post Is the newly elected Ukrainian president a model for any post-Soviet state? The impact of the Zelenskiy’s presidency on Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
This is the reaction of a deputy from the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc. His name is Dumitru Alaiba. During one of the television shows, Dodon declared that the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc acts in an infantile way and that they would take the post of an MP as a silly game. The president referred to the deputy of […] The post “Mr. Igor Dodon, where would you be if you hadn’t met Plahotniuc 15 years ago?” appeared first on Moldova.org.
Security Service officers, along with prosecutors and police officers from Odessa, Ukraine, have uncovered a cocaine smuggling maritime. The $1,000,000 worth of cocaine was found in a fruit container during a cargo inspection to be transported to Europe. The Security Service of Ukraine announces that two Moldovans have been detained. “During the in-depth examination of […] The post $1,000,000 worth of cocaine found in a container in the city of Odessa. Two Moldovans were detained appeared first on Moldova.org.
22 April 2019
The four parties in the new legislature dug 57,400,000 lei in only five weeks of electoral campaign. The biggest winners of the electoral race are the televisions affiliated to the Democratic Party, which accounted for about 20,000,000 lei in advertising, according to a RISE Moldova investigation. Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party has spent almost all the campaign […] The post RISE: The four parties in the new Legislature have spent 57,400,000 lei in five weeks of election campaign appeared first on Moldova.org.
Today, in Chisinau, the National Liberal Party of Romania (PNL) is launching the candidates for the May 26, 2019 elections to the European Parliament. Under the slogan “It’s time for Bessarabia along with Romania in the first place”, the party presented its candidates, being supported by the leaders of the bloc ‘ACUM’ Maia Sandu and […] The post PNL in Chisinau: “Unfortunately, from Bucharest, things are getting worse in Moldova” appeared first on Moldova.org.
Pavel Cebanu, the President  of the Moldovan Football Federation (MFF), announced his resignation today through a statement published on the official MFF website. Pavel Cebanu has been the head of the MFF for 22 years since 1997. He mentioned in the note that it wasn’t a spontaneous decision. “Two years ago, before the last MFF Congress […] The post The President of the Moldovan Football Federation has resigned appeared first on Moldova.org.
21 April 2019
After visiting Chisinau, the English vlogger "bald and bankrupt" went to Tiraspol and Bender. He mentioned that the Transnistrians are "friendly and welcoming people". The post After criticizing Chisinau and its politicians, the English vlogger arrived in Transnistria // VIDEO appeared first on Moldova.org.
19 April 2019
The Republic of Moldova holds 91st position in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders, being preceded by Serbia (90th position) and followed by Gambia (92nd position). As compared to previous reports, Moldova’s situation regarding the freedom of information has worsened, as it previously occupied 81st position in 2018 and 80th position in […] The post Moldova has dropped 10 positions in the ranking of 2019 World Press Freedom Index as compared to the previous year appeared first on Moldova.org.
The PCCOCS prosecutors jointly with the SIS officers identified four criminal groups specialized in organizing illegal migration, money laundering, smuggling with financial means, falsification of documents and illegal crossing of the state border, both on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and abroad. It was established that the criminal scheme involved public officials, including […] The post Four criminal groups, decommissioned by PCCOCS and SIS. 18 people were detained appeared first on Moldova.org.
Air Moldova is the only company in the Republic of Moldova to have an Operational Safety Audit Security Certificate issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), following a two-year audit. The post Air Moldova has demonstrated compliance with EU requirements appeared first on Moldova.org.
18 April 2019
Dumitrița is a violinist in love with music and her violin. People usually say about such talents: “She was meant to play music.” Arduous and passionate, romantic and beautiful, she always radiates on stage. Dumitrița is really young but already managed to have a lot of achievements and so much is yet to come… About […] The post Stories from diaspora// Dumitrița Gore – a violinist who performs on the best stages of Europe appeared first on Moldova.org.
The leader of Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), Maia Sandu, claims that the frequent, “ridiculous” travels of socialist deputies to Moscow denotes that they are not independent in making decisions. Moreover, Maia Sandu believes that the Socialists depend both on the Democratic Party and on the Kremlin. “We do not know exactly where this contradiction […] The post “They depend on both the Democratic Party, and the Kremlin.” Maia Sandu talks about the Socialist Party appeared first on Moldova.org.
Deputies of the bloc “NOW” have today registered in Parliament’s secretariat a legislative initiative to extend small business activities based on entrepreneurial patents until 31 December 2022. According to Deputy Alexandru Slusari, this decision is long awaited by about 10,000 patents, “who together with their families are now afraid of breasts” and “are hand-luggage.” Reminder: […] The post “A decision expected by 10,000 patents”. Deputies of ‘ACUM’ ask for an extension of patent activity to 2022 appeared first on Moldova.org.
17 April 2019
The crab, the pike and the frog is a fable written by Alecu Donici, a Moldovan poet, fabulist and translator. It tells the story of the 3 mentioned characters who tried to carry together a bag full of wheat in the lake. Because none of them didn’t cooperate, as they are different by nature – […] The post “The crab, the pike and the frog” – a fable about the Moldovan politics appeared first on Moldova.org.
Nine Moldovan airlines were included in the European Commission’s revised list of airlines that do not meet international safety standards and are subject to a ban on operating in the European Union (EU). According to the European Commission information cited by Agerpres, all Moldovan air carriers certified by the authorities with responsibility for regulatory oversight of Moldova with […] The post 9 out of 12 airlines from Moldova were banned from operating in the EU skies appeared first on Moldova.org.
16 April 2019
The data of the so-called Customs Committee of Transnistria show that the separatist region exported more in Romania than in the Russian Federation in the first half of 2019. In January-March, Transnistria exported goods worth $20,000,000 to Romania and worth $19,500,000 to Russia. Romania ranks first in terms of exports to the European Union, with a 47% share. Russia […] The post Transnistria exports more goods to Romania than to Russia appeared first on Moldova.org.
Four deputies from the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc sent an address to the NBM on the theft of the bill. Lawmakers asked how much money they paid for the two Kroll reports, but they also asked for copies of documents. Furthermore, they asked for details about the case of Ilan Shor vs Kroll, given that the […] The post Members of the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc have sent an address to the National Bank of Moldova on the theft of the bill appeared first on Moldova.org.
15 April 2019
The special representative of Ukraine in the Transnistrian settlement, Ambassador Viktor Krivanovski, believes that the Russian Federation is interested in maintaining the status quo of the Transnistrian conflict. The statement was made in a forum dedicated to the Transnistrian issue, Ukrinform reports. “There is no process in the political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. It […] The post Representative of Ukraine in the 5 + 2 format: “Russia does not want a political solution on Transnistria” appeared first on Moldova.org.
14 April 2019
A British vlogger has published a video about of first impressions in Chisinau, on YouTube. Thrilled by the way the center of the capital looks, the conditions in the underground, the quality of the roads, etc., the vlogger will spend a month in the Republic of Moldova, promising to publish more video reports. The post An English vlogger in Chisinau: “If I were a politician in Moldova, I would be ashamed to show my face” appeared first on Moldova.org.
13 April 2019
However, the report on global economic outlook “World Economic Outlook” shows that the Moldovan economy will grow more slowly than the previous forecast when the fund expected an increase of 3.8%, informs Moldpres. According to the latest report of the Fund, the annual inflation rate will be 3.3% and the current account deficit of the […] The post The IMF estimates an economic growth of 3.5% for the Republic of Moldova in 2019 appeared first on Moldova.org.
12 April 2019
North Carolina National Guard Commander Major General Gregory Lusk was awarded the “For Cooperation” medal at a ceremony at the Defense Ministry. The distinction was made for the efforts of General Lusk to intensify the collaboration between the two institutions. The commander of the National Guard of North Carolina, who is in the Republic of […] The post Commander of the National Guard of North Carolina was decorated with the distinction of the National Army appeared first on Moldova.org.
11 April 2019
Constantin Botezat is a talented artist who comes from the Republic of Moldova. Generating harmony between painting and graphic design is a part of his daily work. His works were exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles and even Hollywood. He accepted to tell us his story. About his first art ‘manifesto’ Since his childhood, […] The post Stories from diaspora // Constantin Botezat – the young artist from Moldova who gathered his experience in 5 different countries appeared first on Moldova.org.
Tiraspol has legalized the acquisition of cryptocurrency in January 2018, after the adoption of the Law on Blockchain Technology Development. The Transnistrian Cryptocurrency Business has the main beneficiary Sheriff Holding and a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, according to an investigation published by anticoruptie.md and signed by Ilie […] The post The Cryptorepublic of Transnistria. This is who controls the cryptocurrency business of the separatist region appeared first on Moldova.org.
After declaring previously that no official invitation was received from the political bloc ACUM as a response to last ACUM invitation on Facebook, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova(PSRM) took the lead again by officially inviting ACUM to discuss the formation of the parliamentary majority and the establishment of a new functional […] The post The series of invitations and excuses for holding no discussion between ACUM and the PSRM continues appeared first on Moldova.org.
Ion Tighineanu is the new president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM). The academician was recently elected to this position by the General Assembly of the ASM. “I feel a great responsibility because I have received the vote of the most distinguished scientists. Nowadays, a reputation damage was caused to the ASM and […] The post The Academy of Sciences of Moldova has a new president – Ion Tighineanu appeared first on Moldova.org.
10 April 2019
In the Republic of Moldova there are 32 enterprises with Swedish capital, the investments in social capital amounting to 74,154,000 lei. By value of the invested capital, Sweden ranks 17th among the major foreign investors. A Swedish company would like to invest between 20 and 50 million euros in Moldova. The statement was made by […] The post A Swedish company would like to invest between 20 and 50 million euros in Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
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