1,375 families, young people purchased homes using First Home Program

Guvernul Republicii Moldova, 12 February 2019 17:00

Nearly one year after the launch of the First Home government program, 1003 families and 372 unmarried youngsters have bought the first home.   "The First Home Program has exceeded the government's expectations. It is much more effective than I thought at the first stage. Banks began to compete with each other and offer lower interest rates than assumed.  For us, it is important that people stay at home with family,” Filip said.   Through the five banks participating in the program, credits were granted in this period of 662 million lei, and the amount of guarantees offered by the state is almost 331 million lei.   Of the total dwellings, 1284 were purchased in the cities and 91 - in the villages. The average age of the beneficiaries is 31 years.   This year, another 3,000 credits will be granted to young people and families who will use the First Home program.   The program offers facilities to families with children. Thus, the state covers 10% of the apartment price for families with one child, 25% - for two, 50% - for families with three children, and for children with 4 and more children, the state pays the entire amount, the family paying only interest rates.   The programme was launched at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip on 26 March 2018.   More information about the programme can be found at www.primacasa.gov.md and at the following telephone numbers: (022) 22 60 65, (022) 22 60 53, (022) 26 25 52.

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Last 8 hours
Signing up to the government program DOR (Diaspora * Origins * Returns), 7th edition, began today. It will take on 19-28 August and is meant for children of diaspora and those from Moldova.   Given that more children of diaspora are willing to participate in the program, this year’s edition will bring together 120 children and young people, up by 20 than in previous editions.   Participants can register on 18 March - 18 May 2019, by visiting the link: http://dor.md/node/6   To be eligible to participate in DOR 2019, diaspora candidates must be between 12 and 17 years of age and can communicate in Romanian. Moldovan diaspora children, who participated last year in “Moldova sunt EU" contest, organized by the Diaspora Relations Office, are automatically selected for participation in the programme. As in previous years, priority will be given to those who have not previously participated in the DOR program.   Unlike children and young people from the diaspora, Moldovans will be selected on a competitive basis. Priority will be given to children with study merits, Olympians, winners of sports and cultural competitions.   The DOR program is held annually under the patronage of the Moldovan government and aims to raise awareness of representatives of the second generation of migrants on their cultural identity and to create emotional ties with their home country. Participation is free of charge, all costs are covered by the state budget. Beneficiaries only pay travel expenses to and from the Republic of Moldova.
Last 12 hours
Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, has handed over today the keys to her new flat to the European champion in the category under 23 years old, Anastasia Nichita.   The decision to grant housing has been approved by the Government today. The Prime Minister congratulated the young champion and said that the executive would continue to support performance, and the ones who work and have good results must be appreciated by state.   "Nobody does as much for the fame of the country, as the performance of the sportsman does. The pride we feel when the flag of Moldova is displayed, has no boundaries," said Pavel Filip.   Also, it was awarded with the Diploma of Honour of the Government the sports coach, Tudor Cirlan. Similarly, in the same meeting, it was increased the special prize for coaches who train outstanding athletes, from MDL 3,000 – 50,000.   The Premier also asked the Ministries of Finance (MF) and Education (MECC), jointly with the Public Property Agency (APP), to develop a Regulation which would set up a government reserve for each Private Public Partnership (PPP) that the ministries would have to reward outstanding athletes.   "We always talk that many of the performance athletes leave Moldova. I think that this support granted to the athletes by the state will be an additional reason to keep them at home", specified Pavel Filip.   Wrestler Anastasia Nichita became the European champion under age of 23. This was the second place in 2017 and 2018. Anastasia Nichita has so far competed in 10 World and European Championships at the level of cadets, youth or under 23 and every time held one of leading positions.
More than 2 days ago
Over 2,000 credits worth about 1 billion lei were offered to young families and unmarried young people under First Home Programme. The total amount of state guarantees is about 500 million lei.   Of 2,000 beneficiaries, 1,450 are young families and 550 are unmarried young people. The average age of applicants is 31 years and the average value of a dwelling is about 580 thousand lei. Of the total dwellings, 1,873 were bought in cities, and 127 - in villages.   The government is currently preparing the launch of First Home Programme 4 for private sector employees. "Private sector employees will benefit from this programme, to whom the state will provide compensation up to 50% of the loan First Home. Compensations will be provided based on the payee's salary amount. Through this, we want our young people to build a future here, at home,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.   Currently, the state covers up to 50% of the loan for employees in state institutions, according to the First Home 2 package. 260 people have benefited from the facilities so far.   Also, according to the First Home 3 package, families with children receive support when buying first house. The state pays 10% of the house price for families with one child, 25% for families with two children, 50% for families with three children, and for those who have 4 or more children, the government pays the entire amount, the family paying only the interest rates. Compensations have already been paid for over 520 families who have children.   The First Home programme was launched at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip on 26 March 2018.   Detailed information about the programme can be found at - www.primacasa.gov.md and by phone: (022) 22 60 65, (022) 22 60 53, (022) 26 25 52.
13 April 2019
As a result of the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Ukrainian side decided to cease all works on the construction of water cascades on the Dniestre River until the impact assessment of the strategy on environment in the cross-border context.   “At all the meetings we had with the Ukrainian officials, including Prime Minister Volodimir Groisman, we discussed the Dniester River as a common good and our supreme interest in preserving the ecosystem of this river. I thank the colleagues who have been involved in the negotiations and the Ukrainian side that has shown openness and understanding,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.   The environment topic has always been on the agenda of the Moldovan-Ukrainian talks:   In the summer of 2017, following the negotiations, Ukraine ratified the Rome Agreement of 2012 on cooperation in the protection of the Dniestre. This agreement also provided for the creation of the Joint Commission on the stable use and protection of the Dniester basin.   In December 2017, Pavel Filip and Volodimir Groisman signed a joint address to the European Commission to obtain expertise to conduct a comprehensive ecological impact study across the Dniester River basin.   In both countries, the Global Environment Fund - Facilitating cross-border cooperation and integrated water resources management in the Dniester river basin" is being carried out, which takes a thorough analysis of the Dniester River basin, highlighting cross-border problems and risks. Also, the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova conducts a study on social and environmental impact in Moldova following the operation of the Dniestre hydropower complex.   "All these actions are meant to ensure the protection of the Dniester River so that it remains a common wealth. Nothing is more important than keeping the river for future generations," Filip said.
12 April 2019
Prime Minister Pavel Filip today met representatives of a group of important American companies, on a visit to Chisinau to participate in the Moldova-USA Business Forum. The prime minister said that each time he was finding time in his agenda for discussions with potential investors. The prime minister appreciated the U.S. companies’ interest in Moldova. Filip reviewed  the principal reforms and actions implemented by the government for improving the business environment: cutting the number of institutions with control duties and permissive acts, amendment of the Labour Code, stabilization of the banking sector, fiscal and customs reforms.     „As a result of the reforms and actions promoted by the cabinet, all components have been provided for attracting investments and boosting the commercial and economic relations between our states. I encourage you to attentively analyze the portfolio of investment opportunities from Moldova and we will do our utmost to persuade you to invest in our country,” Pavel Filip said.   The prime minister thanked for the financial assistance provided by the USA to Moldova since the declaration of the Independence, which stands at 1.4 billion lei. At the same time, Pavel Filip specified that he was willing an as soon as possible switch from financial assistance to investments in the national economy.     U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Dereck J. Hogan said that the present visit by the American companies was the biggest business mission in Moldova and was just the beginning of strengthening the economic ties between the two countries.     Sixty four bilateral treaties are signed between Moldova and the USA, among which the agreements on trade relations and mutual protection of investments. The convention on the avoidance of double taxation and the agreement on air transport are under negotiation. As many as 406 enterprises with American capital work in Moldova, with the sum of investments standing at 527 million lei.  
11 April 2019
Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Minister of Investments and Economic Development of Poland Jerzy Kwiecinski discussed aspects of the Moldovan-Polish commercial and economic cooperation at a meeting today.   The prime minister appreciated the Polish financial support provided through the Development Assistance Programme. Moldova is declared priority country for the Polish development assistance in such sectors as good governance, regional and rural development and agriculture. During 15 years, Poland has implemented 264 projects worth 15 million euros in Moldova.     The prime minister encouraged Polish investors to participate in the privatization of state enterprises, as well as to invest in the work of the Free Economic Zones and the Tekwill IT Park. “The government I am honoured to lead is a pro-business government and it has carried out a string of reforms for backing the business environment and attracting investments. The effort we have made opens the door for potential investors, whom we treat with maximum of attention,” Pavel Filip said.     The sides discussed also the promotion of Moldovan agricultural products on the European market, given that Poland is on the first positions among the EU countries in terms of import of Moldovan wines.   The prime minister also thanked the Polish cabinet for the support provided to Moldova within European institutions, in its capacity of one of the states initiators of the Eastern Partnership.   Jerzy Kwiecinski said that Poland would further back the European integration and the reforms for Moldova’s modernization. The official stressed the importance to continue the Moldovan-Polish collaboration and showed interest in the extension of the presence of Polish investments in the Moldovan economy.       At present, 102 Moldovan-Polish joint ventures work in Moldova. The sum of Polish investments is of 227 million lei.
Government today approved some amendments to the government decision No1001/2001 on declaration of goods by economic agents from eastern districts of Moldova.   The document will help unify the implementation of customs policy, which will apply to all economic agents from the eastern districts of Moldova registered with the Public Service Agency.
9 April 2019
The candidate of the Republic of Moldova for the Nobel Peace Prize 2019, Ion Lazarenco, will take part in the 13th edition of the National Symposium, which will take place in Romania on 15- 21 April.   It is the first action in the country promotion plan and the peace message supported by Ion Lazarenco. For this campaign, the government has earmarked 1 million lei.   "We have to appreciate those who bring the country more value. In fact, the first message each of us has to promote is the appreciation of the country. We have to love our country,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.   Under the action plan, Ion Lazarenco's candidacy is to be promoted internationally through various activities that will help inform society about its achievements and the peace and unity messages promoted by swimming.   Ion Lazarenco has been declared "Best Swimmer of Ireland" three years in a row, becoming the first person in the world to cross seven straits. At the same time, although he is established in Ireland, the athlete swims as a citizen of the Republic of Moldova and draws the community's attention to the Transnistrian conflict.   He was awarded the Diploma of Honor of the Government for outstanding activity and contribution to the promotion of Moldova’s image.   Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced in December this year.  
Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, has met today with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova, Ivan Gnatisin.   The officials discussed the current state and perspectives of the Moldovan – Ukrainian bilateral relations.   The parties have appreciated as good results the bilateral cooperation in recent years. Particularly, it was highlighted: joint control at the Moldovan – Ukrainian border on the Transnistrian segment, which has increased the regional security, opening of bridge Unguri – Bronnita on the Dniester river and liberalisation of auto and air transport of states.   The officials also exchanged views on realisation of previously convened common agreements, including in environmental field.
5 April 2019
Fifteen medical system employees today were awarded the highest distinction of the cabinet – the Honorary Diploma of the Government, on the occasion of the World Health Day.   Prime Minister Pavel Filip thanked the health sector employees for professionalism and devotion. “You have embraced a noble profession, yet also quite responsible. You are the ones who are on the guard of the most precious thing of a nation – the health. A healthy nation means in continuation also a developed country,” Pavel Filip said.     Among the persons awarded the Government’s Diploma, there are specialists of various fields: practitioners, heads of medical institutions, teachers, as well as family physicians, who started exercising the independent practice on 1 January. “I am sure that the reform of the primary medical assistance will solve the problem we have in Moldova at present – the lack of family physicians,” the prime minister said.     The Prime Minister stressed that the governmental team would further supervise the implementation of the reforms in the health sector, so that they bring benefits to people, either it is about the public health or primary medical assistance, hospital or emergency assistance.    The prime minister noted that he was bearing special respect for the profession of physician, including for a personal reason. “I should recognize that my mother wanted very much me to become a doctor; I disappointed her by choosing the profession of engineer and this way led me by just where I am; instead, I am happy that I have occasion to offer you thanks and congratulations for the work you carry out,” Pavel Filip added.  For their part, the health sector employees thanked the prime minister for appreciation. They voiced confidence that they would together carry through the reforms underway, thus contributing to the improvement of the health system and of the quality of medical services.     
The implementation of the reform in the research and innovation sectors and the next steps in this direction were the main subjects of discussion at a today’s meeting between Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the leadership of the Academy of Sciences (ASM).   Pavel Filip said that the reform of research and innovation was necessary, in order to put emphasis on performance and quality. “Before the reform, the Academy’s leadership was working not so much for science, but for the management of the heritage. Now, ASM should no longer deal with the maintenance of the institutions’ buildings and distribution of money meant for research, but can focus directly on science. As a result of the reform, ASM becomes the government’s strategic consultant in the research and innovation fields,” the prime minister noted.        Filip specified that not the lack of money had been and was the biggest problem, but the fact how this money is managed. ”If we make proper order in the research and innovation sectors, we cannot only survive, but also develop. By the reforms promoted, we want the rescuing and revival of the Academy, so that we are proud of the national science,” Pavel Filip stressed.       During the discussions, the sides highlighted the importance of ensuring a harmonious development both of the fundamental science and the applied one.  At the same time, they pointed out the need to boost the cooperation between ASM, universities and the Education, Culture and Research Ministry (MECC).     In the near future, ASM will present a report on the state of the national system of research and innovation and will consult MECC in giving final touches to the national programme in the research and innovation sectors in the next four years, in line with Moldova’s strategic development. This document will set priorities, on the basis of which projects proposed by the teams of researchers will be financed.
4 April 2019
The people with disabilities will benefit from free of charge phone assistance. The cabinet today approved a regulation on the organization and work of the service of free phone assistance for people with special needs and minimum quality standards.   This service is aimed at preventing and reducing the infringement of the rights of the disabled persons. When calling the free of charge phone number, people with special needs will receive information support, counseling, will be able to report suspect cases of violation of rights or risky situations. The cases identified will be redirected to the competent bodies and partner organizations.      The service will have a free of charge phone number, which will be available 24 hours, with simultaneous access in Moldova and from abroad. The cost of the internal call is borne by the provider and the one of the external calls – by the caller. The service can be contacted also through WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or SMS.     The consultancy services will be provided by an accredited provider, contracted by the Health, Labour and Social Protection Ministry. The service is meant both for persons with disabilities and their families, members of the community and professionals in the sector. More than 963,000 lei is provided for in the state budget for the work of the service in 2019.      The service of free of charge phone assistance for disabled people was launched in January 2017, within a project piloted by the civil society and financed by EU. During two years, more than 3,200 calls were received, up by 22 per cent in 2018 against 2017.     The service represents an answer of the state to the cut in the number of cases of violation of the rights of persons with special needs, as well as to the implementation of the commitments assumed through the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. More than 180,000 people with special needs live in Moldova.
As much as 228,000 lei will be earmarked from the government’s reserve fund for the manufacturing of new-type identity cards for the rehabilitated victims of political repressions. The cabinet of ministers approved a decision to this effect at a meeting today.   The money will be transferred to the Health, Labour and Social Protection Ministry, which will ensure the manufacturing of the new IDs through the Public Services Agency. The cost of one identity card is 32 lei. Over 9,000 persons will get new identity cards in all.      In 2018, the government approved a comprehensive social package, which includes more facilities for the people who suffered in the wake of political repressions. Thus, the monthly allocation for the victims of the political repressions was increased from 100 to 500 lei and the material assistance grew up to 1,000 lei, by 300 lei more. Also, the victims of deportations annually benefit from free of charge medical prophylactic investigations, recovery treatment at the government’s hospital, as well as 50-per cent cut in the cost of tickets to sanatoriums.     
The goods subjected to control by the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA) will be able to easier be imported to Moldova. To this end, the cabinet today approved a string of amendments to the regulation on the crossing of the state border of the goods subjected to control by ANSA.   Thus, the minimum term (24 hours) of notification by economic operators at the import into Moldova of goods subjected to phyto-sanitary control will be excluded. Also, decision-makers will revise the concept of phyto-sanitary control of wood packages: boxes, baskets, cylinders, classified at the tariff position 4,415, through their exclusion from the classified list of goods subjected to phyto-sanitary control.     At the same time, the cabinet will cancel the compulsoriness of presenting the quality certificate issued by the EU competent authorities for the food products of non-animal origin and goods which are used as ingredients for making foodstuffs means for human consumption. Instead of this certificate, importers will present a declaration on their own responsibility, issued by the EU producer or exporter, which confirms the safety and quality of products.      The certificate on the inoffensiveness of goods, issued by the competent authorities of the exporting state, will be demanded only for a reduced spectrum of food products of non-animal origin, subjected to consolidated control, with enhanced risk level, according to a list published and updated by ANSA at least twice a year.  
A bust in the memory of departed poet Dumitru Matcovschi will be set on the Alley of Classics from the Moldovan capital. The cabinet approved a decision to this effect today.     The spending for the bust’s construction and arrangement of the concerned ground will be covered from the budget of the Chisinau municipality.   During years, Dumitru Matcovschi published 50 volumes which include poems, prose, dramaturgy, and were translated into Russian, French and Lithuanian languages.  His works were put on stages from Moldova and poems were used as lyrics for songs composed by Eugen Doga and Ion Aldea-Teodorovici.   Also at the today’s meeting, the cabinet approved the unveiling of a memorial plaque in the memory of film director Victor Bucataru. It will be placed on the façade of the house from the capital, where the departed director lived.
There will be implemented 35 projects for development and modernisation of institutions in educational system, rehabilitation of aqueducts, street lighting for citizens from both sides of the Dniester river in 2019. The Cabinet of Ministers (CM) has approved today the programme of Moldova's reintegration activities for 2019.   For their implementation from the state budget (BS) for 2019, it was allocated an amount of MDL 15 million, by MDL 5 million more than in 2018. The actions will contribute to the sustainable development of localities in the Security Zone (ZS), as well as to promote confidence-building measures among the population on both banks of the Dniester river.   As in the previous years, all 8 pre-university education institutions in the Transnistrian region with teaching in Romanian will receive a unique help amounting to MDL 100,000.   In 2011 – 2018, there were implemented 11 programmes for reintegration activities of Moldova, for which it was allocated an amount of almost MDL 96.7 million from the BS.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip, in the beginning of a today’s cabinet meeting, referred to two important social projects for citizens, which are implemented this month: a 5.3-per cent indexation of pensions and providing a one-off support worth 600 lei on the occasion of the Easter holidays. The Prime Minister learned from Health, Labour and Social Protection Minister Silvia Radu how the process of enforcement of these social projects was carried out.        „People should know when and where they can receive this money, so that we manage to provide these payments ahead of the Easter holidays,” Pavel Filip said.     Silvia Radu informed that about 610,000 pensioners and beneficiaries of social allocations, which do not exceed 2,000 lei, will enjoy the one-off assistance.  As much as 370 million lei was allocated to this end. The assistance will be paid by the National Social Insurances House (CNAS) through post offices or bank transfers. Next week, CNAS is to present the lists of beneficiaries of the ministry, so that the citizens receive the material aid till the Easter.        As for the pensions’ indexation, the health labour and social protection minister noted that, starting from 1 April this year, the pensions of more than 690,000 people had been indexed. The beneficiaries will receive indexed pensions at post offices or the pension will be brought home by the postman, according to an earlier  established schedule. About 600 million lei has been earmarked from the budget of the National Social Insurances House and the national public budget on this purpose.  
The students who have graduated from pedagogical faculties will benefit from the indemnity for employment of MDL 120,000 not only in graduation year but also within 3 years after graduating from the educational institution. This decision was adopted by the Executive today.   By extending the period of offering hiring allowances to young specialists, the government wants to provide education institutions with qualified teachers. "Last year, we increased the one-off career indemnity of those ones who enter the profession of teachers up to MDL 120,000. Today we are also expanding the term in which young teachers can fit into the workplace and benefit from this support. I think this profession will become more and more attractive," said Pavel Filip.   The project also provides for division of workforce, according to needs of state, of young specialists, who have done their studies in post – secondary technical and higher education institutions, both in the groups with financing from the state budget at a frequency and with reduced frequency.   The allowance for young specialists in the system represents MDL 120,000 for the graduates of the higher education institutions and MDL 96,000 for the graduates of the post-secondary technical vocational schools. The aid is paid in stages: first tranche – within one month from the date of appointment, second – at the end of one year of activity and third – at expiration of 3 years of office.   In 2018 – 2019, there are about 2,000 vacant teaching positions in the educational institutions in Moldova.
About 2,600 km of roads will be constructed within the Goods Roads 2 National Programme in 2019, - up by 1,000 km against the year before. More than 2.7 billion lei was provided for in the budget to this end. The cabinet of ministers approved the decision today.   ,,Just as we have promised, we come up with the Goods Roads 2 project this year. And while last year, we reached 1,600 km, in 2019, we will repair and will even build up to 2,600 km of road. Money for this project is envisaged both in the road fund and directly in the state budget, - up to 2.7 billion lei. I think that people expect from us namely this: on the one hand, infrastructure projects, on the other hand, projects dealing with the social dimension,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.   As much as 1.7 billion lei is planned in the state budget for this year for the periodical repair of national, local, commune roads and streets. Roads will be repaired with this money in more than 1,000 settlements of Moldova, according to proposals by local public authorities.      At the same time, over 1 billion 24 million lei will be earmarked for national public roads from the Road Fund. About a half of this sum, more than 498 million lei, will be used for the routine maintenance of national public roads. About 326 million lei is provided for the carrying out of works of repair of roads and engineering constructions (bridges and passages across railway). Twenty million lei is scheduled for the extension of national roads: designing, assessments of roads and purchasing of grounds.         About 1,600 km of roads were restored in 1,200 settlements within the Good Roads national programme in 2019. The overall sum of investments amounted to more than 1.9 billion lei – allocated from the Road Fund and the state budget.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip met today a delegation of Chinese businessmen attending Moldova-China Business Forum. The premier praised the traditional friendship linking our countries, and expressed confidence that this forum will provide a platform for future partnerships.   "We are at the fourth round of negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement between Moldova and China. I am sure that with the signing of this agreement, the speed of economic ties between our countries will increase and Moldovan products will become competitive on the Chinese market,” Filip said.   Filip invited Chinese businessmen to invest in our country and benefit from the advantages of the Free Trade Agreements our country has with the EU, Turkey and the CIS.   At the same time, the prime minister referred to pro-business measures taken by the government to create favourable environment for business development. The Free Economic Zones, Industrial Parks and Tekwill IT Park provide a number of facilities. Filip also spoke about the government actions to facilitate getting visas by Chinese citizens.   Chinese businessmen thanked Moldova for visa facilitation and were interested in studying closely the investment opportunities in our country. They noted that the 20 companies that are part of the delegation represent the most important areas, including production, IT and tourism.   Filip pointed out that on 21-28 April, a delegation of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister will pay a visit to China to take over best practices from the Chinese similar structure.
The Cabinet of Ministers today approved the Plan of the Day dedicated to the commemoration of the victims of the Chernobyl disaster and other nuclear damage, marked on 26 April yearly. The document includes a series of actions, which will be organised both in Chisinau and in other localities of Moldova.   In the capital, the day of 26 April will start with the Memorial March, laying of flowers at the monument of ruler Stefan cel Mare si Sfant and a commemoration ceremony at the Chernobyl Disaster Memorial.   On the same day, in Chisinau, but also in the districts of Moldova, there will be organised memorial tables and meetings with the participants in the liquidation of the damage. Young people are encouraged to participate in voluntary activities to care for the monuments and tombs of those who died after the disaster.   The Government will continue to provide annual material help to the families of the deceased participants in actions of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and persons with disabilities following the catastrophe. They will also receive the necessary healthcare.   During this year, there will be built monuments in memory of participants in liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe in localities of Soldanesti, Taraclia, Briceni, Sangerei, Straseni, Comrat and Ceadar – Lunga.   A book will also be published on the participants' heroism in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe and other nuclear damage.   At present, there live over 2,000 participants in Moldova which participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.   This year, there have passed 33 years since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe. This disaster is considered the worst accident in the history of nuclear energy.      
1 April 2019
Prime Minister Pavel Filip today had a meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Derek. J. Hogan. The officials discussed the development of the bilateral relations in diverse sectors of common interest.   Pavel Filip said that Moldova paid special attention to the bilateral cooperation and the United States is a strategic partner of Moldova. The Prime Minister expressed gratitude for the constant support provided by the USA for the implementation of the democratic and structural reforms and strengthening of the institutional capacities.   The sides also exchanged opinions on the post-electoral situation in Moldova. Pavel Filip and Derek J. Hogan stressed that the parties which had made it to parliament must prove political maturity and as transparently as possible cooperate for the creation of the government, due to have the citizens’ interests in the forefront.   The Moldovan prime minister and the American ambassador also discussed the continuation of the programme with IMF, implementation of the local public administration reform and extending the commercial and economic collaboration between Moldova and the United States. A mission of U.S. business people, interested in investing especially in the fields of industry, agriculture, information technology and communication, as well as tourism, will come to Chisinau in next April. At the same time, a delegation of the United States Congress will visit Moldova in late April 2019.     Prime Minister Pavel Filip highlighted the importance of turning to account the Moldova-USA strategic dialogue. He specified that Moldova was further relying on the support and assistance of the United States for ensuring the country’s sustainable development based on the Western values.    
Moldova will switch to the summer time on the night of 30 March to 31 March. The clocks will be set one hour forward. Thus, 2 am will become 3 am on the night of the last Sunday of March.   The switch to the summer time is made in line with the proposal by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and concomitantly with the European Union member states.     The official time is changed twice a year, on the last Sunday of March and on the last Sunday of October.   For the first time ever, the switch to the summer time was enforced in New Zealand in 1895. Moldova took over this practice in 1979, in order to optimally use the natural light and reduce the artificial illumination.      Moldova will give up the change of the time starting from 2021. And this after the cabinet informed that it would adopt the same position as the European Union countries.      On 26 March 2019, the European MPs voted, by large majority, for the abolition of the seasonal changes of the time in the European Union in 2021.  
More than 690,000 persons will receive indexed pensions by 5.3 per cent starting from 1 April this year. This is after the government approved, by taking responsibility, the amendment of the formula of pensions’ indexation.   While so far, the pensions have been indexed depending on the increase in prices for the year before, according to the new formula, the pensions are indexed in line with the average of the increase in prices for the last three years. Thus, the sum of the indexation is almost twice larger than in accordance with the old formula.   „Just as we have promised, we are people of deeds; we prove responsibility and carry out deeds. Those who have spoken so far, will speak in continuation and those who have worked and made nice things, will work for the people in continuation as well,’’ Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.     The government also helps elderly people who have a pension up to 2,000 lei and the beneficiaries of state social allocations. They will receive a one-off financial support worth 600 lei on Easter. In all, about 610,000 people will get this assistance on behalf of the state. Most of them, over 400,000, are beneficiaries of age limit pensions, while the others receive disability pensions, survivor pensions and state social allocations.     The same categories of persons received 600 lei each on the occasion of the winter holidays too.
27 March 2019
The light will be turned off in the government for one hour between 20:30 and 21:30 on 30 March. Thus, the government of the Republic of Moldova, together with other public institutions and organizations in the country and around the world, will mark Earth Hour.   By doing so, the cabinet reconfirms its focus on environmental and energy efficiency issues.   Annually, on the last Saturday of March, the world community marks Earth Hour. It is about symbolically disconnecting lights for an hour to raise society's awareness of environmental issues, such as irrational electricity consumption, which is one of the causes of accelerating climate change over the past years.   For the first time, Earth Hour took place in 2007 in Sydney, Australia.   The Republic of Moldova has joined this event since 2008.   Last year, more than 7,000 cities in about 180 countries turned off the lights on Earth Hour.
25 March 2019
The number of people who purchased home under the First Home programme reached 1,762, one year after its launch. Of the total beneficiaries, 73 percent are young families, and the rest - young unmarried.   "We are glad there are 96 teachers and doctors among the beneficiaries of the programme. Most of them benefit from state-funded pay-offs for state employees and families with children. We want teachers and doctors to stay and work here at home,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.   Commercial banks provided loans worth 861.5 million lei for the purchase of dwellings.   According to data by the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ODIMM), the total amount of active assets is 430.7 million lei. Applicants’ average age is 31 years.   Of the total dwellings, 94 percent were bought in the cities, and the rest - in the villages. People who have applied to the First Home Program can check the file on-line. The institution has launched a new technical application that facilitates access to information with a single click, by visiting - www.odimm.md.   The First Home programme was launched at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip on 26 March 2018.
15 March 2019
The scholarships of pupils and students will increase by 4.9 per cent. The cabinet of ministers took a decision to this effect today.      The scholarships will grow for the pupils of the vocational education institutions, degree and master students, students training for doctor’s degree, post-doctoral students, clinical secondary physicians and resident physicians.      Thus, depending on the scholarship’s category, the pupils from the post-secondary vocational education institutions and post-secondary non-tertiary ones will get 530, 575 and 690 lei and pupils of secondary vocational education, except for the ones studying in the groups for deaf persons, will receive 360, 430 and 510 lei. Gifted pupils from republican boarding lyceums specialized in arts and those of the National Choreography College will get scholarships from 350 to 670 lei.         Students will have scholarships of 690, 750 and 880 lei, depending on the category of scholarship. And the students from the specialties of teaching, medicine and agriculture will benefit from a 20-per cent increase in the scholarship. Thus, the students from the concerned specialties in the last academic year will receive scholarship up to 1,232 lei. At the same time, the students studying for doctor’s degree will enjoy scholarships worth from 1,155 to 1,325 lei, depending on the academic year.     The merit scholarships: of the Republic, of President, of Government and the Gaudeamus scholarship, provided to students for extraordinary performances, will vary depending on the category from 920 to 1,525 lei.   The scholarships will be indexed starting from 1 January 2019. As much as 12.5 million lei was provided for in the state budget to this end. 
The parking of vehicles will be allowed only by leaving at least 1.5 metres for pedestrians’ movement, so that no obstacles are created for the movement of persons with disabilities, persons in wheelchairs or elderly people. The cabinet approved the concerned amendments to the road traffic regulations today.      At the same time, the vehicles standing should not block the access to stairs, platforms or curbs, meant for people with locomotor deficiencies.   The implementation of these measures will enhance the accessibility of sidewalks and pedestrian roads, especially in crowded urban settlements.   A similar practice was also applied in the member states of the European Union. For instance, in Slovakia and Poland, the parking on sidewalks is allowed only if at least 1.5 metres are left for pedestrians’ movement and in Romania, this distance cannot be shorter than one metre.
The economic agents will be required to comply with the permitted noise emission rules at 22:00 – 07:00 and not at 23:00 – 07:00, as it is at present. Thus, in order to respect the silence, the Cabinet has approved today the Healthcare regulations on procedures for issuing noise and vibration to the activities of domestic trade.   The document establishes the maximum levels of noise and vibration admitted near commercial sites, in residential and public buildings, residential areas, and the areas adjacent to them.   The decision will enter into force six months after the date of its publication in the Official Journal, so that the economic agents will be able to comply with the new rules.   The fines for disruption of public order at prohibited hours are MDL 1,500 – 3,000 for individuals and MDL 6,000 – 12,000 for legal entities.
13 March 2019
Over 1 billion 24 million lei will be allocated this year from the road fund for routine maintenance of national public roads and for repair works. The program for allocation of the means of the road fund in 2019 was approved today at a meeting of the Road Fund Council, chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.    Most amount - 498 million lei will be used for road maintenance, and 333 million lei will be directed to carry out repair works on 15 road sections. At the same time, over 64 million lei will be earmarked for co-financing of road rehabilitation projects.   Other important topics related to road infrastructure were also addressed in the discussions. Filip called for a comprehensive analysis of the use of financial means from the road fund by the local public administration to ensure the efficient use of public money.   At the same time, a mechanism will be worked out to ensure payment of toll by all drivers. At present, more than 1 million transport units are registered in the Republic of Moldova, but only about 565 thousand car owners pay the road tax.   The premier also asked to consider the possibility of setting a new formula for calculating excise duties on diesel and petrol, taking into account specific activity in agriculture.
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