About 540 km of roads are under rehabilitation

IPN, 14 February 2020 17:10

Approximately 540 km of roads are being rehabilitated or built. The total length of roads for which tender contests to choose contractors were launched or will be yet launched this year is of 460 km and the cost of the works was estimated at over 6.6 billion lei, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Anatol Usatyi stated in a meeting with representatives of building companies, IPN repor

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The leaders of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) in the course of this week considered possibilities of identifying a common, nonparty candidate for this year’s presidential elections with other parties. The parties with which discussions were held speak more about a nonaggression pact, said PPPDA vice president Alexandru Slusari.“But such an approa
The Ministry of Justice proposed a bill concerning the assessment of the integrity of judges and prosecutors for consultations. According to the action plan, the legislative proposal will be finalized in April and will be submitted to the Venice Commission for appraisal in the second half of May, IPN reports.The Ministry on February 25 will organize public consultations that will invol
The member of Moldova’s first Parliament Alecu Reniță, who is a signatory of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova, said the voters in the Republic of Moldova are formed by Russian TV channels. The Russian propaganda delivers key messages that penetrate deeply the conscience of people without discernment and these go to the polls and vote as they are influenced
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President Igor Dodon resorted to forming a coalition between the ACUM Bloc and the Party of Socialists last summer in a move to remove the Bloc’s leaders Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase from Parliament, considers the former faculty mate of Igor Dodon Igor Grigoriev, ex-chief of the Public Property Agency. According to him, Igor Dodon accepted such a coalition in order to weaken the p
Journalist Valerii Demidetskii said the blocking of the Parliament’s rostrum is a normal reaction of the opposition, while the ACUM Bloc cannot form a Government with the Democratic Party (PDM). The issues were developed in the talk show “Key Issue” on NTV Moldova channel, IPN reports.Valerii Demidetskii said the blocking of the Parliament’s rostrum is an absolu
The e-Gate system of the Chisinau International Airport that was taken out of use in 2015 will not be restored as it is too costly for the Border Police. In a response to IPN, the Border Police said that since then they didn’t get financial support from the strategic partners for purchasing new electronic gates.“This model of e-Gate is outdated and easily defectible. It pr
If a roads accident occurs, the driver is obliged to inform the insurer that issued the civil liability insurance for motor vehicles or the Green Card certificate within 48 hours. The drivers who have insurance policy, no matter who is considered to blame for the accident, inform the insurers and must take no measures to compensate for the damage themselves.The National Commission for
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The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection will purchase four types of ambulances (B 4x2, B 4x4, C 4x2 and C 4x4) from the Turkish associate companies “Das Özel Sağlık Hiz. Ltd. Ști” and “Gizerler oto Motorlu Araçlar A.Ș.”, in accordance with the government procurement contact of April 16, 2019. The value of the contract is of over €10.6 million.Th
The current legal framework does not enable the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices to manage solid waste, including pharmaceutical one. The drafting of regulations concerning the incineration and co-incineration of waste is being discussed. The details were provided following an inquiry made by IPN given that the former administration of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices
Salary earners could benefit from a New Year vacation during December 31 - January 2. The nonworking days could be included in the Labor Code at the proposal of the National Confederation of Trade Unions. Also, the trade unions suggest including one more nonworking day in the Labor Code – June 1, when it is celebrated the International Day for Protection of Children.According to
Moldova has won three bronze medals at the international sambo tournament held in Minsk, IPN reports.The bronzes were won by Denis Takii (+100 kg), Natalia Budeanu (68 kg) and Nicolae Gîscă (90 kg). Nicolae competed in combat sambo.Another three athletes, Andrei Biuriuc (90 kg), Ana-Maria Ciobanu (56 kg) and Ion Petrov (82 kg), ranked fifth. Moldova was represented by 11 sportsperson
IPN flow synopsis for February 21, 2020Art to “reform” without changing anythingIon Chicu voiced hope that with the restoration of functionality, the Superior Council of Magistracy and also the prosecution service will be able to play an important role in fighting corruption among judges. According to him, in particular, the state bodies will focus on the judges because o
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The current legal framework does not enable the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices to manage solid waste, including pharmaceutical one. The drafting of regulations concerning the incineration and co-incineration of waste is being discussed. The details were provided following an inquiry made by IPN given that the former administration of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Device
Climate change year after year affects the results in agriculture. Both the farmers and the authorities should be concerned about this. The National Farmers Federation of Moldova calls on the authorities to return to the soil protection measures specified in the first regulations concerning subsidization that were approved in 2008, IPN reports.The Federation’s chairman Valeriu Co
Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the justice sector can be cured not necessarily by a reform. According to him, the curing can take place with currently available instruments as well, until an external judge assessment mechanism is agreed, IPN reports.Presenting to the media the report on the first 100 days of work of the Government after failing to present it in Parliament, Premier Chic
Valentin Eșanu, who runs a metal business, said that a protest will be mounted in the center of Chisinau on March 1 to seek the dismissal of the Government and holding of snap parliamentary elections. According to him, the people no longer trust the current rulers who show disrespect for them.  In a news conference at IPN, Valentin Eșanu said a statement on the recognition of the
The chairman of the Metal Employers Association Valentin Eșanu said the current director of the state-run scarp metal enterprise “Metalferos” acts as director on paper only as the company is actually controlled by a Democratic MP and by a former director who served during 2009-2014 and who is a relative of President Igor Dodon. The enterprise must be privatized, but only afte
An investigation officer of the Ciocana Police Inspectorate, who is suspected of influence peddling, was arrested by officers of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office in the evening of February 20. This is suspected of asking and taking €4,000 bribe from a man who is investigated for smuggling, IPN reports.According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, in exchange for
The February 21 siting of Parliament was declared closed with the votes of the Socialist and Democratic MPs. The proposal to transfer the examination of the items from the agenda to next week was put to the vote by Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi after the MPs of the Party “Action and Solidarity” and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” blocked the Parliame
The carriers that manage minibus routes in Chisinau have announced a protest for February 24. The minibuses will not travel until 10am.Contacted by IPN for a comment, chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of Motor Transport Operators Oleg Alexa said that no route will be operated in the morning. The drivers will resume work after 10am. The protest will be mounted following
President Igor Dodon considers the opposition MPs’ statement concerning the irreversible European course of Moldova is an attempt to broach again the geopolitical aspect. In a new episode of the program “President Responds”, President Dodon said he believes this approach is incorrect, IPN reports.The official noted that this statement is designed to further divide the
The president of honor of the Democratic Party (PDM) Dumitru Diacov said the six MPs led by Andrian Candu who left the party several days ago were able to distinguish themselves inside the PDM, not outside it and a compromise could have been reached by intense discussions. At the same time, Andrian Candu said things inside the PDM started to depart from what he considers the correct part
The Socialist and Democratic MPs said a decision on the abrogation or further implementation of the law on citizenship by investment will be taken after the Chicu Government carries out a thorough analysis of the given document to establish its risks and benefits. At the same time, the PAS and PPPDA MPs consider the law involves big risks. Controversial discussions on the issue were held
The professional activity of the journalists is incompatible with the dissemination of hate speech, said members of the Press Council when examining the complaint of a man held at the Penitentiary in Rezina about the assertions from an article published by the portal Kp.md, IPN reports.The prisoner who filed the complaint to the Press Council said Kp.md in the article about the recent
The system for feeding children remained the same as in 2016, when a criminal case was started over the delivery of food products with the expired shelf life to schools and kindergartens. This way, the children continue to be fed on products of a poor quality, PAS MP Lilian Carp stated, referring to the National Food Safety Agency’s conclusions that were achieved as a result of th
HiSky Company that yesterday announced its launch on the aviation services market denied the accusations made by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Moldova, which said that the company works in the absence of an air operator’s certificate, IPN reports, with reference to a press release of HiSky.“HiSky is bewildered at the press release issued by the Civil Aviation Author
IPN flow synopsis for February 20, 2020Brussels “misinformed” by His Excellences?While in Chisinau, high-ranking EU official Luc Devigne said the EU expects the national authorities to further deal with corruption, to ensure the de-politicization of state institutions so as to this way strengthen the rule of law.  It is expected that the measures to fight fraudulent
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20 February 2020
MP Sergiu Litvinenco, of the PAS group of the ACUM Bloc, said the law that enables to provide citizenship by investment involves threats to national security. More exactly, persons with a dubious and criminal past will be able to legalize ill-gotten gains in Moldova.Speaking in Parliament about the moratorium on the law to provide citizenship by investment that expired on February 20,
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