Wholesale prices for “Moldova” grapes of 2022 harvest are unlikely to further grow

EastFruit, 25 November 2022 12:50

The quality of “Moldova” table grapes in Chisinau retail stores is noticeably degrading in November. You can still find high-quality Moldova grapes in retail markets in the capital, but the price difference between them and average-quality grapes in stores reaches 4-6 MDL/kg ($0.20-0.31/kg). There is still a large volume of... Сообщение Wholesale prices for “Moldova” grapes of 2022 harvest are unlikely to further grow появились сначала на EastFruit.

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Last 8 hours
Analysts of the international project EastFruit recorded another decrease in prices for potatoes on the Ukrainian market. To date, wholesale batches of potatoes from local farms are offered at 3.5-6.0 UAH/kg ($0.09-0.16/kg). Recall that the range of wholesale prices for potatoes at the end of last week was at the... Сообщение Prices for potatoes in Ukraine are approaching zero появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to experts of the Berry Producers Association “Pomușoarele Moldovei”, there are currently about 85-100 tonnes of frozen raspberries in the warehouses of freezing enterprises. Producers would like to sell them to their traditional buyers at a wholesale price of at least 4 EUR/kg. However, this is hardly possible in... Сообщение Moldovan producers of frozen raspberries cannot sell their stocks появились сначала на EastFruit.
Last 12 hours
The private enterprise “Anzur natural food” from the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan set up the handling and processing of broccoli. The company exports its products both fresh and frozen. Now the enterprise has also launched the production of broccoli puree, EastFruit experts report. The company buys broccoli as a raw... Сообщение Uzbek enterprise has launched the production of broccoli puree появились сначала на EastFruit.
The harvest of all types of vegetables increased in the 2022 season in Kazakhstan. In particular, potato production increased by 11.9%. According to the Minister of Agriculture of the country, Kazakhstan can provide potatoes not only for the domestic market but also for the neighboring countries, EastFruit experts report with... Сообщение Potato production in Kazakhstan increased by almost 12% in 2022 появились сначала на EastFruit.
As a result of sharp warming in recent days in Uzbekistan, apple trees have blossomed in the Baysun district of the country’s southernmost region – Surkhandarya region, EastFruit experts report. “In the Panzhob massif of the Baysun district of the Surkhandarya region, “early bud opening” uncharacteristic for this time of... Сообщение Apple trees bloomed in Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan in November (photo) появились сначала на EastFruit.
While presenting at the International Conference “Ukrainian Table Grapes 2022: Moldovan Experience”, Tetyana Shmaglyuchenko, co-owner and manager of the Ukrainian company Shaleni Doli, expressed her concern that under the weight of current problems, Ukrainian viticulture could transform into a “niche, craft production”. Unfortunately, too much has been added to the... Сообщение Tetyana Shmaglyuchenko: The state and prospects of Ukrainian viticulture today can be described in one word – uncertainty появились сначала на EastFruit.
Last 24 hours
Exports of hazelnuts from Turkey in 10 months of this year brought the country $1.3 billion. Hazelnuts are grown in 13 provinces of the country: Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun, Duzce, Sakarya, Zonguldak, Artvin, Bartin, Kocaeli, Sinop, Gumushkhan, Kastamonu and Rize. The largest volume is produced in the province of Ordu in... Сообщение Exports of hazelnuts from Turkey in 2022 are to exceed last year exports by 65 thousand tonnes – forecast появились сначала на EastFruit.
More than 2 days ago
A greenhouse was built on the roof of a four-floor school building in Andijan, the administrative center of the Andijan region of Uzbekistan. Hydroponics technology, i.e. cultivation without the use of soil, is used for the production of vegetables and berries in the greenhouse, EastFruit experts say. Andijan region is... Сообщение A greenhouse was built on the roof of a school in Andijan region (Uzbekistan) появились сначала на EastFruit.
25 November 2022
The emergency power outage in Moldova, which became a “side effect” of the Russian attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, was not long enough to cause significant damage to fruit in storage facilities. In many regions of the country, the blackout lasted a matter of hours. According to representatives... Сообщение Blackout in Moldova: is there a threat to fruits in storage? появились сначала на EastFruit.
In early November, EastFruit wrote about record-high prices for tomatoes in Uzbekistan. As of November 4, 2022, tomato prices were at the highest level, and wholesale prices were 61% higher than in neighboring Tajikistan and in 1.5 times higher than in Georgia and Moldova. What’s more, the difference between the... Сообщение Tomato prices in Uzbekistan have stabilized, as EastFruit forecasted появились сначала на EastFruit.
EastFruit analysts once again pay attention to the potato market in Georgia. Recall that Samtskhe-Javakheti, a key producing region, had a poor harvest this season, which led to a jump in potato prices. It has been clear for more than two months that Georgia will have to rely on imports... Сообщение Georgia starts importing potatoes as local stocks are running out появились сначала на EastFruit.
The quality of “Moldova” table grapes in Chisinau retail stores is noticeably degrading in November. You can still find high-quality Moldova grapes in retail markets in the capital, but the price difference between them and average-quality grapes in stores reaches 4-6 MDL/kg ($0.20-0.31/kg). There is still a large volume of... Сообщение Wholesale prices for “Moldova” grapes of 2022 harvest are unlikely to further grow появились сначала на EastFruit.
24 November 2022
Uzbekistan exported 45 600 tonnes of persimmons worth $27.3 million in January-October 2022, EastFruit reports with reference to uzdaily.uz. Persimmon exports increased by 7 500 tonnes compared to the same period in 2021 Countries to which Uzbekistan exported the most persimmons in 10 months of 2022 are the following: Russia... Сообщение Uzbekistan exported more than 45 thousand tonnes of persimmon in 10 months появились сначала на EastFruit.
On November 17, 2022, the British fruit importer Growers Direct Ltd announced the safe arrival of the company’s first batch of Ukrainian apples. 24 tonnes of apples from the Nemyriv district (Vinnitsya region, Ukraine) were delivered with a month delay due to Russian shelling of Ukrainian cities, EastFruit writes with... Сообщение The first batch of apples from the Ukrainian Green Farm delivered to the UK market появились сначала на EastFruit.
The average wholesale price of this year’s carrots in Uzbekistan has decreased by 30% over the past month. This was caused by an increase in supply in the market due to the harvesting of a new crop and relatively low demand from carrot exporters, EastFruit experts note. According to price... Сообщение Carrot prices in Uzbekistan fell by 30% in a month появились сначала на EastFruit.
After a short period of stability onion prices in Ukraine began to grow again, EastFruit project analysts inform. The reason for the price increase in the segment was, first of all, a rather limited supply of onions. Most producers that do not have their own storage facilities have already completed... Сообщение Reduction in supply makes prices for onions increase in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
The average wholesale prices for mandarins in Uzbekistan have decreased by 37% over the last week. Despite the sharp decline, current wholesale prices are 31% higher than last year’s levels. According to EastFruit analysts, the main reason for this is the reduction in the supply from Pakistan, which is the... Сообщение Mandarin price in Uzbekistan fell by 37% in a week появились сначала на EastFruit.
23 November 2022
EastFruit analysts note that Georgian apple exports are smaller than last year. The country harvested a record large harvest this year – about 130 000 tonnes of apples, which is about 80% more than in the previous season. Notably, prices on the Georgian wholesale market are still high, but a... Сообщение Apple exports from Georgia are still small, but wholesale prices are not declining yet появились сначала на EastFruit.
In January-October 2022, Uzbekistan imported almost 2 times more bananas compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the volume of banana imports in the period under review shows a two-fold increase for the second year in a row, EastFruit analysts say. According to the State Statistics Committee, Uzbekistan imported... Сообщение Banana consumption in Uzbekistan is increasing fast появились сначала на EastFruit.
22 November 2022
During the unique international conference “Nuts of Ukraine 2022: exchange of experience with Georgia” held on November 19, 2022, in Tbilisi (Georgia), the President of the Ukrainian Nut Association Gennadiy Yudin presented the main aspects of the strategy for the development of nut growing in Ukraine for the coming years.... Сообщение 20% of nut orchards in Ukraine will be organic by 2030 – forecast появились сначала на EastFruit.
Farmer robots, agribots grow and harvest crops. Besides, they perform other tasks complex and monotonous for a man – those related to loading, watering, fertilizing, weeding, data collection, field mapping, soil analysis, environmental monitoring, etc. Harvesting of orchards requires the efforts of thousands of seasonal workers. Picking fruit is a... Сообщение Agribots are coming! How can robots, cobots and drones contribute to farming? (Part II) появились сначала на EastFruit.
Agribots are starting their work to relieve farmers from the monotonous tasks of planting, growing, and harvesting, as well as to solve the issues associated with the labor shortage. EastFruit has repeatedly drawn attention to the innovations of the horticulture robot market. In Parts I and II of this article,... Сообщение Agribots are coming! How can robots, cobots and drones contribute to farming? (Part I) появились сначала на EastFruit.
21 November 2022
Nuts are the richest category of horticulture, and the international nut trade is the most valued of all fruit group products. This was stated by Andriy Yarmak, Economist of the Investment Centre of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) during the unique international conference “Nuts of... Сообщение Nuts are the richest category of horticulture появились сначала на EastFruit.
The hardest conditions in which Ukrainian growers work in 2022, caused by Russian terrorism and the destruction of the civilian infrastructure of the largest country in Europe, do not stop Ukrainians from expanding the geography of fruit sales markets! As the EastFruit team was informed by one of the leading... Сообщение Unstoppable! Ukraine continues opening new markets for apples in Africa, despite Russian aggression появились сначала на EastFruit.
Despite the war, Ukraine updated the blueberry export record in 2022, as EastFruit analysts recently wrote. In the annual report of the International Blueberry Association (IBO) for 2022, ranking the 10 largest countries in terms of blueberry plantation area, Ukraine became 8th, ahead of such large blueberry exporters as Spain... Сообщение Ukraine is the eighth largest producer of blueberries in the world in terms of area появились сначала на EastFruit.
18 November 2022
Uzbekistan has extended customs privileges for the import of 22 types of food products, including bananas and citrus fruits (fresh or dried), for another 6 months, EastFruit experts report. On November 17, 2022, the head of state signed a resolution extending the validity period of zero rates for the import... Сообщение Uzbekistan extends zero rates on banana and citrus imports появились сначала на EastFruit.
According to the estimates of fruit-growing organizations, based on data from the customs service of the Republic of Moldova, about 31 000 tonnes of this year’s apples were exported from the country as of the beginning of November. The export of new crop apples during the same period last year... Сообщение The rate of exports of Moldovan apple harvest-2022 is twice lower than last year появились сначала на EastFruit.
Despite the limited supply of cucumbers in Ukrainian greenhouse complexes, their price is rapidly declining on the Ukrainian market, EastFruit project analysts report. Market operators attribute this, primarily, to a significant increase in the supply of relatively cheap cucumbers from Turkey. In addition, the rate of cucumber sales on the... Сообщение The growth in the supply of cucumbers from Turkey led to a decrease in prices in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
17 November 2022
Positive price trends have been established on the carrot markets in Ukraine this week, EastFruit project analysts report. According to market players, a noticeable increase in the trading of carrots contributes to the price increase. At the same time, most farms have suspended sales of high-quality carrots in anticipation of... Сообщение Prices for carrots increased in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
For the third week on the Moldovan fruit and vegetable market, the wholesale price for potatoes is stuck at around 7 MDL/kg ($0.37/kg). This is a high price; over the past few years, it was higher only in 2019 – $0.4/kg. However, as EastFruit reported, market operators believed that the... Сообщение Prices for low-quality potatoes in Moldova are not increasing so far появились сначала на EastFruit.
An increase in prices for white cabbage was recorded this week in Ukraine, although only in the high-quality cabbage segment, EastFruit project analysts report. The main reason for the rise in prices in the segment was the rather limited supply of high-quality cabbage, since most farms store it in storage,... Сообщение Demand for high-quality cabbage has intensified in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
16 November 2022
A feasibility study for the transfer of apple orchards in the Republic of Moldova to an organic growing system will be carried out in November 2022 – February 2023 with the support of the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program implemented by CNFA, reports Fruit-inform with reference to Agrobiznes.md. The study was commissioned... Сообщение Moldovan growers are offered to increase the production of organic apples появились сначала на EastFruit.
The growth rate of wholesale prices for “Moldova” grapes, which began at the end of October 2022 from the lowest level over the previous five years – 7 MDL/kg average ($0.36/kg), is accelerating in Moldova, EastFruit reports. The average price for “Moldova” grew by 1 MDL/kg during the first week,... Сообщение Price for “Moldova” grapes will soon rise significantly появились сначала на EastFruit.
There has been a seasonal increase in wholesale prices for cucumbers in Uzbekistan since the beginning of October. However, they are growing much more rapidly this year than in the same period of previous years. The average wholesale cucumber price has increased 1.5 times over the past week, and 3... Сообщение Cucumber prices in Uzbekistan are growing rapidly появились сначала на EastFruit.
14 November 2022
Potato prices have increased in Georgia compared to 2021. A kilogram of potatoes from Akhalkalaki in stores costs 2.20-2.50 GEL on average. Potatoes in the markets are cheaper. Potatoes in supermarkets are even more expensive, East-Fruit reports, citing bizzone.info. According to farmers and vendors, this year’s harvest is relatively poor.... Сообщение Potato prices are increasing in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
11 November 2022
EastFruit analysts continue monitoring consumer prices in Georgia. GeoStat published data for October. Food became even more expensive, and the average consumer price for all goods and services, or inflation, was 11% higher than in October 2021. Compared to October in the previous three years, the overall price level in October 2022 is... Сообщение Food prices in Georgia hit a new record high появились сначала на EastFruit.
Some trading companies have started buying walnut kernels “from the market” this week, i.e. not from partner farmers, with whom sale and purchase contracts are concluded following direct negotiations with prices not being disclosed. The wholesale price announced by traders for “external suppliers” is 50-60 MDL/kg ($2.62-3.15/kg), depending on the quality of... Сообщение Prices for walnut kernel in Moldova are discouragingly low so far появились сначала на EastFruit.
10 November 2022
After a three-week reduction, prices for potatoes in Ukraine started growing, EastFruit project analysts report. According to them, the main reason for the increase in potato prices is the increase in demand and the overall reduction in stocks of potatoes unsuitable for long-term storage. Let us recall that the purchasing... Сообщение Potato prices in Ukraine are growing for the first time since the beginning of autumn появились сначала на EastFruit.
Uzbekistan has simplified the exports of fruits and vegetables for farmers. The President of Uzbekistan signed a corresponding resolution. Under the document, private entrepreneurs received the right to export fruits and vegetables without prepayment, letters of credit or bank guarantees from November 10, 2022, uzdaily.uz writes. The President also abolished... Сообщение Uzbekistan has simplified the procedure for exporting fruits and vegetables появились сначала на EastFruit.
9 November 2022
According to EastFruit analysts, despite the invasion of the Russian occupation troops, their damage to part of the plantations in the central and northern regions of the country, Ukrainian growers increased blueberry exports in 2022 to a record high! The total export of fresh blueberries from Ukraine in 2022 exceeded 2 500 tonnes,... Сообщение Despite the war, Ukraine set a record of blueberries exports in 2022 появились сначала на EastFruit.
8 November 2022
EastFruit has already reported that Uzbekistan exported the first test batches of fresh table grapes to Japan in 2021. We decided to find out the details – how they managed to agree on deliveries, what are the quality requirements, specifics of the local market and quarantine requirements, and whether there are prospects... Сообщение Uzbekistan exported for the first-time fresh table grapes to Japan in 2021 (interview with the exporter) появились сначала на EastFruit.
EastFruit analysts have reviewed the latest trade data and they confirm reports of weak exports. In October 2022, Georgia exported hazelnuts worth $14 million, which is 30% less than in the same month of 2021. The export of kernels still dominates the export of Georgian hazelnuts, but its share is not so large... Сообщение Georgian hazelnut exports were weak in October появились сначала на EastFruit.
4 November 2022
According to EastFruit project analysts, most Ukrainian greenhouses announced the end of the sale of tomatoes this week. To date, local greenhouses mainly sell leftovers, and many have stopped selling and started preparing for the new season. As a result, the supply of tomatoes on the market has somewhat decreased and selling prices... Сообщение Season of local greenhouse tomatoes ends in Ukraine появились сначала на EastFruit.
3 November 2022
Prices for cabbage have been falling on the Ukrainian market for the second week in a row, EastFruit project analysts report. Market participants explain the new decrease in prices in the segment by a significant increase in the supply of substandard products. A large part of cabbage on the market is currently... Сообщение Ukrainian growers are forced to further reduce cabbage prices появились сначала на EastFruit.
The project started with a humble idea and a little experience as a supplier of raw materials to one of the fruit and herbs producers in the Guria-Adjara regions of Georgia, Eastfruit reports with reference to the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line website. When Giorgi Melua registered as an individual entrepreneur back... Сообщение The EBRD and the EU help boost competitiveness of bay leaf producer in Georgia появились сначала на EastFruit.
A persistent upward trend in lemon prices has established on the Polish market due to their limited supply, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the Fresh-market website. The import of lemons from the southern hemisphere has already ended, while lemon harvesting season in southern Europe and Turkey has just begun. The fact that South African... Сообщение Record high prices for lemons in Poland появились сначала на EastFruit.
31 October 2022
Fruit properly frozen within two days of harvest often retains more vitamins than a week-old fresh fruit. The frozen fruit industry in Moldova is not yet highly developed, but the large supply of fresh fruit has prompted some companies to buy suitable equipment and freeze large volumes of fruit, mainly... Сообщение The freezing market is frozen — Yulia Tymoshenko появились сначала на EastFruit.
On November 19, 2022, the international conference “Nuts of Ukraine: exchange of experience with Georgia” will be held in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The event will be held as a support for the Ukrainian nut market in wartime, and its main task will be to share the experience of... Сообщение “Nuts of Ukraine 2022: exchange of experience with Georgia” – nut growers are invited to the international conference появились сначала на EastFruit.
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