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Prime Minister Maia Sandu had a meeting with representatives of the mediators and observers in the “3+2” negotiation format. The discussions focused on the evaluation of the current stage of the Transnistrian settlement process. Maia Sandu requested assistance from the “3+2” representatives in determining the Transnistrian party to eliminate in the near future the ban […] The post Maia Sandu urges Tiraspol to lift the travel ban for officials of the Republic of Moldova appeared first on
12 July 2019
This opinion piece was written by Dr. Ionas Aurelian Rus, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College (USA). The opinion does not necessarily represent the opinion of the editorial staff of *** A fact that is only known by those Romanian-speakers who have paid attention to this issue is the […] The post President Igor Dodon’s Past Support for Irredentism Against Romania and Moldova’s New Government appeared first on
11 July 2019
Deputy of the ‘ACUM’ bloc Dumitru Alaiba wonders whether the former DPM leader and oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc is Czech citizen. He recently posted an extract from what appears to be a document saying this: According to the deputy, on June 4, Plahotniuc tried to open a new company in the UK. “It seems that Vladimir […] The post Dumitru Alaiba: Vlad Plahotniuc has a Czech nationality as well? appeared first on
By Alanna Armitage and Tomas Sobotka Many countries in Eastern Europe face what is often perceived as a population crisis. Highly skilled people of reproductive age are leaving their countries to look for better opportunities elsewhere. Among those who stay, birth rates are below two children per woman; in some countries, they are closer to […] The post Want to increase birth rates? Try gender equality appeared first on
10 July 2019
The statement was made after the head of the Chisinau Diplomacy was asked by the press to comment on the vote of two Moldovan MPs at PACE who voted for the readmission of the Russian Federation within this structure. Previously, the Foreign Ministry said that the vote of MPs in the PACE has an individual […] The post MOFA Nicu Popescu: “Crimea is part of Ukraine. We do recognize the territorial integrity of Ukraine” appeared first on
The latest, 2019 UN World Population Prospects report that Moldova is one of the 10 European countries (besides Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania) that experienced both a negative natural increase and negative net migration rate during 2010-2019. Surprisingly enough, the UN prospects highlight that Moldova is also one […] The post 2019 UN World Population Prospects: Moldova is expected to lose around 17% of its population by 2050 appeared first on
US Ambassador Dereck J. Hogan argues that former Democratic Party leader Vlad Plahotniuc did not benefit from any promise from the United States, writes ZdG. At the same time, about the information that Plahotniuc might have flown to Miami, the ambassador assures that the former Democratic leader will not enjoy any privilege over the ocean. […] The post US Ambassador Dereck J. Hogan: “There is no agreement between the US and Plahotniuc” appeared first on
Until 18:30, 43,025 voters were present at the ballot boxes, representing 39.53% of the total voter lists registered in the electoral rolls. According to, Irina Vlah won the elections in ATU Gagauzia in the first round of the poll. The ballot has exceeded 50%. At the same time, it urges its opponents to accept […] The post Candidate Irina Vlah won the elections in ATU Gagauzia appeared first on
Today, July 2, Prime Minister of Moldova Maia Sandu is on an official visit to Bucharest. This is Sandu's first external visit after the busy weeks of taking office. President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, says it is very important and symbolic that the first visit of Prime Minister Maia Sandu and the Government of Chisinau takes place in Bucharest. The post Maia Sandu, on an official visit in Bucharest: “We need Romania’s support very much” appeared first on
President Igor Dodon announced that during the last week, $50,000,000 (1 bn lei) had been removed from the country. The head of state refused to give details but said that those involved are “close people from Plahotniuc’s entourage.” The statement was made on Tuesday in an interview with According to Igor Dodon, the information […] The post Igor Dodon reveals: Over the last week, $50,000,000 has left Moldova appeared first on
Kroll was contracted by the National Bank of Moldova on January 28, 2015, in order to investigate money laundering frauds in three banks: Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank. The amount of the contract was not made public. The Kroll 2 report, published by the parliamentary investigation commission on bank fraud, spans 154 pages. However more details, such as company or person names, have been deleted. The post The Kroll 2 Report: 77 of Ilan Shor’s companies received $2,900,000,000 in loans appeared first on
In the context of the past one month since the new government was inaugurated, Maia Sandu gave up her MP mandate in favor of the PM of Moldova. Thus, according to the law, in the diaspora constituency where Maia Sandu was elected, new parliamentary elections should be held. “What I have hired for the citizens […] The post PM Maia Sandu and MOIA Andrei Nastase resigned as MPs appeared first on
Yesterday, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, and the Deputy of the USAID for Europe and Eurasia Bureau, Brock Bierman, signed two letters confirming the intention to increase the contribution to the development assistance agreement with the value of 29 million US dollars. According to Maia Sandu, the money offered by the […] The post Financial support provided by USAID will be increased by $29 Million appeared first on
This opinion piece was written by Dr. Ionas Aurelian Rus, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College (USA). The opinion does not necessarily represent the opinion of the editorial staff of *** The conventional wisdom is that the U.S. presidential election of 2020 will be won by the Democratic […] The post The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Is a Toss-Up appeared first on
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