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An official notification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) informed yesterday that exceptional charter flights for repatriating Moldovan citizens who are in a difficult situation while staying abroad will be organised. “According to the Provision no. 6 of the Commission for Exceptional Situations, the MFAEI will coordinate the process of repatriation […]
While WHO highly recommends to avoid crowded places as much as possible during this period, and while several countries have reported churches as the focal point of their major coronavirus outbreaks, Moldovan churches still oppose the Governments quarantine measures and continue to encourage people to attend their religious ceremonies. Today, another 22 new cases of […]
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In the context of state of emergency declared on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the president of the Audiovisual Council (AC) of the Republic of Moldova, Dragoș Vicol, issued, on March 24, a provision through which, media outlets from all over the country are obliged to present only the official position of the competent […]
23 March 2020
As students stopped attending schools due to the measures taken to fight the pandemic caused by coronavirus, the educational institutions from Moldova turn more and more of their attention to the online lessons alternative. So far, the physical attendance of classes was interrupted in all schools of the country until March 31. Last week, the […]
21 March 2020
The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission issued recently a decision, according to which the activity of shops, restaurants, fitness centres, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, museums must be stopped by April 1. The adopted measure is related to the state of emergency declared by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova throughout the territory of the […]
19 March 2020
Just like in Moldova, the authorities of Transnistria have declared, on March 17, state of emergency in the region. However, state of emergency was established only until April 5. Public events were banned and places for public events were closed. Still, churches and markets remained open. According to the so-called Ministry of Health in the […]
18 March 2020
The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has declared state of emergency throughout the territory of the country until May 15. New cases of infection with COVID-19 were confirmed, as the number of diagnosed people reached 30. Despite the tough situation, there are people that offer their contribution and help. Here are just some examples of […]
16 March 2020
The Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) and the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) have signed an agreement agreement today, establishing a coalition government within the newly formed Social-Democratic Platform for Moldova. “We are witnessing a historical moment today. After several discussions and negotiations, we found common ground between PSRM and DPM to form a […]
15 March 2020
The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus that were recorded in Moldova reached 12, out of which 2 are of local transmission, informed Minister of Health, Viorica Dumbrăveanu. In this conditions, she urged people to be more responsible, to understand that if they are not isolated, they can infect the people around them. According to the […]
12 March 2020
The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) completed the sixth and final review of Moldova’s economic performance under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) and Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangements, an official statement of the IMF announced. As a result of the review, a disbursement of SDR 14.4 million (about US$ 20 million) is […]
Even though the measure was criticized by the experts and political opposition, MPs still voted the mechanism previously proposed by President Igor Dodon, according to which a part of the stolen billion from the Moldovan banking system will be refunded by redirecting the annual profits of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM). Read more about […]
9 March 2020
These days, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was recorded in Moldova. It is a Moldovan woman who was living in Italy, was hospitalised with symptoms there, but decided to escape the medical care and come to her homeland by plane. Later on, it was established that this woman was already infected with coronavirus when […]
8 March 2020
A solidarity march was organised by several NGOs at Chișinău today. Such events are organised all over the globe on International Women’s Day. People advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. So let’s talk about the gender gap in Moldova and see what are the realities that describe it. Moldova ranked 23rd out of 153 countries in […]
7 March 2020
The socialists and democrats representatives participated, on March 5, in the first round of negotiations on the creation of a coalition government. The discussions have focused only on the basic principles of a possible coalition agreement, which could be similar to the one previously signed between the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova […]
5 March 2020
The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Stoianoglo, announced today in a press release that 4 former and current employees of National Bank of Moldova (NBM) – ex-governor of the NBM Dorin Drăguțanu, ex-deputy governor Emma Tăbârță and current deputy governors Aureliu Cincilei and Ion Sturzu – were arrested today as a result of the investigations […]
4 March 2020
Almost 70 thousand Moldovan citizens had monthly salaries over 10 thousand lei (about 580 dollars) last year. For the first time, people with salaries higher than ten thousand lei – 69.9 thousand persons – exceeded the number of those with salaries below 3 thousand lei (about 170 dollars) – 62.8 thousand persons recorded, informed the expert […]
29 February 2020
A new bill providing for the application of a moratorium on the Citizenship by Investment Program until September 1, 2020 was voted in final reading by the Parliament. The bill proposed by the Chicu Government, which was also supported by the opposition parties, offers a new break to establish all the risks of the program. […]
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