Deadline for submission of applications for the post of Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child to the plenary of Parliament extended

Moldova1, 26 May 2023 21:40

The deadline for the submission to Parliament of applications for the post of Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child has been extended by 60 days. A draft resolution providing for this was voted by 59 MPs on Friday.

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Last 24 hours
The Prime Minister of Romania Nicolae Ciucă could resign next week, say political sources, according to Digi24. The Prime Minister must be changed by the end of next week, and the final negotiations for positions in the Executive will be carried out this weekend.
The Government's report on the execution of the State Budget for 2022 was approved in today's Parliament session. Under the document, the 2022 budget year was marked by numerous challenges, especially due to the war in Ukraine. Thus, the policy priorities of the Executive were directed towards maintaining macroeconomic stability and financing anti-crisis economic and social measures.
The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine generated an ecological catastrophe, and it would take many years and considerable investments to restore the infrastructure, fauna and aquatic flora, says the Minister of the Environment, Rodica Iordanov.
There are employees in the system who want to destabilize the activity of the two institutions, who send information from the investigation to some fugitives, announced this morning the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, Veronica Dragalin. According to her, the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office and the National Anticorruption Center collaborate and have even made progress on resounding cases. The reaction comes after the scandal that appeared in the media with reference to a meeting in which prosecutors and criminal investigation officers from the CNA were allegedly intimidated by the anti-corruption chief.
SA Energocom will procure gas from two companies in Romania and Greece, as a result of the direct negotiation procedure, for consumption this summer at fairly good prices, Energocom director Victor Bânzari announced today. Also, in the fall, natural gas prices could be re-examined and reduced again.
EU nations have reached an agreement that would see countries either accept a share of asylum-seekers or pay into a fund managed by Brussels to care for migrants. Germany voiced concerns about protections for children, DW reports.
A man, a member of the criminal organization "Patron", is under criminal investigation for smuggling precious stones.
Deputies meet in plenary session. The agenda includes the draft law regarding the consecration of May 8 as a day of commemoration and reconciliation in memory of those who fell in the Second World War. The Parliament will also examine the execution of the budgets for 2022.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reacted to the request of the Romanian MFA to reduce the diplomatic staff working in the Russian Embassy in Bucharest by 40 people and said that "Russia will respond accordingly", writes Digi24.
President Maia Sandu met with the resident representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in the Republic of Moldova, Nigina Abaszada. The discussions focused on the projects carried out in the Republic of Moldova and the support provided by UNFPA, during the partnership of almost three decades, but also in the context of managing the refugee crisis.
Children born in the Republic of Moldova will have a guaranteed right to citizenship. The Parliament adopted amendments to the Citizenship Law, which excluded the provision according to which children born on the territory of the country can obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova only if at the time of birth at least one of the parents has the right of residence, benefits from international protection or is recognized as stateless by the competent authorities.
The Parliament ratified three agreements with the Government of Romania regarding the modernization of the bridges over the Prut River, which connect the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Lilia Dabija, said in the plenary session of the Parliament that two bridges will be rehabilitated and another one will be built in Leușeni-Albita.
Several children have been stabbed in an attack in a park near Lake Annecy, in France's south-east, the interior minister says, BBC reports.
While on a working visit to Stockholm (Sweden), the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu had a meeting with his Swedish counterpart Tobias Billström. Popescu thanked the Swedish official for the support given to the Republic of Moldova, maintaining that the Chisinau authorities intend to strengthen economic collaboration with Swedish partners.
The Republic of Moldova has strict environmental obligations, which contribute to improving the quality of water, air, soil, waste management and biodiversity protection. This is what the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, said during today's meeting.
The farmers' protest continues today in several districts of the country. Thus, farmers will go out with their tractors on several national routes. The Farmers' Force Association announces in a press release that, between 11:00 and 13:00, the national routes will be blocked near Sculeni and Leușeni customs, as well as the Hâncești-Leova, Orhei - Rezina and Bălți - Orhei roads.
The General Inspectorate of the Border Police announces that during the day of June 7, it prohibited the entry into the Republic of Moldova for 28 people. In total, at the border crossing points, the flow of people constituted 52,294 crossings, a larger number being recorded on the way out of the Republic of Moldova - 28,275 people crossed the border.
President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday said France would send aid to Ukraine "within the next few hours" after he had a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, AFP reports.
The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, says that the evacuation of people from flooded areas following the destruction of the Kahovka dam continues, even under the fire of Russian artillery, informs.
Deputies meet today in plenary session, starting at 10:00. Several topics are included on the agenda, such as the ratification of three agreements with the Romanian Government regarding the renovation of some bridges over the Prut River (Cahul-Oancea, Leușeni-Albita, Sculeni-Sculeni).
More than 2 days ago
Prime Minister Dorin Recean calls for tougher penalties for electoral fraud. At today's Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister asked the Justice Ministry to propose tougher penalties for such offences and for the use of personal data. The head of the cabinet also raised several objections to the way investigations in such cases are conducted.
The Farmers' Power Association has not reached an agreement with the government. Farmers held talks yesterday with Prime Minister Dorin Recean and Minister Vladimir Bolea, however, they took their tractors out on the national roads today. Prime Minister's spokesman Daniel Voda said after the cabinet meeting that the executive is open to continuing dialogue with farmers.
The government approved the draft law on the ratification of the Financing Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Commission on the EU Resilience and Governance Programme. The document, which was signed on 11 May, provides for €40 million in grant assistance.
The French have taken to the streets again. They are unhappy about the pension reform, which increases the retirement age by two years from 62 to 64. In some cities, demonstrations have turned violent and several protesters have been arrested.
Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Moldova will be able to benefit from accessible financing for the implementation of investment projects under the "373" Programme, approved by the Executive.
6 June 2023
Farmers announce that they will protest tomorrow. It comes after talks between representatives of the "Farmers' Force" Association and Prime Minister Dorin Recean, which took place today, did not result in the outcome desired by farmers. Therefore, in order to achieve their goal, they will organise protests in several districts of the country.
The tax policy for 2024 is not coming to increase the tax pressure on business, but rather to bring the industry into compliance. At the same time, the document provides for measures related to combating the phenomenon of envelope wages and incentivising employers to "come out in white", i.e. to work legally. Next year's tax policy was analysed by the Expert-Grup analytical centre.
Five of Ukraine's neighbours may ban domestic sales of Ukrainian grain until 15 September after the European Commission extended an arrangement to do so. At the same time, the document says, lorries carrying Ukrainian grain will be allowed to transit these countries. The European Commission thus decided to give the green light to requests from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, which argue that the EU's liberalisation of all trade with Ukraine has meant flooding domestic markets with cheaper Ukrainian grain, making domestic production unprofitable.
The North Atlantic Alliance's support for the Republic of Moldova must be strengthened, President Klaus Iohannis said in Bratislava (Slovak Republic), as he attended the Bucharest 9 (B9) NATO Summit. The Romanian head of state stressed that Romania's support for Ukraine's accession to the Alliance "is unwavering".
The level of cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and NATO has increased amid Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine. The statement was made by NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană at a joint briefing in Brussels with Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu. Moreover, Mircea Geoană said that the future of the Republic of Moldova is in the family of European democracies.
More than 15,000 education workers have called off the strike after the adoption of the ordinance providing for pay increases, Education Minister Ligia Deca said today after meeting with representatives of unions, students and parents. The minister said she was convinced on Tuesday, after meeting education unionists, students and parents representatives, that they understood "very well" the importance of maintaining the announced timetable for national exams.
The Ministry of Education and Research and the National Agency for Curriculum and Assessment have investigated reports that have appeared online about the alleged sale of tests for the national graduation exams. The institution condemns any practices that violate the principles of integrity in the process of assessing students.
The Moldovan authorities condemn the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam this morning. The country's President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Dorin Recean wrote on Twitter that the Republic of Moldova is ready to provide necessary assistance to Ukraine to overcome the consequences.
The acceleration of Moldova's accession process to the European Union will be promoted in Brussels and Stockholm, announces the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu. To this end, the official from Chisinau will visit the two countries from 6 to 8 June.
5 June 2023
Six candidates submitted their files to the competition for the position of director of the National Energy Regulatory Agency. The deadline is June 7. The President of the Parliamentary Commission for Economy and Budget, Radu Marian, said that the files will also be examined by the Legal Commission, and then the interview test will follow.
The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, avoids saying whether she will sign the decree regarding the appointment of Evghenia Guțul to the position of Bascan of the Gagauz autonomy. The head of state says that the people of the Republic of Moldova, in these three decades, proved how much they care about democracy, and those who were elected must work for the interest of this state, and not for the interest of a criminal group.
More than 3,500 military personnel, about 40 ships, 25 aircraft and helicopters participate in the applications of the Russian Federation. According to Russian media, they will perform tasks of protection and defense of maritime communications and fleet base points. The Russian exercise will end on June 15.
The National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) announced that it will urgently examine Moldovagaz's request to adjust natural gas tariffs and will come, on Wednesday, June 7, with a decision.
The holding of the EPC Summit in Bulboaca improved the image of our country and showed that the Republic of Moldova is no longer seen as an obscure place, where criminal groups share the state's wealth, and as a country that allows itself to be mocked by the Kremlin. The statements were made by the president Maia Sandu during a press conference, where the EPC Summit was reviewed.
The problems generated by the war in Ukraine and the reforms initiated by the Chisinau authorities were some of the topics discussed by the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, with a group of Moldovans living in Milan and Padua.
4 June 2023
Prime minister Narendra Modi visited the accident site and the survivors of the train tragedy in Odisha that claimed the lives of nearly 300 people and injured more than 800, reads Independent.
The 2-year-old Lisa, who was killed during the night in Dnipro, is one of at least 500 children who were killed during the invasion, according to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, writes SkyNews, quoted by
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan names his new cabinet after being sworn in for an historic third term in office, Euronews reports.
US President Joe Biden on Saturday signed a bill to raise the debt ceiling into law, the White House said, writes DW.
UPDATE 11:53 The Leova-Bumbăta border crossing has resumed its activity, the Border Police announces.
The Republic of Moldova will be ready to start accession negotiations by the end of this year, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, told Radio Moldova. According to the official, our country will have to convince the leaders of the member states of the European Union that it has fulfilled all the recommendations of the European Commission, although there are still delays in the justice sector.
The activity of the border crossing point (PTF) Leova-Bumbăta is interrupted for maintenance work, informs the Border Police and the Customs Service.
Starting from Sunday, June 4, the state of emergency has been extended in the Republic of Moldova for a period of 60 days. Prime Minister Dorin Recean recently mentioned, in the plenary of the Legislative, that the need to extend the state of emergency is determined by the unpredictable developments of the war started by Russia against Ukraine.
The Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu, is making an official visit to Italy, starting from Sunday, June 4, to June 7. During the visit, the Parliament Speaker will meet with the leadership of the Italian Parliament.
The Orthodox Christians today celebrate the Descent of the Holy Spirit, called also the Great Sunday of the Pentecost. This is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, which is marked 50 days following the Holy Easter.
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