Disputes raised at the first meeting of the Joint Control Commission in 2019

Moldova.org, 12 January 2019 11:01

The Unified Control Commission focused its discussions at this year’s first session on the Moldovan delegation’s proposals to develop a Security Zone monitoring mechanism in line with the commitments made under the protocol signed in January 2017. The refusal of the representatives of Tiraspol to accept this approach has generated fierce disputes between the participants. […] The post Disputes raised at the first meeting of the Joint Control Commission in 2019 appeared first on Moldova.org.

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The Republic of Moldova is an agrarian country. One of the most important agricultural activities in Moldova – the production of walnuts, grapes and some other fruits is, though, squeezed between the political interests and the weak regulations regarding export monopolies establishment and preference of imported products on the internal market. The small Moldovan farms […] The post The Moldovan fruit farmers’ paradox – anybody can produce but only few chosen can sell appeared first on Moldova.org.
THE SHORT EXPLANATION Igor Dodon signed the Decree of Parliament’s convocation, the 10th legislature. The newly elected deputies will be convened in plenary on Thursday, 21 March, starting at 13.00. “I’ve decided to come up with a speech in front of the newly-elected MPs, addressing the citizens,” announced the head of the state. THE LONG EXPLANATION […] The post Igor Dodon convened the Parliament: “God bless, I’ll see you tomorrow!” appeared first on Moldova.org.
One of the topics discussed at the Meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council held on March 18th, 2019, was the current political situation in the Republic of Moldova following the parliamentary elections of February 24th. Foreign ministers highlighted the importance of a transparent and credible government formation process that should reflect a genuine parliamentary […] The post Federica Mogherini: We will keep a close eye on the formation of the Moldovan government and its future programme. appeared first on Moldova.org.
The tennis player in the Republic of Moldova has become among the top 50 best tennis players in the world, currently ranked 46th in the ATP rankings. This result is the best ranking in his career and in the history of Moldavian tennis, according to the National Tennis Federation of the Republic of Moldova. This […] The post Moldovan tennis player Radu Albot has ranked 46th among the top tennis players in the world appeared first on Moldova.org.
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The Republic of Moldova will participate in the World Expo Dubai 2020 Exhibition. According to the concept, our country’s pavilion will be divided into four key areas: “Discover, Taste, Craft and Invest”. The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure announces that visitors will be able to explore the history of our legendary wine, learn about national, […] The post Moldova will participate in “Expo Dubai 2020”. The pavilion of our country, divided into four areas: “Discover, Taste, Craft and Invest” appeared first on Moldova.org.
Today, President Igor Dodon met with US Ambassador to Moldova Dereck J. Hogan, where they discussed the evolution of the political situation in our country after the Constitutional Court validated the results of the parliamentary elections. The head of state said he had told the US ambassador that he would probably sign the decree on […] The post Igor Dodon to the US Ambassador: This week I will sign the decree on the convening of the new Parliament appeared first on Moldova.org.
The President of the Republic of Moldova,  Igor Dodon, had a meeting today with the US Ambassador in Moldova, Dereck J. Hogan, where they discussed the evolution of the political situation in the country after the validation by the Constitutional Court of the results of the parliamentary elections. According to a press release of the […] The post The President Igor Dodon to the US Ambassador: “This week, I will sign the decree calling the new parliament’s convening” appeared first on Moldova.org.
17 March 2019
On March 24, the Constitutional Court confirmed the results of the Republican Consultative Referendum on February 24, 2019. The post Moldovan Democratic Party, ready to discuss with Venice Commission and change the Constitution appeared first on Moldova.org.
16 March 2019
On his second day in the United States of America, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Vitalie Iurcu, discussed the Moldovan-American cooperation in the commercial-economic field, with an emphasis on energy. During the meeting with the Republican congressman in the state of Texas, Jodey Arrington, the two exchanged views on developments in the Moldovan energy sector. At […] The post The energy and investment sector of Moldova, discussed in the the United States appeared first on Moldova.org.
15 March 2019
The Delegation of the Republic of Moldova continues its efforts to include in the agenda the problem related to “border guards” stations illegally installed in the Security Zone by the Transnistrian side. In the statement of our delegation, as well as in the speeches of the representatives of the Republic of Moldova from the meeting […] The post Tiraspol tries to “justify” its illegal posts in the Security Zone appeared first on Moldova.org.
The journalists from the Al Jazeera news portal published recently an investigation and produced a film about the oligarchic regime established at Chișinău and its key figure – the Democrats leader Vladimir Plahotniuc. In order to realize the material, the Al Jazeera journalists and filmmakers Glenn Ellis and Viktoryia Kolchyna have visited the Republic of […] The post Moldova and Vladimir Plahotniuc featured in the Al Jazeera’s “Moldova and the Puppet Master”// VIDEO appeared first on Moldova.org.
From January 1, 2019, the price of natural gas delivered to Moldova by the Russian giant Gazprom is $237.46 for a thousand cubic meters. This tariff is only valid for the first quarter of this year, according to an answer for Mold-street.com, given by the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE). Thus, the import cost […] The post Gazprom has increased gas prices for Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
14 March 2019
Since she was a teenager, Alexandrina has been involved in various social, educational, economic and cultural projects. She is currently working in Brussels as a Board Member and the Chair of the Women Committee within JEUNE – the Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, while writing her PhD thesis. Alexandrina Robu-Cepoi is the next […] The post Stories from diaspora// Alexandrina Robu-Cepoi: “Be the change you want to see in the world and don’t hesitate to act immediately!” appeared first on Moldova.org.
Moldovan Ambassador to Russia Andrei Neguţa returned to Moscow, according to a press release issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry announcing that Andrei Neguţa met with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Grigore Karasin. “There has been an exchange of views on topical issues of bilateral relations in the context of the February 24th parliamentary elections,” […] The post Moldovan Ambassador to Russia Andrei Neguţa returned to Moscow appeared first on Moldova.org.
13 March 2019
President Igor Dodon is on a working visit to Azerbaijan, where he will take part in the International Forum “VII Global Baku Forum 2019 – A New Foreign Policy”, to be held in Baku on March 14-16. On Facebook, the head of state said that the Forum will be attended by presidents, prime ministers, ministers, […] The post President Dodon is on a working visit in Azerbaijan appeared first on Moldova.org.
The electoral bloc ACUM rejected the invitation to dialogue received from the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM). At a press conference, the leaders of the bloc, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase, reiterated their commitment of not making any alliances with the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM), the PSRM and the “Șor” […] The post The electoral bloc ACUM refused the socialists’ invitation to discussions. The PSRM reaction appeared first on Moldova.org.
12 March 2019
An accident at the Ribnita Metallurgical Plant triggered a wave of public concerns after the social networking information revealed more information that radiation has been emitted from the burning of metals. According to information circulated on social networks, after the accident, the furnace at the metallurgical plant stopped, after the devices indicating the radioactive background “practically […] The post An incident happened at the Ribnita Metallurgical Plant. But how dangerous is the level of radioactivity in the atmosphere? appeared first on Moldova.org.
Two men, one from Romania and another from Moldova, were arrested in Italy after they set an Italian truck on fire, all because they didn’t get paid for their work, veronasera.it announced. The two men told the law enforcement officials that they did construction work, and because they did not get their money for their […] The post A Romanian and a Moldovan worker set a truck on fire in Italy because they were not paid for their job appeared first on Moldova.org.
11 March 2019
Viorel Mardare, a talented film director from Moldova, died on March 9th, after trying to fight off an adenocarcinoma that affected his kidneys, lungs and liver. Viorel got to know about his diagnosis in August 2018. He received medical treatment at an Austrian clinic and was hospitalized at the Oncological Institute in Chișinău on January 21st. […] The post The director of the “Go on. Fruits from Moldova” and “Be our guest in Moldova” short films, Viorel Mardare, passed away appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Constitutional Court of Moldova validated on Saturday, March 9th, the parliamentary elections held on February 24 and the mandates of the 101 members of the future parliament. Thus, four political parties and three independent deputies will meet in the newly formed parliament. More information about the structure of the parliament of the Republic of […] The post Has the legislative power in Moldova really changed? The ‘audit’ of the new parliament structure appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Socialist Party has decided to start negotiations with the ‘ACUM’ bloc – which will focus on forming a parliamentary majority. The appeal was made public by members of the PSRM Executive Committee in a press briefing. The leadership of the ‘ACUM’ bloc is expected tomorrow at 15:00 at PSRM headquarters. The decision was taken […] The post The Socialist Party decided to negotiate the formation of a coalition with the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc appeared first on Moldova.org.
10 March 2019
Igor Dodon, president of the Republic of Moldova, announced that he would initiate talks with the main political forces that came to parliament “to find together optimal solutions for the country in the current post-electoral context”. The statement was made after the Constitutional Court had validated the mandates of the 101 elected deputies on 24 […] The post This is President Dodon’s reaction after the Constitutional Court has validated the parliamentary elections appeared first on Moldova.org.
8 March 2019
The march is organized by a group of people since 2011 and has resumed after a break in 2015. This time, the group of citizens started at UNIC store square, walking through the Stephen the Great Boulevard towards the Opera and Ballet Theater. Source: Facebook, OccupyGuguta The post The resistance movement “OccupyGuguta” joined the Women’s Day Solidarity March in Chisinau // PHOTO appeared first on Moldova.org.
Today, the 8th of March, when the International Women’s Day is celebrated, a new manifestation of the March of Solidarity took place in Chișinău. According to the organizers of the event, the day of March 8th  is the perfect opportunity to remind the whole society that there is still work to do on the gender equality aspect and […] The post The Women’s March of Solidarity 2019 was organised in Chișinău appeared first on Moldova.org.
7 March 2019
The European Union grants €4,900,000 to Moldova for the development of infrastructure projects in areas such as waste management, water supply, and sanitation, environmental protection and climate change. The money will be provided under the project “Empowering Moldovan Citizens”, writes ZdG. The project will cover four development regions of the Republic of Moldova: North, Central, […] The post The EU grants Moldova €4,900,000 for the development of infrastructure projects appeared first on Moldova.org.
Marcel Lazăr is a talented musician, a romantic soul and a tenacious person that is continuously seeking for development. He never chose the easiest way, in fact, there is no easy way when making music, as he affirms. About growing up with music Marcel has been playing piano since the age of 7, when his […] The post Stories from diaspora// Marcel Lazăr – the pianist who tries to revive classical music in the Republic of Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
Today, the two Moldovan citizens, Lionel Buruiana and Mihai Crihan, who have been held hostage for 3.5 years in Afghanistan, have finally arrived in Moldova. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration informs that Lionel Buruiana and Mihai Crihan are currently in charge of the state authorities, which undertake the legal and administrative steps […] The post Moldovan pilots, who were held hostage in Afghanistan, arrived in the Republic of Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
6 March 2019
The Rule of Law Index 2019, included in the World Justice Project (WJP) Report, presents an overall score of 0.49 on a scale from 0 (minimum score) to 1 (maximum score) for the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, Moldova ranks 83rd out of 126 countries globally and the 9th out of 13 countries at the regional […] The post The Rule of Law Index 2019: Moldova comparable to Vietnam and China appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Rule of Law Index 2019, included in the World Justice Project (WJP) Report, presents an overall score of 0.49 on a scale from 0 (minimum score) to 1 (maximum score) for the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, Moldova ranks 83rd out of 126 countries globally and the 9th out of 13 countries at the regional […] The post The Rule of Law Index 2019: Moldova compared to Vietnam and China appeared first on Moldova.org.
Members of an organized criminal group, consisting of 18 people, will be on the bench for charges of tax evasion and money laundering. This after purchasing agricultural products from individuals and legal entities and not reflecting accounting and tax transactions. The damages to the state are assessed at 29,486,111 lei. The post 18 people sued for money laundering and tax evasion. They damaged the state budget by 30,000,000 lei appeared first on Moldova.org.
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