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Question: How can the journalists of other states obtain accreditation in our country?
The Press Council, in partnership with the experts of the Freedom House international organisation, developed addenda to the Code of Ethics for Moldovan journalists. The addenda are submitted to Moldovan journalistic community for the consultations.   The need for new addenda is determined by the progress of information technologies which have a direct and significant impact on the media activity, including online media, as well as by some harmful phenomena affecting media consumers, such as fake news, misinformation and manipulation, etc.
22 February 2019
Media NGOs condemn the acts of assault and intimidation against the cameraman from BTV (a private TV channel from Balti), who was hit by a car belonging to Serghei Buzurnii – a parliamentary candidate from the Democratic Party of Moldova in the single-member constituency No 9, Mayor of Sadovoe village. 
21 February 2019
RISE Moldova journalists requested from the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) access to the original declarations of property of candidates in parliamentary elections. The access was denied because the declarations allegedly contained personal data. The institution intends to apply to the court in order to obtain the requested information from the CEC.
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“Social media has become an important part of how media outlets work. To attract more readers to the website, observing the basic rules for promoting media products is necessary. One of these rules is to promote the best media content on social media sites”, said media expert Horea Salajan. This was recommended at the ‘Content Production and Marketing on Social Networks’ meeting for journalists organized by the Independent Journalism Center on the 19th of March. The event took place at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism.  
20 March 2019
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is looking for an international expert for delivering a Training of Trainers workshop to the instructors of the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (CSAJ). The three-day course will be held in May 2019. The expert will share his /her knowledge and experience in curriculum development, including planning, content and methods, implementation and evaluation.
19 March 2019
A new case of restricting the access to information by the authorities was examined in the court. The Supreme Court of Justice (‘SCJ’), by its judgement of 13 March 2019 ruled in favour of Orhei Radio station in the case against Orhei Mayoralty, which refused to provide information on the organization of a tender requested by the said broadcaster.
15 March 2019
There were fake news during the February 2019 election campaign as well, however less than in other election campaigns. What remained unchanged though, was favoring or disfavoring some political actors by certain media. In addition, the sanctions applied by the Broadcasting Council (BC) were insignificant and disproportionate to the deviations from the broadcasting law on the part of the broadcasters.
12 March 2019
How realistic is it to think that print media has a future and that newspaper circulation can increase, given that everyone is staying on the Internet? ‘Ziarul de Garda’ (ZdG) has demonstrated that it is possible: this year, the publication has managed to increase its readership by about 1,000 subscribers. Journalist Ivan Sveatcenko and editor-in-chief of ZdG Aneta Grosu are discussing the ways of attracting new readers, including via social networks, in the Media Azi Show.
1 March 2019
Russian-language online space in Moldova is almost equally divided between politically unaffiliated media, websites that directly support PSRM, and platforms that are controlled by state-owned Russian media holdings. And only a much smaller sample of these digital platforms support the messaging of PDM and ACUM, mentions the 7th analytical note of Media Forward policy brief series published in February and signed by the investigative journalist and economic analyst Igor Fomin. The study was published by Freedom House in Moldova.
28 February 2019
Influence of the political factor on the quality of journalism, maintaining misinformation and manipulation through the media, growing internal propaganda – these and other phenomena characterising the media in 2018, influenced the quality of the Moldovan Press Status, which did not evolve substantially compared to 2017.
27 February 2019
Media organisations are concerned about the intimidation of the journalists from ‘Reporter de Garda’ (a Ziarul de Garda video project) by the people providing security at the concert organised by ‘Sor’ Political Party, on 23 February night, and ask the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate the case.
26 February 2019
Media non-governmental organisations condemn the intimidation and assault actions against Jurnal TV camera crew by the owner of a dining facility in Sangera.
Media non-governmental organisations condemn the intimidation and assault actions against Jurnal TV camera crew by the owner of a dining facility in Sangera.
18 February 2019
Media non-governmental organizations urge all electoral candidates registered for the parliamentary elections of 24 February this year, as well as their supporters, to demonstrate respectful attitude towards journalists and media outlets and not to abuse media representatives. This call is caused by the fact that we observe cases of journalists’ intimidation by a number of media outlets.
14 February 2019
The Democratic Party enjoys the largest media coverage in terms of the frequency of TV appearances, and politician Ilan Sor — on the Internet. These observations were included in the third Report on Monitoring the Media Behavior during the Election Period for the 2019 Parliamentary elections (1-8 February). The report was presented on Wednesday, 13 February, by representatives of the media organisations - the independent Journalism Center (IJC) and Association of Independent Press (AIP).
The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) rejected, by its decision of 11 February, the appeal lodged by Jurnal TV and upheld the last decision of Court of Appeal of 7 February, which ordered the channel to broadcast the Democratic Party’s (PD) electoral spots regarding the consultative referendum of 24 February. The SCJ resolution is irrevocable.
Media non-governmental organisations condemn the verbal assault against  Jurnal TV camera crew by the judge Serghei Lazari. The presence of the Jurnal TV camera crew at the Buiucani office of Chisinau Court, that was there to cover the court hearing of Domnica Manole’s case, caused discontent of Serghei Lazari – one of the judges working on this case.
12 February 2019
According to the second Report on Media Monitoring in the Campaign for Parliamentary Elections of 2019 (25-31 January), the number of positive news is growing if compared to the previous monitoring period. At the same time, the publishing policy of media outlets affiliated with certain candidates is still notable for praising materials featuring the latter.
1 February 2019
The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) and the Association of Independent Press (API) have presented the first Media Monitoring Report during the Election Period for the 2019 Parliamentary Elections. The monitoring was carried out as per the methodology developed by the Oxford Media Research Center and updated at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of this year. The broadcasting, online and printed press were monitored in this regard.
30 January 2019
The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) rejected, on 25 January, the second appeals of the Broadcasting Council (BC) and JURNAL TV against the decision of the Court of Appeal, which forced the Council to review its
The Moldovan Mass media and experts in the field have been reporting for years on the danger of propaganda and fake news for citizens. However, law enforcement officers did not make a public statement on this subject. The journalist Nicolai Paholinitki discussed the measures taken by the authorities with Veaceslav Soltan, head of the Information Technology and Cyber Crime Investigations Unit at the General Prosecutor's Office.
29 January 2019
In the lead-up to the 2019 parliamentary elections, many expect that politicians will promote biased messages and disinformation through their media platforms, while the independent media outlets risk facing marginalization – this is one of the conclusions of the Freedom House Analytical Note No 6, wrote by Ludmila Nofit, Coordinator at the Foreign Policy Association.
17 January 2019
General description: The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) is a non-governmental, non-commercial apolitical organization the organizational-legal form of which is ‘private institution’, that provides support to journalists and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova.
General description: The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) is a non-governmental, non-commercial apolitical organization the organizational-legal form of which is ‘private institution’, that provides support to journalists and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova.
15 January 2019
The Independent Journalism Center is launching the online workshop ‘Editorial Fact-Checking: from Theory to Practice’, encouraging journalists to document and thoroughly verify facts before publishing them.  
10 January 2019
A new edition of Mass Media in Moldova magazine of December 2018 was issued. We know you are looking forward to it, so we are glad to give you the first information about its authors and topics. Sure, we will not disclose too much so as not to deprive you of the pleasure of discovering its content and analysing the articles on your own.
9 January 2019
At its first meeting in the new year, the Broadcasting Council (BC) issued public warnings to 10 TV, Gold TV and Radio 7 for not having submitted by the set deadline – 28 December 2018 – their declarations on the coverage of the election campaign for parliamentary elections and for the republican referendum of February 2019.
28 December 2018
Media NGOs condemn the bullying and the denial of access of TV8 journalists to a press conference organised by ‘Shor’ Political Party on 20 December this year.
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