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The examination of the files submitted for the position of ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ PI Executive Director was held in camera. During the meeting of 5 November, with seven votes in favor and one against, the Supervisory Board (SB) of ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ voted for the examination of this issue on the agenda without the media being present. The current ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ Executive Director Olga Bordeianu, the journalist and politician Ion Terguta and the TRM employee Cornelia Stefoglu applied for the contest.
8 November 2019
The Fifth Monitoring Report, prepared by the Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) for the period 21 October – 2 November 2019 and released on Tuesday, 5 November, during a press conference, found that only four out of ten TV channels monitored behaved neutrally during the second round of elections, i.e. Moldova 1 public broadcaster, Pro TV, TV8 and Jurnal TV.
Media NGOs express their concern about the fostering of the concentration of media ownership in Moldova by the adoption by the Broadcasting Council (BC) of two recent decisions that facilitate the consolidation of the PSRM-affiliated media holding, through companies and individuals close to this political party.
1 November 2019
The Broadcasting Council, the Supervisory Board of ‘Teleradio Moldova’, the Competition Council were often accused of failing to fulfil their job duties and of playing the game of the former governance.
PPF Investment Fund of the Czech billionaire Petr Kellner bought the Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (CME) from American AT&T Group in a USD 2.1 billion transaction. CME also includes Pro TV Moldova, writes citing CME press release of 27 October.
30 October 2019
A group of newly-employed civil servants from central public authorities, who are trainees of the Academy of Public Administration (APA), participated on Monday, 28 October in a training organised by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) in partnership with APA, on how to apply the legislation on access to information. This training is part of a series of lessons that IJC will organise at the APA, following a collaboration agreement signed in September.
29 October 2019
The 2019-2020 academic year had a good start for media literacy. For the first time, the Media Education optional course is taught at all three stages of school education – primary, lower secondary and higher secondary level. The Independent Journalism Centre (IJC) has organised a series of trainings for teachers recently, thus increasing the number of teachers who decided to become ambassadors of media literacy in their schools.
The trainings on the use of innovative tools for the Media Education course, held on 21 and 22 October 2019, were attended by 16 primary school teachers and 14 secondary and high school teachers. The events took place during the Media Literacy Week, organised in Moldova by IJC on 21-27 October 2019, in the context of the Global Media Literacy Week, declared by UNESCO between 24 and 31 October.
25 October 2019
The authorities reduced by 30% the tariffs for media outlets who rent offices in the Press House and claim that they could make other investments in order to make this building attractive again to media. How viable are the intentions of the new governors and under what conditions would the journalists accept to go back to the Press House? So far, out of 143 companies and four individuals who have settled here, only 41 of the tenants are related to the media.
The project "Strategic Communication and Support to mass-media", financed by the European Union, invites interested persons - individual researchers or teams of researchers with experience in media research - to submit offers for conducting a Media Needs Assessment study in the Republic of Moldova.        The realization of the study will be managed, within the frame of the project, by the Center for Independent Journalism and will target about 30 regional and national media institutions.  
22 October 2019
The Broadcasting Council (BC) applied, during the public meeting of 17 October, fines of MDL 15,000 to the TV channels NTV Moldova and Publika TV. Accent TV was fined with MDL 10,000 and Publika TV was publicly warned. The sanctions were applied after examining the monitoring reports of the TV channels in question, at the own initiative of the BC members, Lidia Viziru and of the Chairperson of the Council, Dragos Vicol.
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