Dmitri Moruz: We must be attentive and ready to take opportunities offered by EPC Summit

IPN, 26 May 2023 16:50

The EPC Summit that will take place in Moldova will transmit a message to the whole world - that the country is a safe place - and this will bring value added for the general development potential of the county, director general of the Interethnic Relations Agency Dmitri Moruz said in a public debate hosted by IPN. H noted that the opportunities that will be opened up for cultural inte

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Awards totaling 4.5 million lei were offered by the Ministry of Education and Research during a ceremony for athletes who won medals in international competitions.“This is to express our gratitude to the athletes and coaches who make us proud whenever the anthem of the Republic of Moldova is played in arenas of international competitions. I know that behind these results are yea
After two days of protests in the provinces, the Farmers’ Force Association decided to suspend them and accept Prime Minister Dorin Recean’s proposal to resume negotiations. Representatives of the Association however warn that, if the talks do not end in a written agreement, the farmers will stage a large-scale protest in Chisinau and throughout the country on June 19.&ldqu
A batch of humanitarian assistance estimated at 4.2 million lei will be offered to Ukraine for managing the ecological and humanitarian consequences caused by the destruction of the Nova Kahovka dam. The decision was adopted by the Commission for Exceptional Situations.The aid package includes pumping stations, inflatable boats, food products, and flood relief equipment. The goods will
A woman, 32, and her 7-month-old child were killed in a traffic in Ghidighici suburb, Chisinau municipality.According to preliminary information from the Police, a 34-year-old man lost control of his car and crashed it violently into another car, driven by a 25-year-old man. The impact was fatal for two passengers in the second car: a woman and her baby. The driver and another 4-year-
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The open-air Green Theater, located in Chisinau’s Valea Morilor Park, reopened yesterday after a first stage of renovation. This was marked by a folk music concert featuring Nicolae Botgros’s Band and friends as well as the “Joc” Folk Dance Ensemble.“We are reopening the Green Theater after a break during which the Chisinau City Hall carried out repair wor
A festival dedicated to cherries, called Cireșar (the popular name for June, literally cherry-picker), is taking place today in Chisinau’s suburban town of Trușeni.The Chisinau City Hall said in a press release that it has prepared, together with the local administration of Trușeni, a number activities for both children and adults attending the festivalThe event will start at 1
The settlement of the Transnistrian conflict depends on the outcome of the Ukraine war, says Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian. The current 5+2 negotiation format is unfunctional, according to him, as two participants – Ukraine and Russia – are at war.“The settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, and also of other conflicts in our region, includi
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The NATO summit in Vilnius will be extremely important for Ukraine, as there could be developments regarding Kiev’s aspiration to join the bloc, thinks Viorel Cibotaru, politician and currently Moldova’s ambassador to Belgium.The NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital during July 11 and 12 will be an occasion to discuss the Ukraine war, the potential enlargement of the bloc,
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The USAID has launched the 25 million lei "Moldova Turistica" grants program, which aims to support the tourism industry in Moldova. A tourism promotion campaign titled “Be Our Guest” has been launched as well to assist the effort.With “Be Our Guest”, the Ministry of Culture, with USAID support, aims to stimulate the demand for authentic tourist exper
From July 1, about 1,300 public servants will get higher salaries, with ministers in particular to receive 50,184 lei a month, or nearly double what they get today. The measure, which today was approved by Parliament in the first reading, will cost the public budget an additional 90 million lei.Prime Minister Dorin Recean told the Parliament plenary meeting that everyone needs an effic
Moldovan authorities, with UNICEF support, have successfully deinstitutionalized 83% of the 11,000 children in 67 residential institutions. Most of these children have been reunited with their biological families or placed in family-type care facilities. This is shown in the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, presented today in Chisinau.According to the study,
The Chisinau City Hall has launched the web information resource “transparency portal. Accessing this resource, those interested can see in real time information about the financial flows, purchases and tender contests, IPN reports.Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban told a news conference that the given project, a model of attitude, can be replicated at central level and also at the le
The Moldovan farmers need larger funds for being competitive and for diversifying the export markets, ex-minister of agriculture, regional development and environment Nicolae Ciubuc stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.According to him, the farmers in Moldova benefit from very low subsidies for developing the agricultural sector even compared with their counterparts from Romania. Th
The European Political Community Summit opened up discussion opportunities, including as regards the access to the markets of the European community, but the authorities and producers of Moldova should realize that any country that respects its citizens will not allow Moldovan products to enter their markets if they are not sure of the quality and inoffensiveness of these, the head of th
For the Republic of Moldova to have high-value agriculture competitive with that of the countries of the European community, emphasis should be shifted from raw material to the development of the value chain, which the processing process, Iurie Scripnic, secretary of state of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.“Agriculture has a
The inhabitants of the municipality of Chisinau must pay the cleanup tax of 10 lei a month for each person registered at the declared domicile by July 31, IPN reports.The calculation was done by the Local Taxes Collection Division in accordance with the information provided by the Public Services Agency from the State Population Register, according to the situation on December 31, 2022
The European Political Community Summit held in Moldova on June 1 opened up new opportunities not only for the diplomatic relations, but also for the economic ones. The credit of trust given to Moldova should be fully made use of and should be turned into sustainable partnerships with countries of the whole European community, said experts invited to IPN’s public debate “EPC
Even if the minimum official salary in Moldova has grown significantly since 2018, in the first quarter of this year Moldova paid the lowest minimum salary in the economy in Europe. This was €205, up from €132 in 2018. For comparison, the minimum salary in Bulgaria was €399, in Romania – €606, in Germany - €1,987, said economic expert of the Institute for D
More than 4,000 people have drowned in Moldova’s rivers and lakes over the last 21 year. A number of 34 cases of drowning were reported so far this year and three of the victims were children. Rescuers call on the population to strictly obey the safety rules in water and close to bodies of water and to avoid places that are not outfitted for swimming and do not have lifeguard stati
A 37-year-old man was sentenced to 14 years in jail for raping two girls younger than 14 and for other violent acts of a sexual character against them. The sentence was passed by the Ungheni Court, IPN reports.According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, in the summer of 2016, during June-August, the culprit, who was at the home of his parents in central Moldova, sexually abused
Together with the start of the war in Ukraine and together with the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the commercial relations decreased significantly. Respectively, the transfers for business purposes also decreased. But the transfers made by private individuals from Russia to Moldova have grown, said the governor of the National Bank of Moldova Octavian Armașu, wh
A man was electrocuted, while another one suffered an electric shock as a result of an incident in a 10 kV overhead power line in Ialoveni town. A special commission of the National Agency for Energy Regulation and the law enforcement agencies are investigating the circumstances of the case, IPN reports.According to Premier Energy Distribution, the men were drivers of a heavy truck. T
The gas distributor SA Energocom finished one of the first tender contests this year for the purchase of natural gas for this summer. Two companies were selected. One of these is from Greece, while the other one cannot be yet revealed, Energocom director Victor Bânzari told a news conference, being quoted by IPN.“By this moment, we have already signed contracts with two companie
The Râșcani Health Center will be outfitted with a modern ultrasound machine bought with a grant provided by the Government of Japan. The value of the project to provide modern equipment under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects “Kusanone” is of US$45,901, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the Ministry of Health.In the ceremony to sign the gra
Today we celebrate June the 2nd, the day the Italian people chose the Republic to rise from the ashes of the war. Every person must be free to choose his or her own destiny. Seventy-seven years after that referendum, with pride and passion we watch our tricolour flag being hoisted as a sign of freedom, democracy and equality.The Italian Republic is founded on labour and draws inspirat
The financial assistance intended for Ukrainian refugees hosted by Moldova is paid with delay, said the chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB) Igor Munteanu. He said that together with a group of Ukrainian deputies, he visited a refugee placement center and was disappointed to see how some of the citizens of Ukraine are treated in Moldova. For his part, MP Vasile Bolea s
The Republic of Moldova must identify new financing opportunities, while the issuance of Eurobonds will ensure long-term investments in the country’s infrastructure, said the executive director of the Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup” Adrian Lupușor. The economist explained that the issuance of Eurobonds will contribute to the country’s economic growth and to t
Op-Ed     The traditional perceptions of the Transnistrian conflict and the methods of resolving it, formed in the period before the launch of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, are no longer relevant. Chisinau should get ready for the institution of a new international format for political settlement in Transnistria, act
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The Moldovan authorities aim to strengthen the economic cooperation with the Swedish partners. Sweden became a new market for Moldova fruit and vegetables and the first apples from Moldova are already on shelves in Swedish stores, said Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. “Sweden is also among the most important donors for our co
Nine public institutions and the areas adjoining them in the districts of Leova, Ialoveni and Șoldănești have been assessed to see how accessible they are to persons with disabilities. The assessment was carried out as part of the project “Solidarity and Activism for Peace” that was implemented by “Motivație” Association.In a news conference hosted by IPN, Natal
About 4,600 children have been enrolled in the first grade in Chisinau’s schools in the first enrollment phase. More than 3,700 of them are enrolled in Romanian classes.5,070 places remain available for the second phase, says Mayor Ion Ceban.The second phase has started last Friday and will run until June 16 in the schools that have available seats left. The results of the enr
Moldovan judokas in the first half of this year obtained remarkable results on the international arena in all the age categories. The athletes said they will continue to work to achieve better results so that Moldova’s anthem is played at the next Olympic Games. To be able to qualify, they need to contend in rather many competitions.In a news conference hosted by IPN, the Moldova
Four Ukrainian female refugees managed to find a job with the assistance of the Moldovan Association “Motivație” within the framework of the project “Solidarity and Activism for Peace” that lasted for a year.In a news conference staged by IPN, Victoria Boțan, public relations specialist of “Motivație” Association, told the story of Liuba, a young ref
Thirty-eight women from the districts of Leova, Șoldănești and Ialoveni acquired skills to become actively involved in the management of the humanitarian crisis thanks to the project “Solidarity and Activism for Peace” that was implemented by “Motivație” Association of Moldova during a year.In a news conference hosted by IPN, Victoria Boțan, public relations spe
Parliament gave a final reading and adopted the bill on the Security and Intelligence Service, (SIS), IPN reports. One of the sponsors of the bill, PAS MP Lilian Carp, who heads the commission on national security, defense and public order, said the Venice Commission was asked to pronounce on this legislative proposal and over 20 public debates were held later to examine the objections a
The reduced natural gas charges come into force today, June 8. The National Agency for Energy Regulation’s relevant decision was published in the Official Gazette. Household users will pay a charge of 16,730 lei per 1,000 cubic meters of gas, plus VAT of 8%, IPN reports.The rates set by the Agency, without VAT, are:- at points of entry into natural gas transportation networks:
A Media Hub centering on the media education of young people was opened in the capital city. The young people there will be able to develop new skills in the media sector through training seminars, information sessions, informative and recreational programs and podcasts, IPN reports.Petru Grecu, director of the Municipal Youth Center, said that the Media Hub project was implemented in
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The Moldovan authorities aim to strengthen the economic cooperation with the Swedish partners. Sweden became a new market for Moldova fruit and vegetables and the first apples from Moldova are already on shelves in Swedish stores, said Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. “Sweden is also among the most important donors for our co
Since the start of the year, the Moldovan leu has strengthened against the U.S. dollar by 7% and against the euro by 5%. The exporters and the people who live on remittances have been affected by the leu’s appreciation the most. According to the governor of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) Octavian Armașu, the recession is the cause of this appreciation, IPN reports.“So,
The governor of the National Bank of Moldova Octavian Armașu said that inflation in the Republic of Moldova had a higher amplitude and the inflation process started earlier, but could be tempered faster. As regards the economic cycle, Moldova is yet in recession. That’s why the next challenge is no longer inflation, but the overcoming of recession.“We entered these overlapp
The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) on Thursday launched a financial education podcast entitled “Give sense to money”. NBM governor Octavian Armașu is the invitee of the first edition. He will respond primarily to questions posted by media outlets in a cumulative interview on the occasion of the professional baking workers’ day, IPN reports.According to the central ban
Seven civil society organizations were awarded for their initiatives with an impact at the Civil Society Awards Gala 2023 that was staged with the European Union’s support. These are associations that over the past year contributed to strengthening democracy, connectivity and confidence, to promoting gender quality and innovation, to the economic and social development of the Repub
The Republic of Moldova does not have own natural gas and the gas charge depends on the purchase price existing on the international market. Furthermore, during the cold period of the year, when the prices were high, volumes of gas were bought and these haven’t been used. Now this gas needs to be consumed, President Maia Sandu said when asked why the gas charges do not decrease mor
Putin’s regime is in agony and the blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka dam confirms this, said PAS MP Oazu Nantoi. According to him, internal conflicts occur in Russia and these generate irrational actions. Ex-minister of defense Anatol Șalaru said that by destroying this dam, Russia aimed to hamper the Ukrainian counteroffensive, sacrificing this way Crimea that risks remaining withou
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7 June 2023
The European Political Community Summit held in Moldova on June 1 was a clear signal of support for our country on the path of European integration, the chairman of the European Social Democratic Party of Moldova (PSDE) Ion Sula stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.Ion Sula noted that the leaders of the European states at the EPC Summit transmitted a very powerful message of unity a
Over 1,000 athletes from 30 states will take part in the 32nd edition of the European Arm-wrestling and Para Armwrestling Championships during June 11-17. For the first time, the event will take place in Chisinau, at the Exhibitions Center “Moldexpo”.The official opening of the championships will take place at 4pm on June 11. The preliminary matches start at 9am on June 12
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