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Media staff will be vaccinated at the second stage of COVID-19 immunization, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Social Protection (MHLSP).
30 March 2021
One year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Moldova, journalists continue reporting deficiencies in communication with officials of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MHLSP), as well as difficulties in obtaining information of public interest.
23 March 2021
How has the audience of international and regional media outlets changed due to pandemic-related challenges? How to maintain the public after its sharp increase? How to increase the audience in 2021 and how to monetize media outlets in an epoch when ‘the market stalled, and is now shrinking’? These are just a few of the topics, discussed at a training by representatives of the ten media outlets that reached the second stage of the small grant contest, organized under ‘Audience Understanding and Digital Support’ Project.  
The journalists’ crisis cell, set up by the Independent Journalism Center in order to defend the legitimate rights and interests of media representatives during the pandemic crisis, urges the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MHLSP) to include first-line media representatives and the staff of editorial offices, who are in direct contact with the former, in the group of people eligible for the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination.
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