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Media NGOs express their concern and condemn the threat, harassment and intimidation of Albasat TV team, namely of the journalist Eugenia Sirbu, by the Chair of SA Apa-Canal Nisporeni, Ion Gangan, and by the lawyer of the institution Ion Arseni.
10 February 2020
“The information provided to citizens to clarify a democratic debate cannot be disseminated at the pleasure of the market.” (Julia Cagé)  
31 January 2020
Both the beginning and the end of 2019 found us in electoral campaigns, each with its own peculiarities. Nevertheless, few people could have anticipated the political events of June 2019 though these events had a direct and almost immediate impact not only on the political configuration of the Republic of Moldova but also on the media sector.
30 January 2020
The transition from analog to digital television, which was supposed to be completed on March 1, 2020, risks to be delayed again. Although the officials still deny the information, they acknowledge that there are difficulties in providing the population with converter boxes, which can receive digital signal. Some experts say that the difficulties are rather due to the access of independent TV channels to the digital multiplex.  
27 January 2020
Media Azi: Mrs Handrabura, as a specialist in the field of gender equality, you collaborate quite intensely with journalists and media NGOs. In your opinion, how “balanced” is the media in our country within the guild?   
Media NGOs condemn the behavior of the Deputy Mayor of Balti, Nicolai Grigorisin, who on Tuesday, January 21, refused to comment on a protest related to the management of the public budget at the request of portal. The picketing, held in front of Balti Mayoralty, was organized to draw attention to the way how local authorities spent MDL 200 thousand to repair three toilets on the fourth floor of the institution’s headquarters.
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