Searches in criminal case concerning public disorder

IPN, 25 November 2022 13:00

Searches have been carried out this morning at persons featured in the criminal case regarding the planning of public disorder, IPN reports, quoting the General Police Inspectorate.The searches are conducted by police officers in concert with prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases.Similar searches were performed on November 4 and 11 in Balt

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This winter will be tough, but the bad news is that the spring will not be easy either, given that Moldova does not see any economic growth and businesses continue to struggle, Socialist MP Vladimir Odnostalko said during an IPN debate on Monday. According to the opposition lawmaker, the energy bills support scheme rolled out by the Government will not improve people’s lives, whose
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The International Book Fair for Children and Youth returns to Chisinau after a two-year hiatus. Seventeen exhibitors, publishers and book distributors, offering more than 50 thousand books for children and young people in various languages, fiction and non-fiction, will participate in this year’s edition, running from December 1 to 4 at Moldexpo.Eugenia Bejan, director of the Ion
The Dignity and Truth Party (PDA) has formally asked prosecutors to investigate Termoelectrica’s decision to select the Moldovan company Horus for rehabilitating one of its cogeneration units, after recently it became known that the unit suffered a major breakdown just two weeks after it had been put back into operation.Horus was competing against two other bidders, the Romanian
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Twenty Moldovan educational institutions will be outfitted with digital equipment thanks to the Romanian Government’s support, IPN reports. In the handover ceremony, Minister of Education and Research Anatolie Topală said the support provided by the Government of Romania to Moldova is huge. In education, great emphasis is currently placed on the introduction and use of information
The strategic perspective for Moldova is to be solidary with Ukraine and to go together with the neighboring country towards the European Union. If the current government tries to negotiate better prices for energy resources with Russia, it will distance itself from the European path and this will be ‘a dangerous trap’ for the country, expert Igor Boțan stated in a public deb
The state will not borrow money to offer subsidies to the people as it has received assistance from the foreign partners and a large part of the money coming from outside the country in the form of grants will be used for the purpose, the head of the Parliament’s commission on social protection, health and family Dan Perciun stated in a public debate staged by IPN.The PAS MP note
Orthodox Christians who follow the Gregorian calendar todays started the Advent or Nativity Fast that marks the beginning of a season of preparation that looks forward to the celebration of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. It runs for 40 days and ends on January 6 (December 24 on the Julian calendar), before the Nativity of Jesus, IPN reports.Priest Andrei Pârgaru, of Saint Gre
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This year the Christmas Fair will be staged in the Great National Assembly Square. The municipality took such a decision because the Cathedral Square is under repair. The artificial fir tree that was also used the previous years will be placed the coming days, IPN reports.“Despite all the circumstances that are not at all easy, we all, primarily the children, need to feel the spi
The energy crisis is the most serious of the problems experienced by the citizens of Moldova and the higher than ever bills are the most pronounced consequence of this crisis. The difficult social situation is further worsened by the different political views about the reasons of this crisis and the way in which the authorities decided to support the population, by direct subsidies throu
LGBT+ young people are afraid to tell their parents about their sexual orientation. Owing to non-acceptance, they have to hide their friends and to lead a double life. Many of the teens interrupted their relations with the parents when they came of age or plan to do it when they graduate from school and will be financially independent. The relations are also difficult in educational inst
The inhabitants of ATU Gagauzia are urged to be cautious when they will elect their Bashkan next spring. Such a call was made by Alexei Serebryanski, a retired colonel of the Security and Intelligence Service and former foreign spy chief. He referred to the intent of the Moldovagaz chief Vadim Ceban to run for the post of Governor in Gagauzia. Serebryanski said that Ceban “consciou
Retired SIS colonel Alexei Serebreanschi, former foreign spy chief, made a call to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the acting prosecutor general over the alleged illegalities committed by the president of the Administrator Board of SA Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban. According to him, Vadim Ceban protects his adviser who denigrates a series of public figures, including of Gagauzia, thro
Alexei Serebryanski, a retired colonel of the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) and former foreign espionage chief, stated rumor has it that the president of Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban intends to run for the post of Bashkan (Governor) of Gagauzia in the elections set for next spring. But Vadim Ceban is the person who consciously tolerates interethnic hatred and is the co-author and pla
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The Russia gas company Gazprom has announced that it will not cut the amounts of gas supplied to the metering station “Sudja” as Moldovagaz cleared the debts for the gas consumed in November. This way, the money for the amounts of gas intended for Moldovan consumers that were kept on the territory of Ukraine reached the company, IPN reports.“At the same time, we warn
The extreme right lane of Albișoara St towards Grigore Vieru Blvd (under the bridge) will be closed to vehicle traffic between November 28 and December 12, IPN reports.Also, the section of 31 august 1989 St between the streets Alexander Pushkin and Mitropolit Gavriil Bănulescu-Bodoni will be inaccessible to traffic from November 28 until December 11.The section of Vasile Dokuchaev St
● MONDAY, November 21Access to two bridges on M5 road openedAfter repair works that lasted for a year and a half, the bridges on the M5 road (border with Ukraine-Criva-Balti-Chisinau-Tiraspol-border with Ukraine), located on the 38.34th km and 24.93km, were opened to vehicle traffic. The investments totaled 37 million lei, with the money being fully allocated from the Road Fund, IPN
“Why was it necessary to return to the classification of archives? Probably in order to impose in a dictatorial way the view of the regime of Putin on the interpretation of the events of World War II. Who does not agree with Putin’s view risks heavy fines and jail terms. Sometimes, we can regret that the penal law does not have retroactive effect. If it had had such  eff
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CurrencyCodeABRRateExchange RateAlbanian lek 008 ALL 10 1.7183 Armenian Dram 051 AMD 10 0.4886 Australian Dollar 036 AUD
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Minister of Aeroculture and Food Industry Vladimir Bolea said there is no other more important sector with bigger potential than agriculture. Agriculture has been the most important sector of the national economy. It engages over 21% of the people able to work in daily activities. This determines the economic development basis and the main orientation direction of the Government policies
A legislative initiative provides that women will be able to work up to the last day of pregnancy and to get maternity benefit. The trade unions oppose such a proposal and make reference to international treaties that oblige the women to go on maternity leave on the seventh month of pregnancy. Civil society experts said neither the state nor the trade unions should decide this. Only the
Together with Moldova’s entry into the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the citizens will be able to easier transfer money from one account to another. For companies, as for the citizens, the cost will be much lower and the speed will be higher. The payments will be swifter and cheaper for ordinary citizens both through banks and through payment service providers. Representatives
A new edition of the Student Film Festival “Debut” is to start in Chisinau. Screenings will take place at the Odeon Cultural Center starting at 4pm, IPN reports.According to the National Cinematography Center, the event is held to welcome young talents as new members of the Union of Filmmakers. The graduates of the Multimedia Department and students of the Academy of Music,
The young people in Chisinau aged between 14 and 35 can take part in volunteering activities and interest clubs and have access to personal development and animation services, career orientation, legal and psychological counseling. Since the start of 2022, more than 13,000 young people have visited the Municipal Youth Center. Youth-friendly places are created both in public spaces and in
The section of 31 august 1989 St between the streets Alexandr Pushkin and Bănulescu-Bodoni will be inaccessible to vehicle traffic between November 28 and December 11.The Chisinau City Hall said the measure was taken in connection with the necessity of executing works to connect the newly built water supply networks, IPN reports.The public transport running in the area – buses
The state institutions sequestrated assets to the value of 7 billion le in the bank fraud case and in other high-profile cases, said the director of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) Iulian Rusu. According to him, it is hard to seize property located in other countries and the process requires cooperation with foreign institutions, IPN reports.The official said the goal of the N
The circumstances of the accident that occurred at Termoelectrica are analyzed by two groups of inquiry. It goes to an internal inquiry and an external investigation involving representatives of the Security and Intelligence Services, said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu. According to him, representatives of the company assured that the fault will be remedied by December 20. The Minis
The objectives set when signing the Association Agreement with the European Union concerning political association and economic integration were achieved, said Moldova’s former ambassador in Brussels Eugen Caras. According to the diplomat, the pace at which the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement are implemented enabled Moldova to receive the EU candidate status, IPN
CurrencyCodeABRRateExchange RateAlbanian lek 008 ALL 10 1.7183 Armenian Dram 051 AMD 10 0.4886 Australian Dollar 036 AUD
25 November 2022
The presidents of Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland on Friday adopted a joint statement on regional security and European integration. The document signed by Klaus Iohannis, Gitanas Nauseda, Egils Levits and Andrzej Duda confirms the continuation of efforts to support Ukraine and the assumed commitment to strengthen joint efforts in supporting the European integration of the Republi
The legal framework needs to be amended to ensure greater protection for journalists who are often the targets of attacks by politicians or their supporters, recommends the Independent Press Association in a study.“Our call to the state institutions, first of all to the Ministry of Justice and the relevant parliamentary committee, is to evaluate the current legislative framework
Attacks on journalists in Moldova continue to be frequent. These include physical attacks and direct threats to the life, freedom and health of media representatives, or cyberattacks, or attacks with the use of legal or economic pressure. The findings are contained in a study presented by the Independent Press Association (API). In 2021, at least 68 attacks on the media were signaled, bu
Air Moldova considers the Civil Aviation Authority’s order for the airline to stop selling tickets for the 2023 summer season to be “unfounded and illegitimate”. The airline’s reaction comes after the Authority said that it found “serious financial irregularities” at Air Moldova following an unannounced inspection.But Air Moldova is challenging the f
The Chisinau Municipal Council’s decision by which the charges for public water supply and sewerage services are raised runs counter to the legislation, the National Agency for Energy Regulation noted in a press release. Under the legal norm, the charges are approved in accordance with the methodology for determining, approving and applying the charges for public water supply and s
The police in Gagauzia learned more about the Istanbul Convention and in the future will be able to more efficiently implement the provisions of this, to combat disinformation about this document, while their perception of the given Convention has improved. This was the goal of a seminar held in Ceadîr-Lunga on November 25 for police officers from the region, who need to daily implement
The Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) approved higher water supply and sewerage charges. The new charges are provisional and will take effect when the relevant decision is published in the local media. Under an adopted amendment, these will be applied until the National Agency for Energy Regulation issues its notification, IPN reports.Under the draft decision, the average charge for the
If parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, four parties would enter Moldova’s Parliament, according to the Public Opinion Barometer for November 2022. Of the decided respondents, 36.5% would vote for the Party of Action and Solidarity, while 28.9% - for the Party of Socialists. Another 13.3% of those polled would vote for the Shor Party, while 6.8% - for the Party of Communi
The judges who commit abuses by passing sentences that are not based on the legal provisions should be penalized. The non-penalizing of abuses in the justice sector is the cause of failure of the transport reform, said representatives of the Employers Association of Road Transport Operators (APOTA) who complained to court about the abuses committed by the State Tax Service. The ordinary
The non-penalizing of abuses in the justice sector is the cause of failure of the transport reform, said representatives of the Employers Association of Road Transport Operators. According to them, even if Moldova has a law on state control over entrepreneurial activity, its provisions do not apply to carriers. They reached such a conclusion after complaining in court about the abuses co
The International Organization for Migration (IOM), with the support of the UK Government, embraces the awareness raising Campaign “16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls” by organizing a series of online and offline activities under the common slogan "#Unite against violence against women and girls”. The campaign was launched in Moldova on Nov
The Government and the United Nations signed the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023-2027 (UNSDCF).  This is an agreement between the sides to expand their cooperation and scale up the results of the previous framework in order to help the country address the development challenges and barriers to more inclusive social and economic development and the achievement of n
Searches have been carried out this morning at persons featured in the criminal case regarding the planning of public disorder, IPN reports, quoting the General Police Inspectorate.The searches are conducted by police officers in concert with prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases.Similar searches were performed on November 4 and 11 in Balt
The electrical energy can grow more expensive again as the two power distributors asked the National Agency for Energy Regulation to review the electricity charges, IPN reports.Premier Energy, which powers central and southern Moldova, asked a charge of 6.38 lei/kWh, up from 4.77 lei/kWh at present.Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord, which serves consumers in the northern districts,
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that serious financial irregularities were detected following an unplanned inspection at Air Moldova airline. According to the institution, these can seriously affect the operator’s functionality and the safety of the planned air operations. The CAA requested the company to suspend the sale of tickets to destinations for which there is no cor
Some 40% of the national rail network is in a critical condition, said the director of Moldova’s Railways (CFM) Oleg Tofilat. According to him, the war in Ukraine makes the authorities take urgent measures to rehabilitate and modernize rail infrastructure. An important part of the railroads started to be repaired and new wagons and locomotives will be purchased thanks to the suppor
The president of Moldovagaz does not rule out the possibility that preconditions for adjusting the natural gas rates down can appear this winter. Vadim Ceban noted that if the downward trend in the purchase price of gas continues the next months, the company will be able to cover the tariff deviations it accumulated in 2022. Gazprom in December could supply Moldova with the same volume o
The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) will not devote attention to the leaks that appeared in the public sphere. The institution’s chief noted that the prosecutors are busy with the cases of corruption and will not leave their activities aside for reading tens of thousands of messages whose authenticity hasn’t been proven. The APO will examine the presupposed dis
Moldova has a clear and structured relationship with the European Union in terms of the relations between institutions and at legislative level too. The country has access to the European electricity and natural gas networks. The EU increased the amount of products that can be imported from Moldova so as to offer the national producers a lifebuoy, Iulian Groza, executive director of the
A new basketball court is being constructed at the Theoretical Lyceum “Dacia” located in Ciocana district of Chisinau. This way, starting with the second half of the 2022-2023 school year, the lyceum’s students will be able to play basketball in modern conditions, IPN reports.The General Public Amenities Division said the works include the building of the court and s
Op-Ed     The union cannot be effected by a part or even by several political parties in a bloc. It should be the political opera of the unionist force in general, embodied at electoral political level by a National List conceived and formed not by the will and political sympathies of the leaders, but by the political activism
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