Moldova Summons Envoy, Demands Russia 'Stop These Bombings' After Energy Blackout

Europa Libera, 24 November 2022 19:20

Moldova's Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to Chisinau on November 24 to "firmly condemn" the invasion of Ukraine and demand that Russia end its bombings, which were blamed for knocking out power in most of Moldova a day earlier.

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Russian state gas producer Gazprom withdrew a threat to reduce gas supplies to Moldova starting November 28 but said it reserves the right to lower or halt flows in the future if Moldova fails to make agreed payments.
I'm RFE/RL Europe Editor Rikard Jozwiak, and this week I'm drilling down on two major issues: the NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Bucharest and what is predicted to be a stormy OSCE gathering in the Polish city of Lodz.
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Moldova's Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to Chisinau on November 24 to "firmly condemn" the invasion of Ukraine and demand that Russia end its bombings, which were blamed for knocking out power in most of Moldova a day earlier.
RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service spoke with residents in Moldova’s breakaway region about the unfolding energy crisis and found that while many are struggling, most blame the authorities in Chisinau, rather than Moscow.
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23 November 2022
Moldova has accused Moscow of energy "blackmail" and dismissed allegations by Russian energy giant Gazprom that Ukraine is withholding deliveries intended for its neighbor as "manipulation" meant to justify cutting supplies for Chisinau.
22 November 2022
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21 November 2022
Some 45 countries and institutions meet in Paris on November 21 to pledge millions of euros of aid for Moldova, as fears mount that it could be further destabilized by the conflict in Ukraine.
19 November 2022
Former President Igor Dodon has been released from house arrest in connection with multiple criminal charges but ordered to not leave the country for 60 days.
15 November 2022
Moldova has been hit by massive power outages after Russia launched a wave of strikes on energy and utility targets in Ukraine, forcing a key power line leading to the southeastern European nation to be disconnected.
Moldova's president, prime minister, and members of the senior ruling party gathered for an urgent weekend meeting after weeks of anti-government protests, pressure from Moscow, and social media hacks that targeted top officials.
13 November 2022
Thousands of anti-government protesters returned to the streets of Moldova's capital on November 13 to express their dismay over alleged government failings amid an acute winter energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation.
10 November 2022
The first Ukrainian train has pulled into the central station of the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, restoring a passenger rail link that was abandoned 24 years ago. Flights between Kyiv and Chisinau were canceled after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February.
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has paid an official visit to Moldova, where she announced a 250 million-euro ($250 million) financial package to help one of Europe's poorest countries overcome a severe energy crisis amid Russia's war in Ukraine.
9 November 2022
The president of Moldova has warned that her nation could run out of gas and electricity this winter as it faces a sharp cut in natural gas supplies.
3 November 2022
Ilan Shor is a shady businessman, convicted of fraud in connection with the biggest bank heist ever in impoverished Moldova. Now, Russia's Federal Security Service is allegedly bankrolling the Israeli-based oligarch to destabilize the former Soviet republic, triggering Washington to include him in a fresh round of sanctions.
A volunteer in the central Moldovan village of Gidighici is helping elderly residents to apply online for government subsidies for those who heat their homes with coal or wood. Julieta Cocimariuc, who volunteers for HelpAge International, says she couldn't bear the idea of vulnerable people missing out because they don't know about the scheme or don't have the means to apply online.
1 November 2022
Moscow and Chisinau exchanged diplomatic expulsions after a Russian missile that was shot down by Ukraine fell in a Moldovan village
31 October 2022
A Russian missile shot down by Ukrainian air defenses fell on a village in northern Moldova on October 31, causing minor damage but no injuries, the Moldovan Interior Ministry said.
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