Over 100,000 vaccine doses donated by Romania delivered to Moldova

IPN, 11 June 2021 20:10

As many as 100,800 Astra Zeneca vaccine doses donated by Romania were conveyed to Chisinau by two trucks of the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. The vaccines were stored at the National Public Health Agency, but on June 14 will be distributed to districts, IPN reports.Romania’s Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță said the current lot supplements the previo

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The Party of Change kicked off its election campaign by an event staged in Sângerei. The party’s leader Ștefan Gligor said that to obtain development in the economy and in other sectors, the justice system should be cleaned up by removing the corrupt judges, prosecutors and investigation offices and also the state institutions that turned out to be inefficient in the fight against
Children, parents and grandparents on June 19 took part in an electoral event – a march dedicated to the traditional family that was mounted by the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists (EBCS). The event involved representatives of the Church, IPN reports.Socialist MP Alexandr Odintsov said the family is an alliance between a woman and a man in which children are b
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President Maia Sandu assured the Moldovans from the Italian diaspora that she will continue to work for Moldova’s development. She called on them to vote in the upcoming elections so as to offer the chance of building a society in which all can work and live at home, IPN reports.According to the presidential press service, in a meeting with members of the Moldovan community in Ro
After the visit to Italy, the President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu will make an official visit to Poland, on June 21, IPN reports.According to the official website of the Polish presidential administration, Maia Sandu will have a tete-a-tete meeting with her Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda.  After this, the delegations of the two states will have plenary discussions. At
A new consignment of Sputnik-V vaccine doses against COVID-19, provided by the Russian Federation, arrived at the Chisinau International Airport last night. The lot consists of 64,000 doses, 44,000 of which will remain on the right side of the Nistru, while 20,000 will be taken to the Transnistrian region, IPN reports.Attending the vaccine welcoming event, secretary of state at the Mi
The new loans released this May came to 3.308,7 billion lei, an increase of 64.4% compared with last May. By the repayment period, the loans repayable in two to five years remained the most attractive ones, constituting 54% of the total loans. By the goal of borrowing, the consumer loans represented the largest portion. The applicants usually raise loans from banks in Moldovan lei. In Ma
The Central Election Commission (CEC) appealed the judgment by which the Chisinau City Appeals Court obliged it to establish at least 190 polling stations outside the country for the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration recommended, to the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), IPN reports.CEC chairman Dorin Cimil told journalists
The Moldovan citizens who work legally in Italy will benefit from social welfare. A social security agreement was signed by President Maia Sandu and the Minister of Labor and Social Policies of Italy Andrea Orlando in Rome, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.“It is a document awaited by our nationals who worked or work in Italy. It offers the possibility of recei
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It is now a favorable moment as the Republic of Moldova holds interest for the European community amid the instability in the region caused by the war in Ukraine. This is how MP of the first Parliament Vasile Nedelciuc described the stake of the July 11 snap parliamentary elections. Furthermore, according to Romanian expert Iulian Fota, the elections will show if the European course will
A Vaccination Marathon will take place at the Palace of the Republic in Chisinau on June 20, between 7am and 10pm. All those who got the first dose of COVID-19 at the Marathon of May 28-30 are expected to go and get the second shot. There will be set up 25 vaccination points. Another five vaccination points will be intended for those who want to get the first vaccine dose.  The pers
The new methodology for calculating fuel price ceilings agreed by the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) goes against the market economy principles, encourages monopoly and is aimed at eliminating small oil sellers, considers the Agency’s ex-director Victor Parlicov.According to the energy expert, the new methodology for calculating prices is destructive for the oil mar
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18 June 2021
The negotiation of the social security agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Italian Republic was completed. The agreement will be signed by President Maia Sandu while in Rome. The subject was discussed by President Sandu with her Italian counterpart Sergio Matarella, IPN reports.According to the presidential press service, the officials also discussed the problems faced by
Deputy mayor of Chisinau Victor Chironda said the abuses of the last few days against him are an attempt to intimidate a person who tries to name things and to stop particular illegalities. In a news conference at IPN, the deputy mayor said this scandal around his leave is aimed at distracting public attention from the issuing of the authorization for demolishing the building of Naţional
The parliamentary group of the Party of Socialists requests to establish the constitutionality of the “billion law” by which state guarantees of about 14 billion lei were provided for covering the bank theft. In a press briefing, Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea, who runs for MP on behalf of the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists, said that following those secret,
The leader of the Party “Democracy at Home” Vasile Costiuc said the members of party who accuse him of being a traitor and swindler are “vulnerable to money” that is paid by the Socialists and the Communists to spoil the party’s image, IPN reports.Contacted by IPN for a comment, Vasile Costiuc said that through these people, the Electoral Bloc of the Socia
The Working People’s Party (POM) has launched an online political marathon where the whole activity of its electoral staff is livestreamed on social media. “During 22 days, we will present our electoral program each day on a topical subject for society in Moldova, which we will change together with the citizens of the country online,” the POM noted in a press release th
The sculpture of Veronica Micle in Mihai Eminescu Square in central Chisinau will not enjoy state protection as this was made with deviations from the legal provisions, in the absence of a Government decision. Therefore, the sculpture cannot be given the status of public monument, said the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.“The sculpture in the protection area of the p
The list of 58 candidates for MP of the Political Party “New Historical Option” were registered by the Central Election Commission today. The CEC also registered independent candidate Veaceslav Valico and rejected the application registration of Ion Stegărescu, IPN reports.According to CEC secretary Maxim Lebedinschi, Ion Stegărescu presented 1,870 signatures, but 400
The second part of the allocation for paying allowances for temporary incapacity for work to the value of 16.2 million lei was distributed by the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS). There were also allocated funds for paying maternity benefit (55.1m lei) and unemployment benefit (4.6m lei).In a press release, the CNAS says the operations to finance social insurance welfare for t
Members of the Party “Democracy at Home” accuse the party’s leader Vasile Costiuc of compiling the list of candidates for the July 11 snap parliamentary elections without consulting them and of taking money for placing persons at the top of the list. In a news conference at IPN, Vasile Costiuc was named “swindler and traitor”, his mates accusing him of incor
Businessman Veaceslav Platon said he will sue Moldova for damages at the European Court of Human Rights for the four years he spent in jail as a result of his sentencing to 18 years behind bars in a fully fabricated case. He will also demand to punish the prosecutors and judges to blame for his imprisonment and those who ordered his jailing, IPN reports.“I do not intend to be in
Representatives of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” said that in the future Parliament they will propose increasing budget allocations for the health system to 9% of the public budget and promise to increase the direct investments to hospitals, health programs, compensated drugs and medical infrastructure. According to them, during a mandate at least ten regional medica
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration until 4pm, when the Central Election Commission will come together for a meeting, will provide the Commission with more information about the geography of the polling stations outside the country, the list of electrical bureaus and their heads and the related costs. Such an agreement was reached after representatives of the CEC and
President Maia Sandu signed a decree by which the Order of Honor is conferred posthumously on 134 health workers of Moldova, IPN reports.In a post on Facebook, Maia Sandu said the awards were conferred in connection with the Professional Health Worker’s and Pharmacist’s Day in homage and gratitude for the courage, devotion and spirit of sacrifice shown by these people&r
The Central Election Commission (CEC) on June 18 will examine the last files submitted by candidates for being registered as contenders in the July 11 elections. These are the New Historical Option Party and independent candidates Ion Stegărescu and Veaceslav Valico.The agenda of the meeting does not include the establishment of polling stations outside the country’s borders. By
The mass media are used as a cudgel by some of the election contenders for attacking their opponents, the paradox being that the voters, even if they say they no longer want corruption, do not penalize the parties that have candidates with integrity problems, consider Nadine Gogu, head of the Independent Journalism Center, and Cornelia Cozonac, head of Journalistic Investigations Cente
“This time it goes to the danger of disappearance of Moldova from the sphere of influence of Russia. This thing bothers the leaders of the EBCS. These leaders were once the main promoters of the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, but they changed their position for three times...”Time goes by, time comes along... Recently, it was 12 years of the publication
Constitutional law experts said the Appeals Court’s judgment concerning the necessity of establishing at least 190 polling places for the July 11 elections intended for the diaspora is courageous and in the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. For their part, MPs of the PPPDA say this victory wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of the party&
Deputy Parliament Speaker Alexandru Slusari, of the PPPDA, believes the state should extensively support agriculture. He spoke about this in the program “Space of Freedom” with Lilia Burakovski, IPN reports.“The national agriculture should be supported. In Europe, they realized this long ago and they subsidize agriculture. It is an axiom. If you do not offer support
President Maia Sandu said the disinterest shown by the Prosecutor General’s Office in the abuses committed by businessman Veaceslav Platon is suspicious. Sandu is dissatisfied with the institution’s activity and suggests that the acquittal of Veaceslav Platon in the bank fraud case is the result of the pressure exerted on judges, IPN reports.“There are many other crim
Upon invitation of the European Council, the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy presented a Joint Communication on the EU’s relations with Russia. The Joint Communication presents recommendations ahead of the European Council meeting of 24-25 June on how to strengthen the implementation of the EU’s Russia
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Apă Canal Chișinău (ACC) provided details about the way in which the tender contest for buying smart water meters was held. In a press release, the company says the regulations concerning the goal of public procurement were respected as SRL “Partener Energo” submitted the lowest price bid and was chosen the winner. The procurement commission assessed the bids according to suc
The first five years of the creation of the Eastern Partnership almost 12 years ago were very active, but what happened next can be described as stagnation. In the second half of 2020, the EaP was marked by elections in Belarus, in August, and by an unprecedented conflict in the past 30 years witnessed in South Caucasus. In this connection, Moldova, alongside the neighing country Ukraine
During two days, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova hosted the 30th International Scientific Symposium “Bibliophile Values”. This year’s event of the kind had a consistent program with exhibitions, books launches and communications by representatives of institutions of culture. Archbishop Policarp Chițulescu, director of the Bucharest Library “St. Syn
The Central Election Commission (CEC) on June 17 registered two more candidates as runners in the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, namely the Labor People’s Party with 65 candidates for MP and the Party of Change with 53 candidates, IPN reports.The CEC so far registered the following election contestants:1. “Building Europe at Home” Par
The People Power Party led by ex-acting mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu said it will fight for the money to follow the child. “We will build new kindergartens and will exclude illegal payments, will take care of teachers who were left to cope alone and will bring the medical services closer to the parents,” promise those from the People Power Party, being quoted by IPN.&l
In connection with the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, 2021, the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT launches a campaign to inform and sensitize the people so that they report electoral illegalities. The Association made an explanatory video about the most frequent types of electoral violations that can take place during the election campaign and how these can be repor
If the Alliance for the Union of Romanians enters Parliament, the party will form a coalition with the Party of Action and Solidary and with the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”. It will not ally itself with parties led by Igor Dodon, Vladimir Voronin, Ilan Shor and Renato Usatîi, AUR leader Vlad Biletski announced in a news conference at IPN on June 17.According to Vlad
The police carried out searches in a case concerning the inviolability of the private life of a judge. A number of persons were arrested, IPN reports.The Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases said that after processing the information presented by the operational bodies two months ago, legal action was taken over infringement of the inviolability of private li
The Appeals Court partially accepted the challenges filed by a number of parties to the Central Election Commission’s decision concerning the polling stations that are to be established outside the country for the July 11 snap parliamentary elections. Under the court’s judgment, the CEC is obliged to modify its last decision and to approve the opening of at least 190 polling
The pregnant and breastfeeding women can receive a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. There are no data showing that the fetus is affected by the COVID-19 vaccine. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, the antibodies obtained as a result of vaccination pass to the fetus. Even if immunization is theoretically possible at any stage of pregnancy, for now vaccination is recommended start
Representatives of the Pensioners’ Union express their concern about the situation of hundreds of pensioners in Moldova. According to them, this category is increasingly humiliated, but is simultaneously lured by false promises made by politicians. In a news conference given at the head office of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA), members of the Union expre
President Maia Sandu proposed a bill that introduces tax concessions for the Moldovans from the diaspora who decided to return home. The concessions include the exemption from paying a number of taxes on goods for personal use imported into the country, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.“We are glad when the people from the diaspora decide to return home. But th
The Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists insistently asks that the acting Government should support the farmers affected by the heavy rain with hail and high winds. The party’s candidates said the farmers are disappointed that the executive didn’t react to a request made a week ago, IPN reports.In a press briefing, Socialist MP Radu Mudreac, who heads the Par
In Mereni village of Albina commune in Cimișlia district, the rain mudded roads, gardens and cellars of people. Contacted by IPN, the mayor of the village Mariana Plahivîi said the situation is serious. The local commission for exceptional situations gauged the extent of the damage and the reports will be sent to Cimişlia, where a district commission will be convoked.“We assessed
“The Republic of Moldova should continue its way to the European Union despite the mediocrity that the Voronin-Dodon couple that is maneuvered by Plahotniuc from behind promotes behind the screen of geopolitical messages. We are also an island of Latinity and our place is together with ours, in the EU, where the force of the right, not the right of the force counts!” ex-Premi
The revenues collected into the state social insurance budget last year came to 24.285,6 billion lei, an increase of 2.537,2 billion or 11.7% compared with 2019. The social insurance contributions totaled 14.295,4 billion lei, which is a 101.9% fulfillment of the budget plan. The contributions were by 659.6 million lei or 4.8% higher than in 2019, Elena Țîbîrnă, director general of the N
The Chisinau City Appeals Court interrupted the hearing to examine the challenge to the Central Election Commission’s decision concerning the polling stations that are to be established outside the country for the July 11 snap parliamentary elections until 1pm. Until then, the judges are to examine an application to replace judge Veronica Negru, which was submitted by PPPDA leader
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