Disputes raised at the first meeting of the Joint Control Commission in 2019

Moldova.org, 12 January 2019 11:01

The Unified Control Commission focused its discussions at this year’s first session on the Moldovan delegation’s proposals to develop a Security Zone monitoring mechanism in line with the commitments made under the protocol signed in January 2017. The refusal of the representatives of Tiraspol to accept this approach has generated fierce disputes between the participants. […] The post Disputes raised at the first meeting of the Joint Control Commission in 2019 appeared first on Moldova.org.

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Several NGO’s are concerned about the exclusion of the obligation to hear the Prosecutor’s annual activity report in Parliament’s plenary session and its publication on the official website of the General Prosecutor’s Office. This happened after, on January 4th, the Official Gazette published amendments to some legislative acts that excluded the provision that the Prosecutor’s […] The post The Prosecutor’s Office is no longer required to submit the annual report to Parliament’s plenary. Several NGOs are concerned appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Electoral Bloc “ACUM” demands the Central Electoral Commission to urgently adopt a decision in order to secure the right to vote of 500,000 citizens who, according to the party, hold expired passports. The electoral bloc specified that the lack of a valid passport does not create a constitutional basis in order to prohibit the […] The post The Electoral Block “ACUM”: We ask the CEC to secure the right to vote of 500,000 citizens with expired passports appeared first on Moldova.org.
It’s time for a new story from Diaspora – the series of articles meant to demonstrate once again that there are so many exceptional people from Moldova who can move mountains even though they are far from their homeland. This is a story of a dedicated and extremely creative woman – Irina Madan who gave […] The post Stories from Diaspora / Irina Madan: “I live between two worlds and I try to bring them together” appeared first on Moldova.org.
More than 2 days ago
Dmitri Voloşin, the extreme sportsman in Moldova, ran 50 km today in the coldest part of the world – Oymyakon (Yakutia region of Russia), where temperatures are up to -71 ° C. The extreme race took place within the “Unfrozen” project. Dmitri ran the distance of 50 km at -60°C. According to meteorological reports, the […] The post A Moldovan athlete ran 50 km at -60°C (-76°F) appeared first on Moldova.org.
Victor Munteanu, the lawyer of the former prime minister of Moldova – Vlad Filat, submitted a petition requesting to prioritize the examination of the complaints advanced earlier to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the case of Vlad Filat. The request was approved, as on January 9th the representative of Vlad Filat was […] The post The complaints filed by Vlad Filat with the European Court of Human Rights will be examined as a matter of priority appeared first on Moldova.org.
12 January 2019
Beside the fact that the new electoral system is really tangled and confusing for the citizens who will vote on February 24th, it brings new elements of cheating, propaganda, electoral corruption and defiance of the electoral regulation. And that’s only the beginning of the electoral period in Moldova. The confusing electoral system The parliamentary elections, […] The post A new year – new electoral concerts and gifts. The tricks used by the Moldovan politicians before the parliamentary election appeared first on Moldova.org.
Friday, January 11, 19:00, over 60 National Army soldiers with special technical units will start from the Telecentru Bridge, the intersection of Hincesti and Mioriţa streets, on the Chisinau-Ungheni, Chişinău-Leuseni and Chisinau- Hincesti, to provide the necessary help for the people blocked in the snow and the towing of vehicles that derailed from the road, informs the Ministry of Defense of Moldova. The post Moldovan National Army militaries provide assistance in areas affected by snow appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Unified Control Commission focused its discussions at this year’s first session on the Moldovan delegation’s proposals to develop a Security Zone monitoring mechanism in line with the commitments made under the protocol signed in January 2017. The refusal of the representatives of Tiraspol to accept this approach has generated fierce disputes between the participants. […] The post Disputes raised at the first meeting of the Joint Control Commission in 2019 appeared first on Moldova.org.
10 January 2019
President Igor Dodon sent an official letter to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on a decision by the Government of the Russian Federation (RF), according to which it is forbidden to import Ukrainian goods as well as goods from other countries that are brought into the Russian territory by transit through the territory of Ukraine. […] The post Goods crossing the territory of Ukraine were banned in Russia. Dodon wrote a letter to Dmitrty Medvedev appeared first on Moldova.org.
She calls herself a global citizen, being involved in international projects and aspiring to restyle this world. Her next dream – working in the UN. Her name is Carolina Sclifos – the protagonist of  the story from diaspora for this week. About her beginnings Carolina was only 12 or 13 years old when she started […] The post Stories from Diaspora: Carolina Sclifos “No matter how far away you are from home, if you are willing to contribute, you will find your own way to do it.” appeared first on Moldova.org.
9 January 2019
Western analyst Vladimir Socor argues that the Republic of Moldova is profoundly ill, and the state was usurped by a single-person group of interests in which the rule of law was abolished. There is no more free market – which is controlled by private media interests – and no more justice. In an interview for […] The post Vladimir Socor: Moldova led by Plahotniuc has come to the brink of political and moral bankruptcy appeared first on Moldova.org.
The National Army deployed in the KFOR (Kosovo Force) operation recently participated in the first edition of this year’s DANCON March (Danish Contingency), organized by the Danish military. According to Lieutenant Colonel Ion Godoroja, commander of KFOR-10, more than 600 soldiers from 28 countries participating in the KFOR operation were enrolled in the competition. They […] The post A Moldovan peacekeeper from KFOR won 3rd place at the Dancon March after walking 25 km with a 10kg rucksack appeared first on Moldova.org.
8 January 2019
Moldovan Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc’s declaration of wealth has been made public on the Central Electoral Commission website. Thus, the candidate of the Moldovan Parliament and oligarch declares that during the period 2017-2018 he might have received benefits and dividends of over 4.550.000, 11.600.000 lei and 347.500 dollars from his new business – Vanguard […] The post Take a look at Vlad Plahotniuc’s new business affairs from the United Arab Emirates and the Samoa Islands appeared first on Moldova.org.
The “ACUM” electoral bloc leaders Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase presented their declarations of wealth and personal interests on the threshold of the parliamentary elections. Neither Nastase nor Sandu did not declare salaries earned from work. According to the wealth declaration from 1 January 2017 to 1 December 2018, Maia Sandu did not earn any income […] The post Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase have declared their assets appeared first on Moldova.org.
7 January 2019
If you are a Moldovan citizen, surely you had, at least once in your lifetime, the situation when you needed to specify for a foreigner what language you speak in your home country. If you are a foreigner that heard at least once about Moldova, certainly you asked a Moldovan native: “What language do you […] The post What is the official language in Moldova and does the ‘Moldovan’ language actually exist? appeared first on Moldova.org.
Today, many of the Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christmas. Religious services are held in churches and, after visiting the holy places – parishioners celebrate together with their families. Traditionally, during the “Birth of Jesus Christ,” Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau, the ministry is officiated by a group of priests headed by Vladimir, the Metropolitan of Chisinau and […] The post Why do some Moldovans celebrate Christmas on January 7th? appeared first on Moldova.org.
6 January 2019
In the February 24 parliamentary elections, nearly 400 candidates could compete in uninominal constituencies. According to the Central Electoral Commission, until the 4th of January 2019, 387 applications for registration of initiative groups were submitted to the electoral councils of the uninominal electoral constituencies in order to support the candidates for the position of deputy […] The post Central Electoral Comission: This is how many electoral candidates could run for uninominal constituencies in the upcoming parliamentary elections appeared first on Moldova.org.
5 January 2019
Romania took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 January 2019. The Council of the European Union is the institution in which the governments of the Member States promote their national positions. It is one of the seven European institutions, which, together with the European Parliament and the European Commission, is responsible for the negotiation of European legislation. The post Pavel Filip: The Romanian Presidency of the EU is an opportunity to advance the European agenda of Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
4 January 2019
Every day, we get inspired by people and their stories. Especially, fascinating and inspiring are the stories of the persons that left their home, started from scratch, faced a lot of challenges and ventured out into new worlds. Moldova.org decided to bring to you a series of such stories. These are stories of sparkling personalities, […] The post Stories from Diaspora: Cătălina Dumbrăveanu “Take the feeling of home with you, otherwise you can’t find it anywhere. appeared first on Moldova.org.
3 January 2019
The National Army geniuses have detected and neutralized, during the year 2018, about 400 explosive objects across the country. According to the head of the Genius Service, lieutenant-colonel Adrian Efros, the army’s geniuses executed more than 170 missions, during which they dismantled 392 ammunition. Most explosive objects – mine bombs, different caliber artillery missiles, aviation […] The post The National Army neutralized about 400 explosive objects in 2018 appeared first on Moldova.org.
Jora de Mijloc is an ordinary village situated in the Orhei district. It is not very different from other settlements in the Republic of Moldova: isolated from the bigger cities by a difficult road, with many empty and destroyed houses, without jobs for the younger generation, and with lonely and helpless elderly people. The residents […] The post The “Șor” Party brought the kolkhoz back to life or the profile of a usual Moldovan voter appeared first on Moldova.org.
The 51 candidates of the "Shor" Party were not registered in the electoral race. The Central Electoral Commission has identified a number of deviations regarding the set of documents submitted. The formation can eliminate the irregularities by January 24th. The post The CEC declined to register the candidates of the “Shor” party appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Government of the Russian Federation approved the decision to cancel the customs duties on exports to Russia of the following Moldovan products: vegetables, fruits (apples, cherries, plums, nectarines, etc.), canned fruit and vegetables and wine products. The announcement was made today by President Igor Dodon, on his Facebook page. President Dodon said that this […] The post Russia cancelled customs duties on imports of fruit, canned food and wine products from Moldova appeared first on Moldova.org.
2 January 2019
An announcement in this regard was made a few minutes ago at a press conference. “We will come to victory, together. The government authorities are very scared at the moment, planning manipulation and lies in order to gain votes,” said Maia Sandu. Reminder: Today the block “NOW” presented its candidates for the position of deputy, […] The post Maia Sandu is running on the uninominal constituency open to Western Diaspora appeared first on Moldova.org.
31 December 2018
This is the time when everyone analyses the events of the passing year and makes the New Year’s resolutions. Moldova.org will do the same. So, here are the most important events that happened in the Republic of Moldova in 2018. January A new year, the old procedures: Igor Dodon, the President of the Republic of […] The post The synopsis of 2018. What are the most important things that happened in Moldova this year appeared first on Moldova.org.
30 December 2018
The Democratic Party (PDM), the Socialist Party (PSRM) and the “Shor” Party had revenues of tens of millions of lei in 2018, all from so-called donations, party membership contributions and subsidies from the state budget. The parties have invested most of the money in promoting their image in the press and through promotional materials, office […] The post This is how much money the Democratic Party, Socialist Party, and Shor Party invested in order to promote themselves before parliamentary elections appeared first on Moldova.org.
29 December 2018
Yesterday, the Palanca border crossing point operated jointly by customs and border guards from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine was put into operation. Thus, persons crossing the Moldovan-Ukrainian border through the “Palanca-Mayaki-Udobnoie” border crossing point will be subject to a single control and the waiting time in customs will be considerably reduced. With an investment of […] The post The new border crossing point at Palanca was put into operation appeared first on Moldova.org.
Transnistrian Supreme Soviet Deputy Vasili Vlasov is being prosecuted for the embezzlement of public money in particularly high proportions while he was the director of “Tirasteploenergo”. It is about 57,000 of Transnistrian rubles (about 3,500 dollars) that he would have received illegally. According to the INFOTAG agency, the region’s prosecutor, Anatoliy Guretsky, has asked the […] The post A deputy is being prosecuted for $3,500 theft in Transnistria appeared first on Moldova.org.
28 December 2018
Maia Sandu, the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity, declared recently in an interview for RFE/RL that the opposition is not allowed to properly run its electoral campaign. “We have several examples illustrating how this governance violates the standards of free and fair elections,” she claimed. The PAS leader mentioned the harassment in […] The post The political opposition in Moldova is intimidated. Maia Sandu: “We are being followed by the police and blackmailed every day.” appeared first on Moldova.org.
The Moldovan delegation’s attempts to determine the parties to execute the current protocol that provides for an effective monitoring mechanism for the Security Zone was also reiterated at the Joint Control Commission (JCC) meeting on 27 December. According to a communiqué from the Moldovan Delegation, the focus on the subject and the insistence of our […] The post Tiraspol is opposing to the establishment of an effective monitoring mechanism in the Security Zone appeared first on Moldova.org.
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